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Elephants have been everyone’s favorite considering a few tales that are attached to it when it comes to Hindu mythology. At eCraftIndia, you can find elephant statues under the animal figurines section that consist of Lord Ganesha statues as well and also unique elephant figurines. You can buy elephant statues online that makes it a great gifting option & a home decor item as well.


The elephant is a significant idol & figurine in Hindu mythology and is frequently incorporated into house decor as a representation of strength, power, and integrity. Ganesha is a god with an elephant head who dispels difficulties and bestows blessings. The lovely elephant chariot of Lakshmi and Lord Indra represents regal power and divine comprehension. The elephant figure has importance in both Feng shui and Vastu Shastra. Elephants are said to symbolize power, wisdom, fortune, and fertility in Feng Shui. Elephant statues and paintings are regularly used to bring joy into a location. Elephant statues should be placed close to the front door or main entrance of the home or office, according to Vastu and Feng Shui. To attract luck and positive energy, an elephant statue should be placed towards the north.

Placing an elephant statue at the main door is auspicious since elephant showpiece Vastu are revered as guardians and saviors. If your home has a large inside entryway, you can set up two elephants with their trunks up. Alternate placements for the Gajalakshmi elephant include near the entryway and the northeastern corner of the structure. According to Feng Shui, your home should be oriented so that it faces outward to protect it from bad or negative energy. Vastu suggests that you put an elephant-themed piece of art in the bedroom to improve your marriage. Additionally, a pair of elephants might be positioned as a statue, a work of art, or even just a few accent pillows.

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If an animal figurine is not your style, think about a gorgeous picture of an elephant instead, which has advantageous Vastu effects for the house. According to Vastu, hanging paintings of elephants in the office or study is luck. To improve concentration and understanding, Feng Shui advises displaying the figure as wallpaper or toys. Leave the statue on their study table if you can. The relationship between the child and parents is strengthened when a picture of a mother elephant and her young is shown in the bedroom. The family area might also have this comforting emblem.
Display a desk elephant figurine if you want to advance in your job. Keep a picture of an elephant on your desk or in the vicinity of your office supplies to enhance your ability to work well under pressure and to develop your leadership skills. In front of the main entrance, if you're a businessman, you can keep an elephant statue. In the workplace, the elephant stands for both power and wisdom. Your career and company will benefit from its existence. You will get greater authority, expertise, and success in your career if you erect an elephant monument at or close to the entrance to your office. You can also put an elephant statue or other decoration item next to the door or entry to the area if it's a small home office or workspace.

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An elephant statue for home as per Vastu is believed to be able to gather and generate energy as well as push through a variety of difficulties, therefore if you want to keep an elephant statue for your home following Vastu, you may also choose one with its trunk down. A statue of an elephant with her trunk down, which is regarded as a potent symbol of fertility, should be placed in the fire element of your home to help your marriage. Couples planning a family should position two elephants on either side of the entryway leading into the bedroom. Verify that the elephants should be facing the bedroom. Alternatively, each nightstand might have the elephant statue facing the mattress. A monument of seven elephants grouped might be positioned in the bedroom as it represents fertility.
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What does the elephant figurine mean?
An elephant is a universally recognized emblem of fertility, strength, good fortune, and wisdom. Decorating goes beyond simple style since feng shui is intentional about the placement of objects in the home. In front of the front door, close to the house's entry, there are two elephant figurines.

What do elephant figurines represent?
Elephant statues stand for power, safety, sage advice, and good fortune. Elephant symbols, according to Vastu Shastra, welcome uplifting energy into your home and life. The elephant commands respect and possesses grandeur and strength like a snow mountain. It's thought that white elephants are exceptionally lucky.

Are elephant figurines good luck?
Good fortune results from combining all of an elephant's characteristics. Additionally, the elephant represents Lord Ganesha idols, who are associated with good fortune, success, and protection. Therefore, having elephant sculptures around the house is a good approach to bringing good vibes into your home and life.

What do elephant statues represent at home?
Buddha and Lord Ganesha are represented by elephant statues for home as a way of bringing power, luck, and harmony to the family. However, none of this would be possible unless specific statues or images of elephants were placed in certain locations.

Where to keep the elephant statue at home?
In front of the front door, close to the house's entry, there are two elephant figurines. In the foyer, luck enters the house through an elephant statue that is facing the entrance rather than it. The home is guarded by an elephant facing the direction. It protects your house from all forms of bad energy.

Which is the best direction to keep an elephant statue?
According to Vastu and Feng Shui, elephant sculptures should be positioned next to the front door or main entrance of the home or office. The best position for an elephant statue is facing north to draw luck and good vibes.

Can we keep a single elephant statue at home?
According to Vastu and Feng Shui, elephant statues are a symbol of luck for you and your family since they represent prosperity, optimism, courage, and knowledge. According to Vastu Shastra norms, a single elephant statue may be kept at home. Keep an elephant statue or figurine, for instance, at the entrance to your home or place of business to attract luck and good vibes.

What is the meaning of the elephant trunk being upwards?
It is believed that an elephant trunk facing upwards will bring power, luck, wealth, and goodwill. The elephant extends its trunk in a welcoming and joyful gesture. Place an elephant on the altar with its trunk facing upward to receive blessings and compassion. In statues, an elephant's trunk that is pointed upward also stands for success and fortune. Experts in feng shui claim that an elephant's trunk wipes out bad energy. Instead, pick a statue of an elephant holding something like a crystal ball. Similar to this, according to Vastu Shastra, statues of elephants with their trunks looking upward are exceedingly lucky and bring good fortune to the family. Elephant idols standing on the back legs with their trunks raised symbolize strength and defense.

What is the meaning of the elephant trunk being downwards?
The downward pointing of the trunk indicates life and the capacity to overcome obstacles. Contrary to popular belief, a downward-pointing elephant's trunk does not portend bad fortune. These statues are therefore appropriate for places like offices and warehouses. Another urban legend claims that an elephant's trunk pointing downwards conserves both energy and good fortune. It is a sign of insight and wisdom that can help you quickly get beyond a variety of challenges. Keep an elephant's trunk pointed downward to maintain stability at work or to maintain vitality and energy at home.

What does a two-trunk elephant represent?
Elephants' trunks crossing symbolizes familial ties and goodwill. One elephant has a tusk, whereas the other does not, signifying the peaceful coexistence of sexes. When put in the bedroom, these statues are thought to enhance partnerships.

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