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Lord Ganesha’s murti is celebrated when something new begins. God idols online at eCraftIndia are the most unique that you will discover and have for your home or office decor. You can also find Bal Ganesha on Mushak, Lord Ganesha as a doctor, and many more murtis that you would love to bring home. Lord Ganesha idol online can also be gifted to your family or friends on various celebrations as it is said to be auspicious.


Lord Ganesha is one of the most honored Indian divinities. Lord Ganesha idols have been a massive portion of spiritual and home decor civilization in India ever since they were 1st created. It began off as a divine sign with people acknowledging that positioning Lord Ganpati idols at home is an encouraging approach that will assist you in your destiny. While this sentiment is nevertheless widely attended in the country of India, a lot of individuals have newly begun acknowledging silver Ganesha idols for home decoration purposes as well. Retaining all of this in sense, we at eCraftIndia, produced a pleasing array of solely the most elevated grade cute Ganesha statues that have been created from a collection of stable and plush fabrics that are surely going to be loved by everyone and will make your daily prayers even more divine and spiritual.

Dukh harta, sukh karta, vighneswara – so many names for the elephant headed god, who is not only one of the most powerful entities in the Hindu domain but also perhaps one of the most loved. There is an interesting story behind the elephant god – it is said that when Goddess Parvati was heading for her bath one day, she realised there was no one to guard the entrance. So, by gently removing the Haldi and Chandan that she had applied on her body, she shaped a boy and breathed life into the statue. The boy was given strict instructions by his ‘mother’, Parvati that he should not allow anyone inside, as she was going for her bath. Little did she know that her husband, Lord Shiva was on his way there. When the little guard denied Shiva entry, in a rage of anger, he chopped the boy’s head off. An infuriated Parvati demanded that her son be brought back to life immediately – a slightly repentant Shiva ordered his minions to harvest the head of the first young creature they came across and what was brought back, was the head of an elephant. The elephant head was replaced and life was breathed back once again, to give birth to the form of Ganesha that we all love and adore today!

Embellish your home decor with eCraftIndia’s range of amazing Lord Ganesha idols
Lord Ganesha idol when kept at home or entrance is said to bring in good vibes, prosperity, and knowledge. Lord Ganesha is honored every time someone starts something new as he is the one that helps pave the way for you always. Bring in good luck and prosperity with eCraftIndia's range of amazing Lord Ganesha idols that are available in a variety of characters such as a doctor, Ganesha riding a bike, etc that are the cutest gift that you can give to someone like a piece of good luck on various occasions. You will discover Ganesh idols in diverse forms, dimensions, structures, colors, textiles, and kinds. Following the path of contemporary, numerous creations enclose Lord Ganesha on a scooter, stone embellished Ganesha, Ganesha playing a musical instrument, Ganesha seated on the throne, Om wall hanging with Lord Ganesha, etc. These Ganesha idols are created utilizing materials such as polyresin, metal, resin, brass, iron, etc, and are carved beautifully making them the most ideal idol for your home. Prepared with an overload of colors to select from, you can choose idols in your integral measure.

Lord Ganesha idols from eCraftIndia can also be gifted on several events
There are several homes these days, which have entire tables or showcases dedicated to this modak loving god. Over the past few years, Ganesha has become more a décor and style statement and people from all walks of life are looking to get a Ganesha for their own homes. At eCraftIndia, we have one of the largest ranges of Ganeshas – from Ganeshas on rakhis to large brass ones that can adorn the entrance of your home. Our collection is truly extensive – from Ganeshas playing musical instruments dancing Ganesha idols to, whether you want a meditating Ganesha or a Santa inspired one on a sleigh, we have them all. Our range also includes wall decor items such as wall hangings, keyholders, Ganeshas on leaves and fountains as well – we are sure that when you browse through our range, something will definitely catch your eye!


Which Ganesha Idol Is Good For Home?
Finding the ideal Lord Ganesha murti for your home can be a difficult chore. Particularly when eCraftIndia presents an assemblage this extensive! But, if you want to hold it conventional, you might select the brass Ganesha idol to provide your residence with a royal spirit. If you desire to have a contemporary or trendy one, then you can buy the stone-studded Ganesha and pivot some glares at your housewarming gathering! Another sort of Lord Ganesha idol for home that never reaches out of the sensation is the cold cast resin Lord Ganesha.

What does Lord Ganesha symbolize?
Honoring Lord Ganesha can remove bad luck & can obtain favorable vibes among household associates. Lord Ganesha owns an elephant face & a big body. Given below is the symbolization of a Lord Ganesh Idol:

  1. Ganesha’s enormous elephant head represents wisdom.
  2. A wide-mouth represents a wish to appreciate the rate of life.
  3. Large ears represent an individual who is a stoic listener.
  4. A huge stomach represents the Universe.
  5. Tusks symbolize knowledge & sentiment.
  6. The trunk symbolizes elevated efficiency & adaptability.

Which Direction Should Ganesh Idol Face In Home?
Lord Ganesha is supposed to obtain wealth, good luck, fortune, and peace in the atmosphere of a household when placed in the correct direction. It is necessary to understand the right way to position your Ganesha idol at residence. A Ganpati idol should be placed in the north-east, west, or north direction. You ought to understand that your Ganpati should never encounter the south, south-east, or south-west direction of the residence or corporate area. The idol must be placed in such a way that its rear meets the exterior of your residence. Never position an idol around a restroom, cabinet, or underneath the staircase, as this can accomplish more additional damage than convey mere good luck.

How to offer prayers to Lord Ganesha?
To earn the full benefit of owning a lord Ganesha idol at home, one must submit prayers every day. It would be nice if you had a tiny piece of items like rice, ghee, flowers, fragrance sticks & kumkum in a pooja thali. After collecting all these items, you should ignite the Diya and incense candlestick and apple kumkum blended with rice to the Ganesha murti and chant the Ganesh mantra with your eyes shut.

Where can I buy the Ganesha idol?
eCraftIndia is one of the best places where you can find one of the most suitable Lord Ganesha idols that you can choose for your home. All our idols & figurines suit every fund and are extremely appealing to glimpse at. Currently, if you are an individual who believes greatly in nature, then the eco-friendly Lord Ganesha murti is simply the correct option for you. These idols are constructed with high-quality materials making them last longer and look new all along. No matter what sort of Ganesh murti you are examining for, at eCraftIndia, you can effortlessly discover your ideal choice!

What is Durva and why is it offered to Ganesha?
Durva grass, which has cutters in abnormal digits, has a cooling impact on the body and is expressed to have recovery effects. It is understood that the Durva has the strength to entice the powers of Lord Ganesha and thus, allow the enthusiast to get Lord Ganesha's approval.

Which is Lord Ganesha's favorite flower?
The red hibiscus is known as Lord Ganesha's favorite flower and is presented to delight him and strive for his blessings for everything and victory. You can present them to him while worshipping or even during the daily prayer time along with his favorite sweet, that is a Modak.

Can we keep Lord Ganesha's idol in the bedroom?
As we all comprehend, Lord Ganesha is supposed to convey a clear and peaceful atmosphere near us. It is necessary to establish a Lord Ganesha idol at the correct spot at residence. A perfectly positioned idol conveys prosperity, adequate finances and clears all obstructions from your household. As far as the inquiry is involved, the straightforward solution is no. We cannot position a Ganpati statue in our bedrooms. Locations like bedrooms, cabinets, laundry spaces, etc are deemed inauspicious by Vastu professionals. Thus, these locations are not considered to establish a Ganpati figure.

Does Lord Ganesha bring good luck?
Lord Ganesha is believed to be the creator of joy, good fitness, finances, and one of the most promising creators according to Indian custom. Idolizing Lord Ganesha does convey good luck to one’s household and is supposed to vacate every obstruction in one's life. Lord Ganesha is declared to be the creator of wealth. So, Indians honor Lord Ganesha before beginning anything fresh.

Can we gift Lord Ganesha idol?
Yes, we can. Lord Ganesha idols have evolved as a famous gift that you can give somebody during sacred events and home decor objectives. Owning a Lord Ganpati statue at home is deemed to be optimistic by many Indian households. eCraftIndia's expansive spectrum of lord Ganesha will certainly depart you spoilt for selection. You can acquire the most acceptable grade of Lord Ganesha, specially selected to cater to everyone’s affections, at our online portal. So, if you are considering offering a Lord Ganesha idol as a gift to somebody, don’t glance anywhere else other than eCraftIndia!

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