Ganesha Water Fountains

Water fountains are a treat to the eyes when they are seen at the entrance or even in the home, aren’t they? At ecraftindia, discover ganesha water fountains that arrive with a lord ganesha idol, led light, and are available in a variety of fountains shapes. All our lord ganesh water fountains for home are made of poly stone and are all creative looking. Our ganesh idol with water fountain also is a great gift option.


Building a house is a dream that many people have, but few are able to achieve – more importantly, turning a house into a home is something that takes a lot more effort. Whether its your first home or your third, you will pay a lot of attention to the items for home decoration that you pick, because those small and big items are what make a house a true home. We pay a lot of attention to what colours go on the walls, what kind of furniture we pick and what kind of decorative pieces we keep in the house. However, along with all these, we also need to pay attention to what all objects you need to keep at home to bring in good luck and invite prosperity.
The importance of vastu and fengshui:
Like Vastu has been around India since ages, fengshui has been around for the same amount of time in China. However, in the past few years, these traditional methods of home building and maintaining positive energies inside living spaces has crossed boundaries and become global. That is why, you will see a Lord Ganesha water fountain just as commonly as you would see a Laughing Buddha sitting on a chariot! And if you choose to shop at eCraftIndia, you can be sure that you will find plenty of vastu based items to purchase, and just as many that have their foundation in fengshui.
It is interesting to note that there are several aspects where both tend to overlap – so for instance, directions are very important in both methods. Same goes for the presence of certain colours and materials; while some are considered auspicious for a home, others are considered better for an office or workspace. Then there are some objects that are considered better inside the house, while some might be suggested that they be kept outside and then there are home decor items that are considered suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Although you will be able to get a lot of information about all these from the internet, there is nothing wrong with consulting an expert, if you are looking at inducting vastu and fengshui seriously into your home. At eCraftIndia too, we aim at bringing you not only exquisite and unique home décor pieces, but also giving out essential and interesting information.
Why you should look for a unique fountain for your home:
Over the past several years, water has been a beloved aspect of décor, both interior and exterior, and it is interesting to see that you will see water being important in both Vastu and Fengshui. In simpler terms, water is meant to signify life and movement; which is why it important that water be in a state of movement, because stagnant water is not considered auspicious. Scientifically as well, stagnant water can become the breeding ground for germs and mosquitos and starts to smell foul after a while. This is why water fountains or features will always have moving water or as per Fengshui, you will be asked to add some sort of ornamental fish, like you would see in a koi pond.
Since a pond or large water feature might not be possible for everyone, indoor fountains are an ideal solution, mainly because you will be able to pick them from a range of shapes, sizes and designs. For instance, if you come to eCraftIndia, you will be to see a huge collection of Ganpati decoration water fountain or ones that have Buddha or even ones with intricate designs. The choice is all yours as to what you want to pick for your home.
With a proper water fountain, it is also a décor addition to your interiors – for the longest time, fountains were seen only in hotel lobbies and the homes of the rich, but today, they have become a lot more common place and you will be able to find several other options. If you too are looking for pretty looking Ganpati fountain, then you should consider coming to eCraftIndia, because this is the treasure trove of all the things that you will want and need to make your home pretty.
How to place water fountains inside the house:
If you are looking place a water fountain inside your house, you need to pay attention to several factors – this will include the size of the fountain, where you are placing it and whether it works with the overall ethos of your interiors or not. The size of the fountain should be based on the overall size of the room – too large a fountain and all of a sudden, your room might start looking smaller, however, if you have a large room, you could go for a larger fountain.
Next comes where you should place the Ganesh indoor water fountain, because the direction and location of the fountain will ascertain the proper movement of the positive energies through the house. The good directions for placing the fountain inside the house would be the north, east or north east; these directions are considered to be compatible with water elements, which is why you can keep them here. these directions are also considered beneficial, should you be looking to place them outside, say in the garden or patio.
You should however avoid, south, west and south east for the placement of fountains, because these are not supposed to be compatible directions for water elements. The living room is a good place to keep a fountain, because this is the entrance of the house and placing the fountain here will invite positive energies inside. Moreover, the water flow of the fountain should be towards the inside directions of your home. The fountain should not be kept in the middle areas of the house, because that can create an obstruction in the flow of energies.
What are the advantages of keeping a fountain decoration at home:
While keeping a fountain at home adds the beauty, charm and elegance of the house, there are some actual benefits of keeping it at home. For starters, the flow of water is meant to symbolise the flow of wealth and positive energies, which is one of the main reasons why people choose to bring home a Ganpati water fountain. Moreover, the sound of gently flowing water is extremely soothing and can help create a calm and tranquil atmosphere at home. As per Fengshui, flowing or moving water can help reactivate the chi or energy of a space and can help improve the overall balance of the area too.
When you shop at eCraftIndia, you will be able to choose water fountains that are simple or extremely elaborate; you will also be able to find ones that come with lights attached to them. These make for really good options for the living room, because they bring the flow and sound of water, as well as the element of light and with it, a sense of brightness. If you are looking for a musical fountain, you might be able to find versions that have coordinated lights, that change based on the rhythm of the music. These make for really great housewarming gifts too!
How should you maintain a water fountain:
Buying a fountain is one thing, but how to maintain and take care of it is another – there are some points that you need to keep in mind at all times.

  1. For starters, a fountain is not meant as a bedroom decoration and you should not keep any water based décor pieces in the bedroom. You can keep the fountain either in the living spaces or outside in the garden, on the patio or even the front entrance.
  2. You need to make sure that there is never a stagnation of the water and there are no obstructions in the flow of the water. This means that you need to check the fountain on a regular basis to ensure proper water flow.
  3. Because it is water, it needs to be clean too – take the time to change the water and clean the water fountain on a regular basis. You can even add a tiny amount of hydrogen peroxide, which will ensure that no algae or germs are able to grow.
  4. In some fountains, you will see that the water movement is not absolutely equal – in such situations, you need to make sure that the stronger flow of water is facing into the house and not outwards.


Do fountains need to be kept outside?
No, when you shop at eCraftIndia, you will be able to choose from a range of indoor fountains too.
Is there any place in the house, where you should definitely not keep a fountain?
Fountains can be kept in living spaces like the living room or the dining room, but you should not keep it in the bedroom, bathroom or the kitchen.
Can you do something to decorate a fountain?
While the fountains that you can find at eCraftIndia are already pretty enough to add to your home décor, you can always add things like small coloured rocks, pebbles or even tiny figurines.

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