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Lord Hanuman is said to give us strength, self-confidence, and courage. Panchmukhi Hanuman idols at eCraftIndia are the most creative that you can find online. These Lord Hanuman idols are said to be auspicious when kept at the entrance of your home or office. All of these idols & figurines are made using amazing ancient methods that make all the idols stand out and unique in every way.


Lord Hanuman is a Hindu god and is also known as the comrade of Lord Ram. It is told that Lord Hanuman idols are said to bring happiness and energy, and attain peace in our lives. Lord Hanuman is stated in various manuscripts such as Mahabharata, and several Puranas. The most famous tale is about the Ramayana where Lord Hanuman directed the monkeys to assist Lord Ram, who is an incarnation of the Lord Vishnu idols, rescued Lord Ram’s spouse, Sita, from the incubus Ravan, who was the monarch of Lanka (probable not the present-day country of Sri Lanka).
Despite possessing enormous strength and courage (preachers also refer to Lord Hanuman as Bajrang Bali because of this), wisdom, and power, he dedicated his entire life to serving God Shree Ram and Goddess Sita, earning him the title of Shree Ram's "param bhakt." He always reclines beneath Rama's feet. We should worship the Hanuman Statue to acquire these full qualities. The Lord Hanuman statue also provides us with the courage, strength, and self-assurance we need to deal with both good and terrible situations in life.
Begetting been noted of his abilities by Jambavan, the leader of the bears, Lord Hanuman passed the emergency within India and Lanka in one leap, notwithstanding the resolutions of wet demonesses to hold him by pouring him or his umbra. He was found in Lanka, and his tailpiece was placed on the fire, but he utilized that fire to blaze down Lanka. Lord Hanuman further traveled to the Himalayas and came back with a peak abundant with therapeutic herbs to cure the injured in Lord Ram’s army.

Lord Hanuman idols at eCraftIndia are the best for your home and office
eCraftIndia is an online store that has a diversity of archaic figurines of varying sizes and finishes. The latest pause for each online user who wishes to acquire handicraft items from the website. Our acquisitions of statues and idols are in their most desirable appearance. Metal Hanuman idols with golden or silver polish go with nearly all sorts of home decor. You can get a Hanuman idol for home or office decor that also stands as a great gifting option for your family and friends on various auspicious events.
Lord Hanuman idol at our online portal can be found in various forms, sizes, alloys, colors, and much more. All our idols & figurines are handcrafted using various inherited procedures by the experienced artists at the house of eCraftIndia. Lord Hanuman is frequently packed in by monkeys, who understand that they cannot be wronged there. In synagogues everywhere in India, he emerges in the figure of a monkey with a red appearance who endures upright like a human. For his assistance to Lord Ram, Lord Hanuman is supported as a guide for all human worship.

Get amazing Lord Hanuman idols from eCraftIndia for your puja ghar
We provide a large selection of online Hanuman murtis made of brass, bronze, and gemstones. At our specialty store, we have Shri Ram follower Hanuman statues. Lord Hanuman, who is known for his immense bravery and power, seems extremely shiny in his gemstone finish. His various avatars, which include a gold and silver finish, are adorable, and they serve as the ideal illustration of an ethnic collection with a contemporary touch. The unique assortment of Hanuman statues is ideal for both gift-giving and keeping in a place of worship.
You can also find the Panchmukhi Hanuman idol on our online portal- eCraftIndia. All our idols & figurines are uniquely crafted in various alloys that will suit your office or home decor. Apart from Hanuman idols & figurines, you can find numerous more options that you can select from for your home or office decor and also as a gifting option for your friends and family members. It is always auspicious to have god idols in the correct direction to bring good vibes and prosperity into everyone's lives. You can also bring good luck and peace into your home with our amazing god idols & figurines that are guaranteed to be of the best quality always!


Can we keep the Lord Hanuman idol in the home mandir/temple?
Rudrayamala Tantra states that the Panchmukhi Hanuman statue or idol should be outside rather than within the house. According to the law of energy, placing multiple idols with multiple faces results in the development of negative energy. A better method to decorate your front door with Panchamukhi Hanuman.

Which idol of Hanuman is good for home?
The best thing to do is hang a picture of Panchmukhi Hanuman over your front door. It is thought to be advantageous to hang a portrait or painting of Lord Hanuman in the south direction of the home.

How can we keep the Hanuman statue at home?
The Panchmukhi Hanuman Ji idol should be positioned in the southwest corner of the home and constantly worshipped. One is said to never experience a financial crisis by doing this. Not just at home but you can also get Lord Hanuman idol for car dashboard and bring in good vibes everywhere.

Where should you keep Hanuman murtis according to Vastu Shastra?
As the son of Vayu dev, Lord Hanuman stands for power and vitality. He guards those who revere him. However, according to Vastu, it's crucial to position him in the ideal location if you want his protection and blessings. The following are some locations where you can keep Hanuman idols at home:
  1. Add a red Lord Hanuman murti to the southern area. Make an effort to turn the murti south as well. Lord Hanuman should appear as a statue who is sitting.
  2. Negative energies are said to be easily repelled by Hanuman statues. The Panchmukhi Hanuman, the five-faced Hanuman idol should be kept on top of the main door if one is concerned about any form of bad spirits so that everyone can see it.
  3. Every family needs love to keep itself intact, just like Hanumanji did when he sat beside Lord Rama. Such Hanuman and Ram idols evoke feelings of affection and care inside the family. however, put the idol in the living room to achieve this effect.
  4. Hanuman carrying the mountain is a picture that inspires in people a sense of bravery, strength, responsibility, and confidence. It also looks beautiful in living rooms.
  5. Flying Hanuman is thought to promote advancement and success.
How to do Hanuman pooja at home?
If the idol is made of metal, only use water, raw milk, water, honey, curd, ghee, etc. for performing the Abhishek. Wipe the murti gently with a clean piece of cloth. Give the deity a brand-new piece of yellow, red, or kalava cloth. Chant the Hanuman Chalisa and the Hanuman Mantras.

Which side should Hanuman face?
Hanumanji's image should always be shown facing south, according to Vastu. Place Shri Hanuman's statue facing south-west. Place the idols of Shri Ganesha idol, Goddess Durga, and Bhairon Baba towards the south.

Which day is good for Hanuman Puja?
In India, Hanuman Jayanti will be commemorated on the day Lord Hanuman was born. Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on Purnima Tithi, the fifteenth day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Chaitra, according to the Hindu calendar (Full Moon).

Which flower does Lord Hanuman like?
Jasmine is adored by Lord Hanuman. He is expected to get five Chameli, or jasmine flowers, according to customs.

Does Hanuman Chalisa fulfill wishes?
Any wish is said to be granted quickly by reciting the Hanuman Chalisa seven or 101 times. Similar to this, Hanuman Ji's special blessings and issues associated with Shani are eliminated by reciting the Shri Hanuman Chalisa beneath a Peepal or Shami tree.

Which oil is used in offering prayers to Hanuman Ji?
Chameli oil with Hanuman sindoor is used in offering prayers to Hanuman Ji. A clean oil made from fragrant jasmine flowers that are used to make gifts to many gods. Particularly for the devotion of Hanuman Ji, orange Sindur is used. So, when it comes to god idols & figurines, every god has its offerings that must be included while offering prayers.

Why do we put oil on Hanuman?
Shani Dev is given oil. According to numerous traditions, Shani Dev is said to be seated behind Hanumanji's left leg. To go to Shani Dev, the oil is poured on Mahavir's left leg. This is thought to diminish Shani Dev's negative influence.

Which leaves are offered to Lord Hanuman?
It became customary for Mata Sita to honor and show her love for Hanuman by giving him betel leaves in exchange for him telling her good news. Hanuman developed a deep affection for the betel leaves after that and began to adorn them as a sign of respect for Shri Ram and Mata Sita.

What do you offer to Hanuman Ji?
Lord Hanuman murti can be appeased by just giving him jaggery and gram. After worshipping Bajrangbali on the day of Hanuman Jayanti, make a wish for all of your desires to come true by offering him jaggery and gram prasad. Boondi is reportedly a well-known prasad given to Lord Hanuman.

What is the secret mantra for Hanuman?
Hanuman had been moved by the kind sentiments of the inhabitants and had responded, I am pleased with your service and dedication towards me, before giving them a secret mantra.

Panchmukhi Hanuman Idols
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