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Idols & figurines are preferred by many when it comes to home decor items. At eCraftIndia, you can also find animal & bird figurines that are available in various forms, colors, and sizes. From Lord Ganesha idols to Parrot or Peacock figurines we have it all in store for you. Buy God idols online that is the best fit for your home as well as gifts for various celebrations and events.


When building a new home, we all wish to have a divine presence as we all are religious and wish to bring in good vibes. Idols and figurines at eCraftIndia are so beautifully made that every idol's feature is going to be adored by all and are going to make the daily prayer session even more spiritual. There are a lot of spiritual individuals on this earth and for them, there are a few attractive idols to glorify. In the nation of India, we have a lot of deities that we beseech to. On eCraftIndia, you will discover a lot of god idols and figurines in diverse forms, physiques, and dimensions. You can select Lord Ganesha statues according to your home temple dimension just so it fits beautifully and makes your daily prayers holy.

There is always that one corner in your home that always feels a little bit empty; there is that coffee table or side stool that seems like it could do with something. Whether you have a cabin at the office or work in a cubicle, you always want that little something that makes the spaces your very own. When you come to eCraftIndia, you will see a multitude of options that can deck up any space and any room with absolute ease. From religious idols to decorative figurines, there is simply so much to choose from in our virtual aisles. What makes our pieces stand apart in a crowd of home decor items is the fact that they are all handcrafted – each piece is made by an artisan who has had the knowledge and craftsmanship passed down through the generations and is striving to keep the art form alive.

One of the most typical things that secure human beings jointly is spiritual devotion. For numerous of us raised in a nation like India, it is expected to have spiritual idols & figurines in our homes. Some individuals choose to place aside a reliable coalition of their residences to set up a temple while others illustrate various intersections of their homes with idols & figurines. For numerous individuals, their belief in God and theology allows them to overpower misfortune and offers them the power to go about the anticipations of day-to-day life. Idols & figurines carry around a feeling of peace and positivity to our residences and create a great gifting choice for unique experiences such as marriages and housewarming gatherings.

For a new home or as a gift to someone who is starting a new life, what could be better than a handcrafted Diya – from ones that can be hung on a wall to ones that can be placed on a table or in the pooja room, there is plenty to choose from. Our collection of religious idols encompasses several deities including the ever popular Lord Krishna and Lord Ganesha; you can choose to opt for Ganesha with Lakshmi and Saraswati, the perfect choice for special celebrations like Diwali. If you are looking to invite a little peace and serenity into your life, you can look at our collection of Buddha figurines, including the adorable laughing Buddhas. Or if you want to keep it solely aesthetic, you can look at our range of animal and bird figurines. No matter what you choose, the one thing you can be sure of is that you will receive value for your money and a décor piece that will look stunning, wherever you place it.

Belief holds drippy worth for multiple individuals. There are a few extremely nuanced elements one should be aware of when purchasing a sacred idol or statuette. When it reaches particular God idols such as Ganesh idol and Lord Krishna idols, it is essential to guarantee that the idol is in the correct stance. Some Deities are described in a detailed color, for instance, Bal Krishna's murti in blue color, so one ought to be conscious of those elements too. Further, you can also find idols in various cute characters such as Lord Ganesha in the doctor's avatar, etc that fill your space with such amazing vibes. Also, all are idols are made up of high-quality materials and use inherited techniques that make each of them novel as well as the best even when it comes to gifting your family & friends around various events.

At our online portal, you can discover idols & figurines in brass, polyresin, metal, etc that are carved and designed in such a way that are surely going to catch your eye. Also, discover cold cast bronze resin figurines that are the most unique and the best when it comes to home temple/mandir. Whether you like to buy embellishing divine idols or garden statues, you ought to choose from among numerous options which causes it a disjointed chore when you visit a physical store. And mainly if you buy idols and figurines online, then the chore evolves more hassle-free. There are uncomplicated issues that will allow you to select Idols and figurines online without much hassle at eCraftIndia as all our sections are divided into various sections making it easier for you to browse and select from.

eCraftIndia is your one-stop place for all your home decor essentials. We comprehend your requirements and get up to those anticipations. We desire at cutting down your material requirement of traveling to the shop by providing exceptional online assistance and after-delivery assistance. Showering with amazing discount coupons and proposals, we at eCraftIndia, make certain you would not require to negotiate to buy a top-quality decoration item. Discover eCraftIndia’s sufficient sampling of luxury home decor and furnishing, pretty kitchen accessories, excellent tableware and kitchenware, contemporary wall decor, and fabulous serveware.


What is a God idol or figurine?
A God idol or figurine is diety that we offer our prayers to in the form of a statue, We usually keep these idols & figurines in our homes or in a home temple/mandir that is a special religious place for daily worship. You can also discover amazing wooden MDF mandirs at eCraftIndia that are available with different trims and patterns that are surely going to enhance your home decor space and add a very spiritual element to that. When it comes to idols & figurines, you can find Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna idols, etc at eCraftIndia available in a variety of characters that are the cutest.

Why does one need to have God's idol & figurine?
When it comes to having god Idols & figurines at home, we all wish to bring in the correct as well as the best, don't we? Having the holy presence of a deity in the form of a statue is further said to be auspicious as well as divine. It is also said and believed that God idols bring in positivity, prosperity & good vibes into one's space. God figurines are also the best when it comes to gifting as it is said to be good luck.

Which idol is good for the home entrance?
Lord Ganesha figurines, Lord Buddha idols, Lord Panchmukhi Hanuman idols are advised when it comes to the home entrance. All of these deities are said to bring in good vibes, prosperity, and wealth and also enhance the home space with good luck. You can further, also gift these idols to friends and family on various auspicious occasions as they bring in good luck for the recipient. It is also necessary that one keeps the idols in the correct direction according to Vastu's tips as it helps you take full advantage of the good things that the idol brings in.

Can you buy idols & figurines online?
Well, yes, you can! Looking for idols, statues, figurines online from eCraftIndia is incredibly leisurely. From the client’s effectiveness of thought, it keeps the time needed to physically tour several shops before settling on which idol or figurine to purchase can now be eliminated as we help deliver the best idols & figurines at your doorstep hassle-free. You can likewise consider several more opportunities while posing within the solaces of your residences. We also offer different modes of payment, a return policy as well that helps you consider everything before. Further, you also get additional discounts and coupons on every purchase. Talking about the quality of our products, they are the best and will bring you back to our online portal.

Is buying idols & figurines online reliable?
Yes, it is completely reliable when you shop online from eCraftIndia. We are the most reliable and the most trusted website when it comes to online shopping as well as the quality of the products that we offer. All our products are very safely packed and delivered to your doorstep in a much more reliable way. And we also have a return policy that you can have a look at if at all you wish to change or send the product back. We affirm that the quality of our products is the best and you are bound to come back for more and also recommend our site to your friends and family when it comes to home decor items as well as furnishings, and gifts.

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