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The Om symbol has the roots of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism where it is said to be the very first sound of the universe. Bring home spirituality with our range of om wall decor items that are accessible in various types. You can further discover amazing Om wall hangings at eCraftIndia that are the best for your wall decor that would help deepen your focus & is also a sacred symbol.


Om or Aum is a mantra and mystical Sanskrit note, holy and significant in the Dharmic doctrines of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism as well as an incantation recited at the origin or the conclusion of translation, mantra, or devotions. Om is also supposed to symbolize the Brahman, or the indifferent absolute of Hinduism, who is godlike, infinite, and the beginning of all the lives. Presently as God is to different religions, Brahman cannot be known or understood entirely. This is the method the symbol Om needs to be his obvious symbol. It is also believed that Om holds the reality of life and the cosmos. It is also said that the sacred sound Om was produced before the creation of everything.

Om symbol at eCraftIndia is the best for gifting purposes as well
Om symbol at eCraftIndia comes in different colors such as golden, orange, green and golden, multicolor, and many more. These Om symbols are made of metals, wood, Makrana marble, and many others. The cleaning directories are easy as you just have to use a dry cloth or a cotton cloth to remove dirt and dust and keep it away from direct sunlight. Om symbol can also be hung on the welcome door of your home or over your office table. It also makes an awesome gifting option and also is associated as a propitious symbol.

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Encompass your surrounding with this depiction of the sacred Om Symbol. These om symbols are made on one of the most elegant ivories in the nation. The golden finish and elaborate detailing will astonish you with the delicate beauty and the divinity encompassing it. Exquisitely handpainted with dazzling colors, this Om Symbol will unquestionably illuminate the richness and beauty of divinity. Put it in your puja ghar or gift it to your friends and family, the benefits will forever caress the essence of the observer. This Om Symbol online is handcrafted by proficient artisans from the dwelling of eCraftIndia utilizing multiple traditional methods.


What is an om symbol?
When said audibly, Om or Aum voices like a three-part expression. The A symbolizes innovation, U is the embodiment, and M is demolition. It is all-encompassing the entire heavens merged into a single word. It symbolizes the association of the senses, body, and soul. This is also a great gift option around many auspicious events.

Why is Om a special word?
Om or Aum is the most elevated religious sign in Hinduism. The term OM is so much effective that this single term can deliver effective and cheerful vibrations which permit you to sense the entire heavens. This mantra can be repeated by anyone or belong's to different faiths with various age levels. This is the only word that is chanted at the start and the ending of yogasana.

Do you know these 5 things about the Om symbol?
Given below are the 5 things that you must know about the Om symbol:
  1. Om is the primeval sound of the universe- Listened in temples, yoga places, homes, even on television and in movies, the chanting and sign of Om are standard to most as it has permeated the western globe since the counter civilization of the year the 1960s. While to the layperson it’s interchangeable with meditation and noticed merely as an entrance to stability for yoga practitioners, the authentic essence of Om is profoundly entrenched in Hindu doctrine, and to understand its indeed deep consequences one must have a fundamental knowledge of the sound. The expression Om is represented by Hindu scripture as existing as the primeval sound of innovation. It is the authentic pulse of the heavens. From this 1st pulse, all other beats can display.
  2. Why meditate on Om?- It is reasonably confirmed that sound pulse particularly influences a person’s physical, passionate, and cognitive condition. By vocalizing Om, we can align our commonness with that of the actual versatile commonness, which is important in religious training. As an iron bar evolves as burning as fire when it arrives in touch with its flames, an individual can spiritualize their life by remaining in communication with the religious vitality of the decision. The decision is further the insight of the ordinary material substances, spiritualizing the sense, the middle of all desirable actions, via sound pulse, is vital to place in action the method of metaphysical actuality. Like a magnificent tree that can be developed from a small source, the magnificent tree of spirituality can increase from the enthusiastic speaking of Om.
  3. The symbolism of Om- While its sign is acknowledged by most, considerably more irregular even know what the mixture of angles, crescent, and bead, which drive up Om’s graphical expression, really stand for. The apiece element of the graphic layout of Om denotes a particular state of reality. The big more inferior curve celebrates the ordinary waking condition also known as jagrat. In these circumstances, the mind recognizes the material body and senses the globe through the reasons. The upper angle demonstrates the senseless form or that of serious sleep, sushupti. This is a form of total cluelessness, in which you are in a profound dreamless slumber, and you are removed from both bodily and cognitive exercises. The center angle represents the imagination form, known as Swapna. The dream form is in between the serious sleep and awakening condition, where an individual examines the subconscious. Your consciousness is curved inside, as your suspicions, expectancies, and passions personify themselves on an unreal planet. The dot is a sign of refinement also known as turiya. In this condition, an individual becomes blended with the Conclusive, acknowledging that all of the yields are made up of energy and are connected via that commonality. These circumstances are above the ordinary purposes, and can merely be accomplished by associating with religious significance. The crescent illustrates Maya, which splits the 3 curves from the dot. Maya is the misconception that hooks an individual spirit to the secular globe. By vocalizing Om, one can exceed the 3 curves of earthly consciousness, and reach the dot of refinement.
  4. Universal admission to Om- Similar to an entity described in multiple forms by countless artists, Om’s core is uniquely displayed and accessed by various kinds of individuals all over the globe. As yogis typically finish their contemplations with the vocalizing of Om, the Judeo-Christian assertion of “Amen,” and the Islamic interpretation “Amin,” is utilized by devotees to produce the significance of the Divine after an invocation. Even within Hinduism, the definition and definitions of Om are sensed in a combination of methods. Though attended and frequently reported as “om,” unsettled to the course it displays when it is frequently vocalized, the holy syllable is initially and more appropriately pronounced as “aum.” Om contains all of the innovation, and its compassionate power can be achieved by anyone who seeks it, nevertheless of who they exist, where they reach from, or whichever belief they observe.
  5. How to chant Om?-Though there are no difficult and speedy regulations for vocalizing Om, comprehending the basic strategies of how to create its sound can assist supply a basis from which you can reasonably relate to the Divine. As described before, Om symbolizes the invention, protection, and abolition of the heavens. The 7 main chakras, wheels of power in the body connecting to the biological, psychological, and religious elements of our lives, provide a pathway through which the sound of Om starts, hands around, and ultimately disbands itself. Eventually, nevertheless, of approach, vocalizing Om is about relating to the Divine. As long as your preference is genuine, everything else will slip into position.

Is Om a symbol of good luck?
The Om symbol is most typically utilized as an amulet to obtain good serendipity. So to obtain such good luck and delight in your home you can head to eCraftIndia's website and select the best for your home. This sign is positioned at the entry door of the home, pooja ghar, place of enterprise, office, warehouse, etc to maintain away from a sick fortune and supply your dynamism with joy.

Does the Om symbol mean God?
The Om symbol can further be recognized as a profoundly spiritual sign from an Indian perspective, where it is accepted that God willingly made sound and everything then originated from it. The Upanishads declare that Om sound is certainly God in the shape of sound. In Buddhism and Jainism cultures likewise, they deeply relate it with Om.

What is the power of Om?
Chanting Om relaxes your mind and allows you to obtain optimistic power in your body. You can handle your rage by vocalizing Om every day. Anxiety lies in your senses and chanting Om can remove tension from your sense. Other benefits of chanting Om are:
  1. Good for stomach
  2. Calms your mind
  3. Removes anxiety and stress
  4. Improves your immunity
  5. Opens up the sinuses
  6. Relaxes your body
Why is Om the sound of the universe?
The sound Om, when vocalized, shakes at the commonness of 432 Hertz, which is the exact vibrational commonness found around everything in essence. As such, Aum or Om is the essential sound of the cosmos, so by vocalizing it, we are ideally and physically recognizing our affinity to the heart and all different breathing beings.
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