Panchmukhi Hanuman Paintings

Discover amazing Lord Panchmukhi Hanuman wall paintings online that are the best representation of Lord Hanuman and his divine tales. These wall paintings are a great wall decor item that will not just fill your wall space but also bring in religious and holy vibes. These religious paintings can be found and bought in various canvas sizes and are the best for home or office entrance according to the Vastu Shastra.


Lord Hanuman the devotee of Lord Ram is the epitome of bravery, dedication, and courage. With all his accomplishments, Lord Hanuman encourages us to confront the differences and front all the obstacles life tosses at us. The source of the Lord Panchmukhi Hanuman can be outlined in the most famous legend of our nation, the Ramayana. In the fight between Lord Ram and the demon Ravan, Ravan enduring the offensive evils obtains the guidance of Mahiravan who is the leader of the rackets. Mahiravan outwits Lord Ram and Lord Laxman with his deceiving characters and keeps them bound in his underworld penitentiary.

Lord Hanuman is the genuine believer he is, begins the purpose of releasing them back carefully. But he was pretty intricate when he enters the underworld and understands that the sole way to protect them was to destroy Mahiravan. Mahiravan being the messiah of deception and duplicity precisely has his lives divided into all five areas, three of which were in lanterns. So Lord Hanuman took the appearance of a Panchamukhi Hanuman, that is with 5 faces. The faces were named Hanuman, Garuda, Hayagriva, Narasimha, and Varaha. And they triumphantly defeated the assassin and rescued Lord Ram and Lord Laxman. You can buy god paintings online from our portal- eCraftIndia.

At eCraftIndia, find amazing Lord Panchamukhi Hanuman paintings online
A spiritual painting that will continue great sentimental significance for passionate devotees of Lord Hanuman, eCraftIndia's Lord Panchmukhi Hanuman Painting is wonderfully created, described, and constructed wall decor art that is excellent to enhance your interiors. Lord Panchamukhi Hanuman assigns the 5 all-important features. According to the manuscripts, Lord Hanuman understood this order to defeat the brother of Ravan and rescue Lord Ram and Lord Laxman. Handcrafted to completeness with elaborate detailing, active usage of color, and a refined design, it brings out the heart to enhance your living areas and further removes all destructive energies to take care of you and your cherished ones.

Lord Hanuman is said to have taken this form to kill Mahi Ravan, a strong demon black-magician and practitioner of the shady arts during the Ramayan battle. Mahi Ravan had brought Lord Ram and Laxman internee and the best method to kill him was to kill 5 lights glowing in various approaches, all at the exact moment. Lord Hanuman carried his Pancha Mukha state and completed the assignment, therefore destroying the devil, and releasing Lord Ram and Laxman. The 5 faces of Pancha Mukha Hanuman are those of Shri Hayagriva, Shri Narasimha, Shri Garuda, Shri Varaha, and Lord hanuman himself.

God paintings have always been a very special aspect of everyone's home as it brings in spirituality and good vibes. Panchmukhi Hanuman idols can also be found on our online portal which is available in various elements of your choice. Many people also prefer keeping this idol or a painting at the entrance of their home or office as it is said to be auspicious. Talking about paintings again, you can find these paintings in a variety of different forms, colors, representations, canvas sizes, and also in various sets.

Panchmukhi hanuman paintings are the best found online at eCraftIndia
You can also get Lord Hanuman paintings to keep in your wooden home temple and worship him regularly. God idols & figurines and paintings always bring good vibes into everyone's home and office premises. These paintings are the best options when it comes to gifting your family and friends. These can also be bought in sets, different colors, and canvas sizes that suit your home or office interior. A religious painting that will have increased dynamic matter for sincere disciples of Lord Hanuman, the eCraftIndia's Panchmukhi Hanuman Wall Art is a uniquely created, described, and handcrafted wall art that is excellent to decorate your home interiors. The Lord Panchamukhi Hanuman guides the 5 all-powerful countenances.

According to the tales, Lord Hanuman took this record to massacre the brother of Lord Ravan and protect Lord Ram and Lord Laxman. Therefore, this Panchamukhi Hanuman wall art can overpower all uncomfortable power from your residence and appropriately channel the favorable significance from floating voluntarily within your heavenly dwelling. Panchmukhi Hanuman paintings are the most preferable as it brings in courage, and strength and are also the most advisable by all. At eCraftIndia, you can find many such panchmukhi hanuman paintings online that you can also send directly to the person to whom you wish to gift them. Our shipping facility is the most reliable as we deliver your gifts in the safest way possible. You can further gift these paintings as well as Lord Panchmukhi Hanuman figurines to your friends and family on various celebrations and occasions that are surely going to make it all feel auspicious and traditional.


Which Panchmukhi Hanuman painting is good for home?
Lord Panchmukhi Hanuman is considered a sign of power. People accept repeating Hanuman Chalisa assists ward off bad energy. Glorifying Lord Hanuman can enthrall an individual with spirit. Tuesday & Saturday is suggested for the Hindu god and devotees of Lord Hanuman to deliver prayers at temples committed to him. According to Hindu legend, prayers proffered on these days are said to satisfy Lord Hanuman, who, in favor, fulfills the desires of his disciples. It is perfect to put a photo or painting or statue of Lord Panchmukhi Hanuman at the door of your home. Swinging a photo or a painting of Lord Panchmukhi Hanuman in the south exposure of the home is deemed to be useful. There are different conditions of Lord Hanuman and arranging various pictures in various tendencies of the home can eradicate Vastu Dosh as well. Lord Panchmukhi Hanuman had fled a whole mountain with him to preserve Lord Laxman’s life. Lord Hanuman’s photo of him flying with the peak is recommended to be placed in those homes whose constituents lack faith and bravery.

What is the significance of the Panchmukhi Hanuman painting?
Lord Hanuman is understood to be an intense follower of Lord Rama. Lord Panchmukhi Hanuman not only symbolizes courage but is likewise an embodiment of holiness. If there is anything we can understand from him, it is the firmness of sense and spirit in physical power to encounter all the barriers in vitality with boldness. Lord Panchamukhi Hanuman is the state of Lord Hanuman which designates the 5 countenances of the noble. There is an intriguing tale behind this. According to the myth, Lord Hanuman adopted the 5-faced countenance to save Lord Ram from Ahiravana, who is the lord of perdition.

Is Panchmukhi Hanuman good?
Lord Hanuman's painting or statue is perfect to hold off opposing dynamism. If you are afraid of spirits or hostile squads, uphold the Panchmukhi Hanuman over the primary door which is observable by all. The existence of the Panchmukhi Hanuman in the home withdraws the unions to advance and the home evolves successfully. People idolize him for safety. It is stated that the company of Lord Panchmukhi Hanuman in the home saves one from the bad influences of Saturn, Mars, spirits, etc. A photo or statue of Lord Hanuman can do amazement but one has to position them as per Vastu Shastra.

Where should Panchmukhi Hanuman's pictures be placed in the house?
If the boring of your society or home has been put in the incorrect direction, it is most useful to have a painting or photo of Lord Panchmukhi Hanuman, encountering the South-West to the boring.

In what direction can we keep Lord Panchmukhi Hanuman's painting & every direction's significance?
As mentioned above the south-west direction is the best for Lord Panchmukhi Hanuman's painting but other directions also have their significance when it comes to the 5 forms of Lord Hanuman, get to know about them below:
  1. East facing Lord Hanuman is to endow humankind- Isthta siddhi
  2. South encountering Narasimha is to endow humanity- Abhista siddhi
  3. West encountering Garuda is to grant humanity- Sakalla sowbhagya
  4. North fronting Varaha is to present humankind Dhana prapthi
  5. Hayagriva on top to present humankind Sarva vidya Jaya prapthi
What are the five faces of Panchmukhi Hanuman?
Panchamukha, five-faced can be decoded as the 5 forms of imploring God in Hindu doctrine. The 5 faces of Lord Panchmukhi Hanuman are individually a description of one of these 5 conditions of worshiping. Lord Hanuman forever utilized Naman, Smaran, and Keerthanam of Lord Ram. These 5 forms are known as:
  1. Naman
  2. Smaran
  3. Keerthanam
  4. Yaachanam
  5. Arpanam
Why does Hanuman have a bell on his tail?
Everyone who likes blessings from Lord Hanuman can toll the bell and pursue it. It is stated that the sound of the bell on the tail of Lord Hanuman is equal to vocalizing the title of Lord Shri Ram. It is declared that behind blessings when a follower rings the bell, Lord Hanuman opens his eyes and sanctifies the disciples and benefits in satisfaction of their wishes. You can also discover Lord Ram paintings at eCraftIndia.
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