Papier-Mache Clocks

Does your home have traditional home decor? If yes, then eCraftIndia’s papier-mache wall clock is the best for you. This wooden wall clock is the best for your home living room as well as for your office as it adds an artistic element to the room. These clocks are decorative in every form and also can be found in different shades and sizes that suit your wall decor.


Papier-mache clocks at eCraftIndia are accessible in several forms and uplifting hues. As clocks are an essential part of everyone's home, they are advised to be attractive. Our paper-mache clocks are so unprecedented in each way that you won't get to see the trims getting reemphasized and the tones used are also said to be nonchemical. This is what presents them stand out. These are made out of papier-mache material in different prints and vibrant hues.
Our lovely Paper Mache clock from eCraftIndia will add some beauty and elegance to your wall decor. This clock adds radiance to your walls with delicately handcrafted strokes and is powered by one cell. This wall clock is a unique work of art that will improve the appeal of your decor. This clock is made of high-quality Wood & Paper Mache material, is long-lasting, and requires little upkeep. Give this Kundan-worked Paper Mache wall clock to your loved ones to make their festivities special. The skilled artisans who have laboriously created this colorful wall clock are on a mission to bring Indian art and culture into every home in India.

Let's preserve the fabulous paper mache Kashmir art with eCraftIndia's paper mache wall clocks
Paper mache from the Kashmir valley in Jammu & Kashmir is a highly styled and refined blend of craft and fine art. It is a form of art with a long history and a variety of layers and streams. In the 15th century, French shawl traders started using paper mache boxes as packaging for expensive Kashmiri paper mache art shawls among the European travelers to the area. These ornamental boxes were quite valuable and were also marketed on their own in France. The craft known in the west as papier mache was first made popular by this trade.
The first thing that likely comes to mind when you think of paper mache is probably an arts and crafts project from elementary school rather than a piece of refined art. But for generations, professionals have been passing down the remarkable technique of Kashmiri paper mache from one generation to the next. Traditional paper mache artworks from Kashmir are a mainstay of the ornamental market all over the world and are strongly related to the introduction of Islam in Kashmir. Although there are still a few artisans who practice this art form, it is rapidly disappearing. Making paper mache Kashmir art has its specific procedures that yet again make them unique and outstanding.

Paper mache crafts online at eCraftIndia are the most traditional and lovely for you to get for your decor
One of the most effective ways to preserve and promote cultural and artistic traditions, as well as the skills associated with the people's history and way of life, is through handicrafts, in which skilled individuals produce many different types of creative pieces using various materials ranging from paper to stone. Additionally, the former state of Jammu and Kashmir is well recognized for its handicrafts, cultural heritage, and artwork. The sophisticated items manufactured by hand or with the aid of hand tools in Kashmir are known as Paper mache handicrafts.
Compose your home to look attractive with our Paper-Mache Clocks. These clocks can be hung at any place in your house and used as a wall decoration item. It serves as a magnificent gift, particularly around spiritual celebrations and carnivals. Along with that also get Tissue Paper Holder and other combo items. Add a touch of elegance to your work table with our beautiful paper mache clocks. With a minimalistic and simple design, our paper mache clocks make it easy and ensure a neat and organized look. This wall accessory will make a perfect utility item while adding a stylish edge to the decor. This accessory is made of high-quality paper mache and is made to endure a long time while being simple to clean and maintain. For its unbelievable attraction, it serves as an excellent present for your relished ones, parents, and colleagues.


What is paper mache in simple words?
A substance composed of pulped paper, pulped paper mixed with glue and other materials, or layers of paper bonded and pressed together. Pulped paper may be molded into various shapes when damp to create various items, and when dried, it hardens and becomes sturdy. Paper bits or pulp are combined into a composite substance called papier-mache, which is then bound with an adhesive like glue, starch, or wallpaper paste.

What is the difference between papier mache & paper mache?
Using paper and a paste, paper mache, often known as papier mache, is a common crafts technique. Given the procedures required for each paper mache production, it makes fitting that the technique was named after the French word for chewed paper.

What is the history of paper mache?
Originating in China, the country that gave the world paper is Papier Mache. Helmets have been made out of paper mache since the Hans Dynasty (BC 202–AD 220). Interest from China spread to Japan and Persia. Masks, decorations, and other festive activities were made out of paper mache.

What is the main purpose of paper mache?
Using paper and strong glue, paper mache makes three-dimensional sculptures that cure into a solid shell. When wet, paper mache adopts the shape of whatever object you used to shape it. Then, you can decorate as you like.

What is paper mache used for?
It is simple to manufacture and very durable to use paper mache or papier mache to cover a variety of surfaces. It can be used to create a variety of sculptures, fruit bowls, puppets, dolls, and other crafts.

Why is it called paper mache?
Paper mache, which is a composite material made of paper fragments or pulp, some reinforced with textile, and bound with an adhesive like glue, starch, or wallpaper paste, literally translates as Chewed Paper,Mashed Paper, or Pulped Paper.

How did paper mache come to India?
The Persian mystic Mir Syed Ali Hamdani brought paper mache to India in the 14th century. He was traveling to Kashmir from Persia and had brought a group of talented craftspeople.

Which place is famous for paper mache?
The papier-mache business is a significant component of the handicraft sector in Gwalior. Using soaked paper, colored glue, and other materials, the Nagvanshi community of Gwalior creates papier-mache objects like birds, animals, and other beautiful items.

Which craft is associated with Kashmir?
Kashmiris traditionally use inexpensive materials and simple tools to create a variety of handmade products. Textiles, carpets, rugs, crewel needlework, Phool Kari, silverware, woodwork, papier mache, etc. are a few famous examples. Many artists in Kashmir make their living via handicrafts.

What is commonly used in Kashmiri paper mache items?
Colors produced on a mineral, biological, or vegetable basis are frequently used by traditional artists. Flowers, box patterns, jungle designs, and Kashmiri symbols like almonds and the chinar, a five-pointed leaf, are frequent themes on Kashmiri paper mache products.

What is the purpose of having paper mache?
In reality, papier mache handicrafts were a vital technique for making cheap, mass-produced items that could serve both functional and decorative purposes.

Is paper mache sustainable?
Yes, it is. Paper pulped or mashed into pieces, paper mache crafts are held together with glue, paste, or starch and occasionally strengthened with a cloth. The material is extremely adaptable and environmentally friendly; frequently, paper scraps are used.

Is paper mache a composite material?
Paper mache is a composite material made of pulp or bits of paper that have been tied together with glue, starch, or wallpaper paste and occasionally reinforced with fabrics. Paper mache is a gorgeous and exotic-looking pulp made from clay and waste paper.

How to choose a good wall clock?
A decent wall clock will rely on its use and where it will be placed. Simple wall clocks that are easy to read are needed in places like the study room. Look at designer wall clocks in various patterns and colors for the living room.

How big should a Paper mache wall clock be?
The size of the wall clock should be appropriate for the wall and the space. If not, it would appear unappealing. You can check the dimensions of the clocks online and then order the correct size wall clock for your wall.

What shapes are available in paper mache clocks at eCraftIndia?
The types of paper mache wall clock shapes available at eCraftIndia are:

  1. Round shaped
  2. Elephant/Ganesha shaped
  3. Floral shaped
  4. Peacock shaped
  5. Square shaped
  6. House shaped
  7. Rectangular
  8. Heart shaped

How to keep the Paper mache wall clock clean?
When it comes to cleaning easy paper mache wall clocks, just take a cloth and wipe the dirt off the clock. Make sure that you don't wash the wall clock with a wet cloth as it can damage the clock's mechanism. CLeaning the wall clock more often will help you retain the shine and the look and make your wall decoration look new for a longer time.

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