Papier-Mache Handicrafts

Papier-mache handicrafts have always been the most well-known because of their intricate designs and look. Most of us also prefer to have these just because of the minute detailing that comes along in these handicraft pieces. Buy paper mache handicrafts online that consist of a variety of items that are produced out of high quality materials that make it one of the best decor pieces that you can have.


Papier-mache handicrafts are a highly transformed craft of Delhi making creative useful items like pen stand, paperweights, mobile stands, and jewelry boxes. These are mainly made out of paper, wood, and clay. Holding bags, wall clocks, book covers, vases, pen holders, and many more items are made in colorful papier-mache art. These also are a good gifting option for Anniversary gifts, House warming gifts, Wedding gifts, and many more for your friends, family, and others. These articles are total to be relied on as they are constructed out of good and high-quality materials.

When we believe in Kashmiri arts and skills, the 1st periodic items that arrive at intellect are cloaks, rugs, mats, and presumably woodwork and needlework. Nevertheless, something that the earth does not understand is that Kashmir is furthermore extremely renowned for its paper mache crafts. Currently, the paper mache handicraft is as entrenched in Kashmir’s civilization as any other handicraft.

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When you believe in paper mache art, the pictures that arrive at sense are probably more along with the queues of an elemental academy arts and skills scheme than tasteful artwork. Nevertheless, the great art of Kashmiri paper mache has been handed down by professionals, from era to era, for centuries. eCraftIndia is operating to observe the craft and craftspeople after the outcomes we maintain in our brand store. Kashmiri paper mache is another attractive way of illuminating up your residence and loading it with entities that will sparkle entertainment and dialogue.
We know paper mache as the handicraft that we created for academy assignments or during holidays as youngsters. But, the Kashmiri paper mache handicraft is a genuine art that has been handed down from age to age for centuries. It is difficult to guess that something created out of scrap paper could glimpse so attractive and sleek. The Kashmiri craftsmen are so beautifully trained that they can pivot even tossed paper into an engaging piece of art.

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Kashmiri paper mache handicrafts are separately formed, and each one speaks its unique narrative. This antique art persists to the current day, bringing on new techniques and concepts, but inherently remaining faithful to its floors obtained in Kashmir through Mr. Mir Syed Ali Hamdani. eCraftIndia proudly displays Kashmiri paper mache handicrafts including ornamental containers and statues. A stunning reserve for anywhere in your residence, or also as a great gift, you can select from our huge collection of Indian handicraft items.
Add a royal touch to your wall decor with our beautiful papier-mache handicrafts from the house of eCraftIndia. Subtle strokes of handcrafted work on these products add elegance to your walls. These handicrafts are distinguished pieces of art to uplift the beauty of your home interior. Handcrafted from superior quality wood and papier-mache material, this handicraft is designed to last long and is easy to clean and maintain. Gift your loved ones our papier-mache handicrafts to make their celebrations more memorable. This papier-mache article has been diligently handcrafted by skilled artisans of eCraftIndia who are on a mission to take Indian Art and Culture to each home of India. Go buy yours now and choose from amazing papier-mache handicraft options.


What is a paper mache handicraft?
Papier-mâché is the French term for chewed paper, which is a traditional English word, for things created by molding paper juice in diverse forms and then embellishing them with patterns in different hues. In the metaphorical meaning, the term paper-mâché has arrived to be recognized as the craft of Kashmir.

What kind of art is paper mache?
Papier-mâché is a repulped paper that has been combined with adhesive or paste so that it can be molded as required. The craft of creating pieces of paper-mâché, beautifully adorned in Oriental motifs and handsomely lacquered, was understood in the East centuries before its foreword in Europe.

Why is it called papier-mâché?
Paper mache directly indicates Chewed Paper, Mashed paper, or Pulped paper is a hybrid textile consisting of paper bits or juice, a few fortified with fabric, bound with a bond like adhesive, starch, or glue paste.

Is paper mache eco friendly?
Flour and dampness paste, which is utilized in paper mache, is eco friendly. So are numerous colors made from raw elements, such as moisture, milk, and starch. Many of them produce various sorts of non-toxic, eco friendly coloring for children's skills.

Why is paper mache deemed eco friendly?
Paper-mâché is certainly very environmentally sociable and can be constructed entirely from reclaimed textiles and essential home kitchen components. Wire shelves and pliable grounds can likewise count resilience and power to any paper-mâché task.

How are paper mache handicrafts made?
The crafters interested in this domain are extremely professional and rehearse the craft for eras and eras. This art has likewise traditionally lived as a household occupation in paper mache Kashmir. And like numerous other Kashmiri handicrafts, the maneuver and strategy behind it get handed on from one epoch to another.

Are paper mache products durable considering they are made from paper?
Yes, they are extremely sturdy and stable despite the attribute that they are created from paper. Paper mache products are created with such finesse that you can barely tell that they have been created utilizing paper.

Where can I buy paper mache handicrafts online?
Paper mache Kashmir handicrafts are not a very familiar art and therefore, its articles are not very comfortable to discover. You can not normally encounter them in every mart. You can locate them in handicraft shops. But the exemplary thing is that nowadays you can purchase different paper mache handicraft items online, creating your quest for these developments hassle-free. If you are examining for adequate papier mache creations then eCraftIndia is your one-stop terminus to buy them. We hold fairly a collection of paper mache creations and there is something for everyone. Perk up any portion of your residence stretches with these sleek compositions of art.

Why should I buy paper mache handicrafts online from eCraftIndia?
Papier-mache has been an essential component of Kashmir’s artistic heritage for ages and ages now. And we at eCraftIndia have pledged to sell sole interests to the remainder of the globe without any annoyance. Our artists creating paper mache have such skills that you will tumble in love with their delicately gorgeous paper mache outcomes. Keeping said that genuineness is consistently our emphasis. We make usage of solely high-quality raw textiles and as a consequence of this, our absolute paper mache gifts outcomes are of the highest grade too.

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