Parrot Paintings

Parrot paintings are not just bird paintings but also help with children’s interest in studies as well as increase their memory capacity. It is also said that a kid can use the parrot’s abilities. Buy parrot paintings online that help you in better ways as well as act as a great artistic feature for your home. You can discover colorful parrot painting that is available in the most decorative way.


As we are all aware, the present world requires that we update the interior design of our homes and workplaces. The majority of people enjoy choosing colors and interior layouts to decorate their walls. These approaches, though, are outmoded and insufficient for modern times. Choosing the appropriate wall painting is crucial if you want to modernize your decor. Because of this, eCraftIndia offers a variety of decorative images to enhance your Adobe. It is incredibly simple to transform the appearance of your room by putting these stylish artworks there. Images of parrot canvas paintings are fashionable and well-liked in the society of today. You won't believe that customers are purchasing it in significant numbers.

Parrots are from the section of the Psittacidae group in their analysis. They are recognized for their wittiness, diversion, and intellect, though they have an amazingly tender character as well. They are renowned for the impression that they can do of various accents, incorporating human language. People even have Parrot as their pets at home. But if you can not have a real parrot at home, you can have a parrot wall painting which is equal to having a real parrot. These birds have a rough tongue and consume grains, flowers, and a few fruits and bugs.

Several affiliates of the subfamily are identified solely as parrots, but different subgroups have added distinct titles such as lovebird, macaw, and conure. Captive birds are quick and, correlated with another parrot, are approximately good-tempered. A few are supposed to have existed for around 80 years. Gray parrots are popular in the rainforest, where all consume berries and grains. They destroy yields but are significant botanists of the oil palm.

Parrot paintings at eCraftIndia are the best for you to buy
Green parrot paintings at eCraftIndia can be found in various canvas sizes and can be bought according to your wall and your liking. It's always fascinating to have a parrot at home but as everyone can not have a real parrot, and hence, we at eCraftIndia have curated a special different section dedicated to parrot painting just so you can have that feeling of having a real parrot at your home. These birds are frequently recognized for their brilliantly colored wings, though every kind of parrot diversifies in its pigmentation. The parrots that most utmost people imagine are brilliant green, accentuated by gorgeous, rounded skin that has unbelievable energy. Attaining straightforward, these birds will land or also escort approximately perpendicular including their clawed legs. And in the same way, we also bring to you an amazing colorful parrot painting that is available in bright colors and various depictions of the bird parrot.

Get amazing parrot paintings online from a wide range of paintings
You can also find flying parrot paintings online at our portal- eCraftIndia. All our wall paintings are handpainted by skilled famous artists using various inherited techniques. You can find paintings on our online portal that are available in different canvas sizes, colors, art depictions, and much more. Apart from parrot paintings, you can also find many other kinds of paintings that can suit your choice, home or even office decor. Parrot paintings are one of the most unique kinds of paintings that you can find online and have your hands on. When you wish to enhance your home decor or even that one barren wall, paintings are the best option for you as it not only covers the empty wall but also add a lively element to your home or office decor. Select from a wide range of paintings from our online portal and make heads turn. We assure you of beautiful parrot paintings only that will help you secure an innovative home interior!


What do parrots mean?
any of the many Psittaciformes, or hook-billed, generally brilliantly colored birds, such as the cockatoo, lory, macaw, or parakeet. These birds can mimic speech and are frequently kept as pets. a person who just repeats what another person says or does, without giving it any thought or comprehension.

Why Meenakshi goddess has a parrot?
Meenakshi's primary icon depicts her clutching a parrot, a representation of the Kama, the deity of love. Additionally, she wears a tiny dagger on her waistband to serve as a constant reminder of who is in charge. The representation of her marriage is on the temple wall.

What is the special feature of a parrot?
A robust, curved bill, an upright posture, powerful legs, and clawed zygodactyl feet are traits of parrots. A lot of parrots have bright colors, and others have many colors.

What is the importance of parrots?
The parrot contributes significantly to the growth of the forest in its environment. Many of the seeds eaten by birds are spread over new forest regions in their guano since not all of the seeds they eat are digested. Some animals consume nectar and play a crucial role in the pollination of numerous plant species in tropical forests.

What parrot symbolizes?
Playful animals include parrots. In many respects, they stand in for our capacity to approach life with vigor and playfulness. Because of the numerous tricks we can guide them and their capacity to communicate, they are also practically symbolic of our childhood.

What does a parrot symbolize in a painting?
The parrot has served as a symbol of Christ's virgin birth and the Fall of Man since the Middle Ages. In addition to being celebrated as a domestic pet, it is more frequently shown in Dutch scenes of everyday life than in any other kind of artwork.

What do parrots symbolize in a dream?
The qualities of sociability, joy, happiness, friendliness, and harmony are represented by parrots in dreams. These birds have a talent for mimicry, thus their dreams may also represent talkativeness and gossip. The spirit of the parrot believes in leading a full and vibrant life.

What do parrots symbolize in Hinduism?
Parrots have been revered as messengers, storytellers, and teachers throughout history, from the Vedas and Puranas to well-known epics and literary masterpieces. The custom dates back more than 2500 years.

What does parrot mean spiritually?
Parrot frequently communicates with us through recurring omens and indications. For instance, you might see the color bright green everywhere you look as a sign that the universe has given you the go-ahead to start a new endeavor or relationship.

Is parrot good for Vastu Shastra?
According to Vastu Shastra, parrots are lucky because they provide the residents of the home with good health and love. Keep your parrots facing north at all times. Lovebirds should be kept in their cage facing the North, North-East, or East for luck.

Is seeing a parrot good luck?
The virtues of love, loyalty, longevity, and good fortune are all associated with parrots. Even in Chinese culture, parrots are revered as symbols of divinity and good fortune.

What happens if a parrot comes to your house?
It's a popular misconception that you should never allow sick or injured birds, particularly parrots, inside your home. You can take care of it outside, but according to tradition, keeping a bird indoors will fetch bad luck. But this is probably untrue.

What are the specialties of a Parrot painting?
Each piece of art is individual, lovely, and special for decoration, as we all know. On the other hand, eCraftIndia solely features inexpensive goods to spruce up your home or place of business. Additionally, we offer the greatest quality at the best pricing. Here are a few unique characteristics of parrot wall art:

  1. They are religious: In Chinese culture, this bird represents both affluence and holiness. Because of this, this piece of art is lucky and people go crazy for owning it.
  2. Loyal & lovable: It is a fact that parrots always show devotion and love. It is the lone bird that can be devoted to you among the others. In addition to being loyal, other people are drawn to it by its voice and beauty.
  3. Brings good luck: You can purchase these lucky objects from eCraftIndia to decorate your homes. We provide cutting-edge patterns and styles that can alter the way you decorate your house.
  4. Symbolizes a new start: You can begin a fresh life at your residence or place of business by hanging parrot art. These famous parrot paintings typically depict the beginning and joy of your existence. Numerous people referred to it as a holy bird that conveys good fortune to other people.

Where should a parrot painting on wall be kept?
Place a picture or a painting of a parrot in the North direction of the home. The child's interest in his studies and his memory ability are both enhanced when a picture of a parrot is placed in this direction. He is adept at making good use of his skills.

Why buy parrot paintings online from eCraftIndia?
At eCraftIndia, you can discover amazing parrot paintings online that are surely going to make a great home decor as well as a gift option. You can also get bird figurines online at our portal along with other handicraft items that are handcrafted using various ancient techniques making all our items unique.

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