Scented Candles

Thinking of arranging a proper romantic candlelight dinner for your partner? If yes, then eCraftIndia’s range of scented candles is the best for you to select from. These scented candles are available in lavender, vanilla, rose, jasmine, and much more fragrances. You can further buy scented candles online that are also available in the lemongrass scented candles fragrance. These also can be a great gifting option around various celebrations or parties.


Candles have remained a member of our times or a great time. You might have utilized candles to enhance homes or to produce enlightenment throughout power chunks, or as a petition in church. Simply describe the site and we will provide you with the grounds. Nevertheless, candles simply don't suppose a very important function in painting homes for various goals like celebrations. Celebrations require unique and the scent of joy that is dropping from your regular candles. Hence, there are scented candles in a position that make certain you have it all collected in one. eCraftIndia is dwelling on a superabundance of scented candles that incorporate exceptional fragrances packaged into attractive glass open containers. Indulge yourself with the most suitable assemblage of Scented candles online and allow the fragrance to surround you with an exquisite venture.

Scented Candles are amazingly enchanting awesome wax art items that ignite themselves while lightening their encompassing. Illumination scented candles bring peace, happiness, affection, and satisfaction. Both in times of celebration or as a passion for home decor, tea light holders assist in producing an especially amiable and fascinating atmosphere. Scented Candles are regularly ignited for ornament ideas. Apart from this, it satisfies the decor scheme of living places and eateries. A great quality candle assists as a wonderful home fragrance that sinks your heart in the quality of fiction whereby strengthening your life.

Decorate your place with eCraftIndia’s scented candles that are surely going to intensify your space
At eCraftIndia, you can find amazing and best-scented candles online. Your intellect requires rest after operating for a constant extended restless hour and this exhaustion persists unhealed except you strengthen your breath. For producing a tantalizing infested outcome, we propose lemongrass scented candles that help a large settlement in imploring your state and considerably attracting the environment. If your wish is to utilize scented candles as a home aroma you need to go for the best scented candles that appear in different shades, fragrances, and dimensions and if you are wanting for something extremely better, you can also find scented candles with essential oils that are usually utilized by aromatherapists, will do miracles.

eCraftIndia's scented candles are the top bedroom fundamental. Our stunning candle arrives in a ceramic jar with one lead-free cotton wick that shines more brilliant and burns purifier. eCraftIndia has carefully handcrafted with special mixes of genuine odors that cause your minds to come active. Utilize it to make the ideal, personal spirit, attach a friendly glare to your residence, or simply relax behind a lengthy day. Who does not adore scented candles? We ignite a few each evening to immediately provide us with that comfortable, cozy sensation. Something around a flame is seductive, scary, and satisfying all at one time. So we chose to assemble our ideal scented candle and presented it to you in this section of our website. From your bedside tableland to your living room, eCraftIndia immediately creates your area feel friendly, attractive, and stylish. Our fragrances are carefully selected and unusually duo to offer you a hint of something you can not fully put your hands on, but can not get adequately of.

Scented candles online at eCraftIndia make a great gifting option
Peace, prepared, and comfortable, let your apartment display your spirit for the day when you ignite a vanilla scented candle. You can score on scented candles to do the work of securing your room scent beautifully. You can pick from amazing of the best-scented candles online from our portal. All these scented candles are also a part of self-pampering. Had a long day at work? Feeling low? Stressed out? Ignite a lavender scented candle and uplift your mood. These scented candles can also be a great piece of art when you have guests coming over.

You can get the best scented candles online at eCraftIndia in sets as well. Your home can be at its highest level with our entirely feasible advice of fragrant home aroma commodities such as a scented candle set. You can also utilize these candles when you wish to surprise your spouse or partner by arranging a candlelight dinner for him or her. Further, you can also find diyas & lanterns apart from candles that also make it a great home decor item when it comes to illuminating your place. So, browse through our website and find the best and the most unique scented candles for your home as well as office space and keep your spirits lifted always.


What is a scented candle?
A scented candle is made with aromatic oils blended into the wax which offers off a lovely fragrance when fuming. A scented candle is a lovely glimmer in a restroom, particularly when visitors have come, or in a bedroom, or any other room of the home. A scented candle can develop an atmosphere of good health and good being.

What is so special about scented candles?
The calming influence that our scented candles have is founded on how the mind operates the fragrance. The fragrance of scented candles produces our limbic method, the portion of the brain that is residence to our remembrance and sentiments. Hormones like serotonin and dopamine can be created to assist handle perspective. At eCraftIndia, there are a few scented candles with fragrance memos demonstrated to alleviate anxiety. We are confident they will warm your latest work-from-home room and obtain you ease during such distrustful periods. There are even scented candles that help you meditate, think, sleep, etc.

How does a scented candle work?
When you ignite the wick of a fragrant candle, the warmness from the flame starts to dissolve the wax. When the aroma molecules in the wax are warmed, they radiate incense. The aroma develops more powerful as more additional of the wax dissolves, so the more extensive your candle, the more significant the scent you can desire once its wax collection rises to the boundaries of its container. The most useful method to make certain your scented candle dissolves evenly is to ensure that the wick is in the middle of the scented candle, the scented candle is on a deck exterior, and the scented candle is out of the form of currents.

What are the benefits of scented candles?
Aromatherapy scented candles can assist you to unwind, sense peace, be full of energy, and put your senses in a better effective manner. Our Lavender scented candles can assist you to unwind and reduce anxiety. Eucalyptus scented candles are full of energy and assist with attention. Lemon scented candles are furthermore full of energy, and they can assist with pressure and despair.

Should I sleep with scented candle lit?
Most scented candles will have burning pedagogy that communicates to solely fume for 3 or 4 hours at a stretch. The trouble with sleeping with an ignited scented candle is that a scented candle fuming in a container will get more sizzling and more superheated as it fumes. The more extended it ignites the more superheated the container will get. Most of the scented candles are created to self annihilate, but when the flame is concerned protection is most necessary. Hence, it is extremely significant to obey scented candle pedagogy and solely ignite a scented candle just a couple of hours at a stretch, not all nighttime, and hold a flaming scented candle where you can overlook it.

What is the difference between a scented candle and an unscented candle?
Like unscented candles, correctly prepared scented candles will mainly deliver water vapour and carbon dioxide when fumed. The sole distinction is that a scent is furthermore terminated with a scented candle. Most scented candles include a variety of raw and manufactured scents. These incense textiles may be emanated from essential oils or artificial fragrance chemicals. A nicely constructed scented candle will include exclusively aroma materials supported for candle usage. The acquisition of scent to a candle making must be very attentively observed to confirm that the scented candle will ignite purely and appropriately.

What are the types of scented candles available at eCraftIndia?
At eCraftIndia, you can discover a variety of scented candles. Our scented candles are available in a set of 5 as well make a perfect gift set when it comes to various festivals as well as celebrations. You can discover scented candles available in different fragrances that you can select according to your mood and can be used for various purposes such as gifts, parties, dates, etc. They are:
  1. Set of 5 mini jar scented candles
  2. Strawberry scented candle
  3. Rose scented candle
  4. Vanilla scented candle
  5. Lemon grass scented candle
  6. Lavender scented candle
  7. Jasmine scented candle
  8. Green apple scented candle
Are scented candles a great gifting option?
Yes, they are! Scented candles are said to enhance the aura of one's space or home. They are said to be the most ideal to lit when you have guests coming over when you wish to set up a date at home for your partner, or even when you need to have a relaxation time all by yourself. Scented candles have various benefits as well as mentioned above, and hence, they stand as a great gift option, especially when it comes to housewarming gifts or birthday gifts for friends.
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