Urlis are a great decorative item when it comes to home as well as office spaces. Decorative brass urli are of multiple uses when it comes to home decoration around the festive season. These urlis can be decorated with flowers and kept at the entrance for more traditional appeal. You can further buy urlis online from eCraftIndia that comes with various embellishments and also has religious appeal.


The title Urli is obtained from the Tamil term ‘Urulai’ which indicates rounded. So, generally, Urli is a round pitcher. Legend is all regarding the connections we hold with the most enjoyable part of our history and the alliance we engage with our forefathers. It can be anything, a powerful feeling that holds you going through tough times or a deep system that continues attaching significance to your living. Whatever it is, certain objects never withdraw from any piece of culture. Without these important articles, our legendary powers would be useless. These Brass Urlis make a great home decor item, especially throughout the festive season.

Sitting on the ground, consuming all 6 flavored meals served on a banana leaf sheet, it appears enjoyable, doesn't it? This is the display that occurred in the greatest of our house functions, unions, and celebrations until the buffet experience became a pleasant choice. Even the feasts were served using conventional containers like mud vessels and wooden spoons, brass handicrafts, etc. One such container is the classic Urli. You can find a variety of Urlis available online on eCraftIndia.

It is believed that water promotes money, thus urlis filled with water and decorated with flowers are considered lucky. Our antique brass urli with stand complement any space decor and give the room a stunning appearance, but according to Vastu Shastra, they also bring luck, money, and success to the entire family. They also make the ideal present for any Indian festive experience or housewarming in addition to having a fantastic look and feel in your own home.

At eCraftIndia, you can find amazing Urlis online for your home
Urli offers a beautiful enhancement to the decoration of any place. To illustrate the container religiously, load it with liquid and then hover existence or substitute flowers or diyas on the head. Combine water to the urli, combine a little rose water, and exhibit flowers of your preference. You can likewise install floating lights on the exterior of the water. No matter how you utilize the Handcrafted Brass Urli online, you are assured to be overwhelmed with its character.

Everyone is in quest of harmony and success in their respective homes. But precious several are truly assured of it. Gratitude to the deftness of Vastu at home. There are tons of means by which you can perform Vastu when it progresses to home decor to accomplish internal peace and delight. Even though the shop is overwhelmed with Vastu goods, each product is novel in itself. One such Vastu good, which is strikingly impressive, is brass Ganesha Urli.

Urli is another home decoration item that you can get online at eCraftIndia
Embellish your home with eCraftIndia's classical Indian ornamental design elephant urli. Urlis are deemed favorable, and pleasant and are understood to produce good luck. They assume water brings money, therefore urlis with stand permeated with water and adorned with flower leaves and tea lights make them excellent for any occurrence. This wonderful set of brass peacock urli is decorated with a novel legendary arch design, which makes them excellent for celebrations or anything suspicious. This distinctive decorative element, frequently used to welcome guests at home with flowers or candles floating in a pool of water, instantly sanctifies your room. This brass urli was handcrafted, and it will astound you with its exquisite craftsmanship and awareness of detail.

Add to your home decor charming decorative brass urli from our online portal. These are the best during the festive season. These also make it a great gifting option for your friends and family during various celebrations and festivities. eCraftIndia's shipping facility is the most reliable and also lets you send items directly where you wish to send them, be it in India as well as abroad. You can buy home decoration items online that are available in various types on our online portal- eCraftIndia.


What is the urli bowl?
As part of Indian celebratory ornamental heritage, brass urlis online are utilized as an ornamental bowl to glide flowers and diyas. Display the ornamental urli or bowl conventionally by adding some floating candles and natural flowers to the top of a filled bowl of water for a festive look.

What is English urli?
A common material for the Uruli, a type of traditional cookware widely used in South India, was clay, copper, and bronze. The Tamil word Urulai, which signifies a round bowl, is where the name Uruli comes from. Urlis were used in Ayurveda to manufacture remedies as well as in homes for cooking.

What is a hanging urli?
When celebrating holidays and special occasions, urulis, or urlis as they are more commonly known, are used as beautiful bowls in which to float candles and flowers, particularly at the front door of your home. Brass Hanging urlis are the ones that you can hang from above the top and fill with flowers or also floating candles.

Where should I keep an urli?
You can set it up in front of your idols in the Pooja room. It can also be positioned in your living room, where it will look great with other decor and complementary home furnishings. Choose the ideal location to improve peace of mind at home if you think your Uruli with flowers will look well on your balcony or entrance area.

What are the benefits of Urlis?
The significance of having an Uruli at home is discussed next. Since water typically indicates riches, it should flow inward since it symbolizes the flow of wealth. As a result, placing an Uruli filled with water and decorated with flowers or lemons in front of the main door is said to be fortunate.

What are the Vastu benfits of Urlis?
Uruli is one of the distinctive Vastu components among the numerous sorts of Vastu products. Along with the many Vastu advice for plentiful Vastu items, applying Vastu principles to Uruli can have some advantages. The five natural elements, or Pancha bhoota, are thought to clear the surroundings of any unfavorable energy. Water is one of the five elements, and in an uruli, it serves as a purifier of bad energy and a shield against evil eyes, black magic, and other negative energies that may be present.

How do decorate urlis with flowers?
The urulis can typically be painted and used following a person's wishes, wishes, and beliefs. Here are some suggestions for adornment and how to make the most of the urulis:

  1. The Uruli should be filled with fresh water, and fresh flowers should be placed on top.
  2. You shouldn't trim the flowers used in it; instead, use them with the stem still attached.
  3. Flowers of different hues and scents can be used with eye-catching color contrasts.
  4. You can use whatever flower you like to embellish. No similar limitations apply to the floral selection. Flowers of any kind, both fragrant and unscented, can be used to embellish these uruli. As an alternate decorative component, leaves can be employed.
  5. To spread positive energy, you can silently let small aroma candles or diyas float on the surface of the Uruli. A few drops of essential oil in the water will improve the environment's mood.
  6. The water in uruli can be made insect-repellent by adding camphor.
  7. It is recommended to regularly or daily change the water in the uruli.

What are the uses of urli?
There are different uses of urli, they are:

  1. For cooking: These urulis are used for cooking in South India and come in small, medium, and large sizes depending on the amount of food being cooked. In those days, it is the most often used cooking tool. The taste and nutritional value of the food are kept at their optimum during the slow cooking procedure because the heat is distributed equally to all sides.
  2. In Ayurveda: In Ayurveda, urulis are used to create medications and preserve potions to treat and cure a variety of illnesses and bodily issues.
  3. For home decor: Today, urulis are utilized for a variety of ornamental functions, such as welcoming guests during special holidays or in everyday interior house décor to draw attention to the location and enhance its historic appearance.
  4. Gifting purpose: When it comes to festivals & celebrations, urlis make a great gift option for your family as well as friends that makes a great home decor item too.

What are the types of urlis available online at eCraftIndia?
At eCraftIndia, you can discover amazing different types of brass urlis that are one of the best to decorate your home space with festivals and celebrations. The different types available at eCraftIndia are:

  1. Ganesha on a swing handcrafted brass urli
  2. Ethnic carved brass decorative urli
  3. Bras designer urli with bells
  4. Elephant design premium brass urli
  5. Brass urli with diya wicks and bells

Why buy urlis online from eCraftIndia?
At eCraftIndia, you can discover the amazing range of home decor items as well as pooja items that are considered to be one of the important things when it comes to festivals & celebrations. You can also discover amazing idols & figurines, diya stand, and much more online that you can buy for yourself as well as for gifting options.

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