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Wall mirrors are said to extend your home space. Decorative wall mirrors online can be found at eCraftIndia with various adornments that would enhance your wall space and adorn your wall beautifully. The wall mirror price at our online portal is the most affordable and is considered the best wall decor piece. These wall mirrors are surely going to bring you back for more.


The light that dismisses off a mirror will bestow a picture of whatever is at the beginning of it when concentrated by the spectacles of the eye or a camera. Wall Mirrors modify the course of the model at an equivalent but reverse angle from which the spotlight illuminates upon it. This enables the observer to view themselves or articles backward of them, or even articles that are at an aim from them but out of their area of sense, such as encompassing a turn. Wall mirrors these days are not just a ready reading essential but also a great home decor item. A Wall mirror is just not an object that reflects an image but also helps one to maximize the room's lighting. It also helps one in making a statement. A modern wall mirror is the best if you have contemporary home decor.

Since the growth of mortal culture, wall mirrors have been utilized to catch one’s deliberation before moving out of the residence. After exiting our mattress, we acquire prepare and go near a wall mirror to catch our contemplation. Some of us furthermore question how we glimpse after catching our reflection in the wall mirror. In the modern globe, wall mirrors have grown a lot and are not utilized solely to see one’s consideration. They have evolved as the domain and field of home adornment. Individuals like you utilize their preferred decorative wall mirrors to replenish the barren wall and get the exemplary contemplation of themselves. At eCraftIndia, we cherish your home decor requirements. And therefore, we present an entire and outstanding array of ornamental wall mirrors. In your quest on eCraftIndia, you can reach across contemporary decorative wall mirrors as well.

Wall mirrors at eCraftIndia are sure to enhance your wall decoration
A wall mirror is an important thing in our daily life. Earlier utilized solely for obtaining preparation for excursions, it is an essential element of home adornment. The availability in so multiple forms, dimensions, and techniques drives our decorative wall mirrors an excellent craftwork decor work for your living room, dining room, restroom, and bedroom. At eCraftIndia, we deliver contemporary decorative wall mirrors in the round, oval, asymmetric, and rectangular structures. You will discover the best one according to your home embellishment requirements. A wall mirror is a decor element that can harm or make your space glimpse stunning. Utilizing a suitable wall mirror with an antique or modern structure will assist you to obtain what you desired.

Wall Mirrors have been utilized by humanity for over a million years since prehistoric periods, especially for self-grooming. In period, wall mirrors came to be utilized for adorning objectives too. The most familiar kind of wall mirror in usage today is the wall mirror glass, which is a straight pane glass with a layer of metal on the rear, generally silver, or aluminum. Decorative wall mirrors recreate a major part of any home decor arrangement. You can utilize them as complementary elements to emphasize and fit the wall decor of your space. You can likewise utilize one as a declaration component to provide more personality to your space. Some standard kinds of wall mirrors contain lavatory mirrors for usage in restrooms and wall mirrors that arrive with wall attachable frames in intricate compositions. On the different hand, wall hanging mirrors are scheduled to be discontinued in the atmosphere through twine or string. So, scan for an expansive assortment of wall mirrors online and embellish your residence.

Select the best from eCraftIndia’s broad range of wall mirrors
Obtainable in diverse dimensions, wall mirrors can be merely positioned on any wall. From appreciating its practical benefit to decorative usefulness in residence decoration, wall mirrors are an excellent option among the various styles of wall mirrors. They can be incorporated in your bedroom, dining room, living room, bathroom, or dressing room as a component of your vanity or be positioned someplace else in your residence merely for their cosmetic and aesthetic process. You can adorn your entrance or attire up a room in your residence with a wall mirror. A wall mirror can likewise be utilized as a washbasin wall mirror in your restroom or bathing area. Be it contemporary wall mirrors for your home decoration or restroom wall mirrors for upgrading the interiors of your home of everyday routines, discover all sorts of wall mirrors on eCraftIndia.

Bring good energy into your room or present the delusion of an area with the metal wall mirror that you can find on our website. One must select a type of wall mirror that would go with their home decor. You can place small decorative wall mirrors in such a manner that they make a pattern or a shape-enhancing your home decor. These can be placed over your bed as well or on a wall that is vacant so that such patterns will enhance the entire look of that particular room. Further, our wall mirrors are decorative and hence can be attached in the workplace as well. Wall mirrors further make your room space look elongated. So, it is most reasonable if you have a smallish room or you desire your space to look big. Our wall mirrors are available in a variety of designs to choose from that are surely going to make heads turn. Buy wall mirrors online from eCraftIndia, which come in various forms, colors, sizes, and types that suit your home decor the best!


What is the history of Wall mirrors?
The interiors of a residence recall your style, and wall mirrors create an essential element of home decor. Wall Mirrors have been utilized by antique cultures across the globe incorporating Mesopotamians, the Egyptians, the Indians, and the Chinese. Motionless water, shiny stone, smoothened copper, and bronze were some of the most premature contemplative renditions. Glass types were broadly utilized by the Romans. At eCraftIndia you can choose your choices from an entire spectrum of handheld, flats, or wall mirrors appropriate for all rooms.

How are mirrors different?
When the cover is not flat, a mirror may conduct like a reflecting one. A plane mirror will produce a real-looking undistorted vision, while a curved mirror might misinterpret, elaborate, or decrease the appearance in different ways while maintaining the bars, difference, sensitivity, shades, and other picture belongings undamaged.

How many different types of mirrors are there?
There are 7 types of mirrors, they are:
  1. Plane mirrors
  2. Spherical mirrors
  3. One or Two-way mirrors
  4. Silvered mirrors
  5. Acoustical mirrors
  6. Non-reversing mirrors
  7. Personalized mirrors
Where should you attach a wall mirror to your bedroom?
According to Vastu Shastra, wall mirrors recreate a vital part of your residence area. It is thought that wall mirrors are qualified of affecting both favorable and unfavorable punches into your area. Given below are a few topics to register when suspending wall mirrors in your bedroom:
  1. To support the spread of positive energy, it is important to position wall mirrors on north or east direction walls in your residence.
  2. Wall Mirrors and different meditative characters such as televisions and laptop screens in the bedroom must be protected with a portion of material when not in usage as it is acknowledged that the unclothed mirrors have opportunities of recalling unfavorable powers.
  3. Furthermore, a wall mirror must be maintained meeting out from the bed as it might generate health-related problems. It is suggested to protect any thoughtful textures encountering the mattress with an unadorned cloth or fabric.
How to buy the right wall mirror?
To select the place with a few of the most suitable decorative wall mirrors, you can track the measures noted below:
  1. Choose the spot where you like to establish an archaic or modern wall mirror. The area can be your bedroom, dining room, living room, washroom, office, or lavatory.
  2. Choose the exemplary figure that can be rounded, circular, rectangular, oval, or diamond. Select the correct dimensions. In the choice of the correct size, you ought to concentrate on both walls surrounding space and the wall mirror place.
  3. Concentrate on fashion. Here, you can appreciate your preference. Go with one of the most suitable archaic decorative wall mirrors if you like to have a traditional countenance in your residence decoration. Choose the most suitable modern ornamental wall mirrors if you want to create your home decor glimpse stylishly and trendy.
  4. Spend awareness on the objective. Yeah, the goal of utilizing a wall mirror varies from one location to another. Imagine that you are cleaning your hands and mouth after eating your food. You must select a miniature to medium-sized wall mirror for your washbasin at your residence or office.
Why buy wall mirrors from eCraftIndia?
eCraftIndia is the most trusted eCommerce online website store that arrives in your course when you believe in buying wall-mounted mirrors online. As per your preference and intention, you can purchase the most suitable wall mirror from a broad variety of wall mirrors in various forms, dimensions, and layouts. In complement to wall mirrors, you can buy home decoration items and wall decor items such as paintings, wall clocks, contemporary wall hangings, wall shelves, photo frames, lamps & lightings online.
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