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Water fountains are said to be one of the best home decor pieces and add a different element to your home decor. You can buy the best water fountain for home online from eCraftIndia that are accessible with various add ons. These small indoor water fountains can also be kept at the entrance of your home to attach a unique piece of decor or else somewhere else of your choice.


Movement is life and stagnation is death or so says an age-old saying, but the fact remains that as long as you are moving, you are alive. Imagine water that has stagnated; rarely a pretty sight. However, when water is moving and flowing it is nothing short of a force of life! Both Vaastu and Fengshui talk at length about the benefits of flowing water – while in Vaastu, flowing water is indicative of wealth and good fortune flowing into life, in Fengshui, it is supposed to help balance qi or ch’i, the life force. When there is an imbalance of qi in space, good fortune is supposed to dwindle. Now, not everyone is lucky enough to live near water bodies or have homes large enough for real fountains, which is why smaller-sized water fountains have become extremely popular over the years.

If you are scrutinizing for methods to improve your leisure at home, belief in attaching an indoor water fountain to your room. The sound of trickling or dripping water is a quiet, peaceful sound that can assist you to relax. If you listen to the sound, especially while meditating, it can also help you release any tension or stress you may hold onto. The trickling water sounds are soothing. Its submersible engine is fairly uneventful, though a few users suggest putting it on a protector or carpet to easily soften the sound ahead. It additionally features a suitable on and off switch if you any day require a breather from the trickling of water sound and the water fountain is straightforward to complete and clean. The highest disadvantage is that the LED lights cannot be smoothly changed when it passes.

Decorate your home or office entrance with eCraftIndia’s amazing water fountains
eCraftIndia brings to you a wonderful selection of decorative water fountains that are perfect for your home decor! Perfect to be placed at the entrance of your home or living space, these water fountains are designed to look great and bring in a sense of calm and serenity. Made using high-quality materials, these water fountains will continuously circulate the water and require minimal maintenance. Although our Buddha and Ganesha water fountains are the most popular, we also have designer fountains that are suited even for office spaces. From cascading steps to textured water fountains, we have plenty for you to choose from. And in case you want fountains that give away a little light as well, we have that too – all you need to do is browse through our virtual collections and order one that seems right away and we will carefully pack the same and deliver it to your doorstep. Plug it in, add some water and enjoy being drifted away to another realm!

The aesthetics of a residence echo the character of the individuals that live in it. It, hence, becomes important to carefully compose your residence as the ambiance can have a powerful impact on your perspective. A water fountain is one such influencing part that requires to be included in every residence. Including easy or unique water fountains can hold a serene influence on the whole home. Furthermore, the aesthetic charm that it brings to a space is unpaired. In Chinese customs, the water draft in them is understood to censor the bad powers of the home. Hence, they are for living rooms because it is the most dwelled region of a home.


What are the benefits of indoor water fountains?
Indoor fountains deliver the exact benefits as their outdoor replicas and more additional. There are numerous types, forms, dimensions, and sorts of indoor home water fountains. Whether you are scrutinizing an indoor fountain for your home or corporate office, given below are 6 advantages of indoor water fountains you can skim ahead to enjoy:

  1. Replicas as a Humidifier: Wall-mounted and free placement water fountains count to the dampness of the space, creating additional moisture. This is wonderful to carry when one is packed due to a cold or sickness. An expansion in humidity is furthermore suitable for your indoor plants, making them beneficial and resonant looking.
  2. Soothing atmosphere: The soothing sound of water splashing in an indoor fountain can make a comfortable ambiance for any space. Whether it is in a sitting space in your residence or a waiting room of a dental clinic, indoor water elements can support individuals to develop, unwind and sense relaxation. The cozy ambiance likewise enables individuals to adhere around and yield.
  3. Low care: Indoor home water fountains are easy to maintain, requiring a water refill each week or two and a profound, thorough cleansing each 4-6 months. The cleaning merely concerns turning off the water fountain, emptying the water, and wiping down the exterior shell of the water fountain and the inside tubing, engine, and servicing of the water fountain.
  4. Aesthetic, attractive charm: The styling, form, and textiles utilized in indoor fountains today have significantly enhanced and are more assorted. Today’s indoor fountains can complement and improve a type of home or office decor and interior styling. Whether you are examining something contemporary, traditional, or even patronage, you can directly acquire the excellent-looking water fountain for your space.
  5. Enhances Quality of Life: The delicate, soft trickling of a home water fountain is a wonderful de-stressor. It encourages leisure, thoughtfulness, stability, ease, and snooze. More bedtime and less anxiety make one intrinsically more active, cheerful, and bright, showing an increased grade of life and more suitable fitness.
  6. Enhances Air Quality: When the water disappears from your indoor water fountain, unfavorable ions are discharged. These unfavorable ions purify the atmosphere, making it more stimulating to live. Pure air likewise allows you to think more evidently and concentrate sufficiently.

What are the different types of indoor water fountains?
There are 3 main types of indoor water fountains, they are:

  1. Wall Ascended: These indoor water fountains are ascended to the wall and are usually rectangular, swinging either vertically or sleeping. They individually have a miniature, unobtrusive puddle on the base where the engine is that then recirculates the water. These indoor wall water fountains arrive in different dimensions and with 1 or 3 summits. Wall-mounted water fountains are constructed of a combination of materials incorporating fiberglass, mirror, polish, gravel, copper, and stainless steel.
  2. Tabletop: These tabletop indoor water fountains are the shortest and most delicate of the indoor fountain kinds as they are created to seat on top of a counter, desk, or flats. There is a tremendous assortment in form for these water fountains than for wall-mounted and free-standing water fountains. These water fountains, nevertheless, are not capable to be personalized with a stamp.
  3. Free Standing: Freestanding water fountains are more extensive interpretations of the wall-mounted indoor water fountains. They have a weighty, sturdy water puddle bottom that permits them to voluntarily stand exemplary. Like the wall-mounted water fountains, free-standing indoor water fountains arrive in a combination of materials and techniques and different add-ons such as LED lighting that makes the fountain look unique.

Are water fountains and feng shui related?
Feng Shui is a kind of antique Chinese pseudoscience that attaches an individual to the significance of his or her surroundings via the strategic arrangement of furnishings and home devices. The 3 fundamental notions of Feng Shui include:

  1. Chi means energy,
  2. Natural components consist of air, space, wood, water, metal, earth, and fire
  3. Bagua is the epicenter of energy in a room where the ideal rhythmic symmetry is

Water fountains are widespread components of a Feng Shui created area as the water is a favorable significance that ties a person to the calm and balanced energy of the cosmos. Indoor water fountains are generally utilized to advance harmony, equilibrium, and well-being. According to Feng Shui, to completely harness this vitality in space, the water fountain should be suspended or positioned in either the East direction or the Northeast region of a room. In these areas, an indoor water fountain can encourage more suitable fitness through peace or deliver a serene, meditative area for contemplation or spiritual conventions.

Why should you buy water fountains from eCraftIndia?
eCraftIndia has a fantastic array of water fountain creations online for you to select from. We furthermore propose a combination of leisurely payment choices to make life as easy as feasible for you. You can furthermore benefit from deals & recommendations on a broad spectrum of furnishings, home decor items, paintings, lamps & lightings, and kitchen accessories, that claim your requirement. You can likewise buy indoor small/mini wall water fountains constructed of grey slate stone, marble, or plastic, as well as more striking water fountains with LED lights that switch shades.

Are water fountains a great gifting option?
Yes, they are. As we all know that water fountains are connected with feng shui and hence they stand as a great gifting option for the family as well as friends around various festivals & occasions. Water fountains are available in a variety of types at eCraftIndia that are unique, come in different materials, as well as have LED lights attached to them that make them an eye-catcher when you have guests at home. Water fountains can also be kept in the office for good vibes.

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