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Wooden wall clocks online at eCraftIndia are the most creative that you can find online. Adorn your home or office space with our range of wooden clocks that are surely going to take your home interior to another level and will be appreciated by everyone who visits you. These wooden clocks are made using top-quality materials that are surely going to be admired all along.


There was once a time when pretty much everything in a house would be made of wood – the roof would be wood, the support pillars, the furniture, even the cooking utensils. It can’t be denied that there is something unique, classy, and timeless about wooden items, which would explain the love of many people for wooden decor items, including wooden clocks. While for many people, a wall clock is nothing more than a means to tell time, some consider this an essential part of their interior decor theme. Some people like to have a clock in every room, which means that they will constantly be looking out for clocks that match the theme or mood of each room.
When it arrives at wooden wall clocks, we think wooden wall clocks have beautiful magic of their own which is tough to conquer. We acknowledge wooden wall clocks look lovely with no concern about what type of decor you own at residence. If your residence is incredibly tiniest, you are probable to locate a straightforward wooden clock that is not visually weighty, which will be the ideal wall clock for your residence.

Add a touch of wood accessory with eCraftIndia’s wooden wall clocks
If your residence’s tone is extremely standard and traditionally Indian, we consider you can discover an extremely impressive Indian-style wall clock for your residence. Treasure the mid-century contemporary countenance? We comprehend numerous wooden wall clocks which will glimpse excellent in every single space of your residence. We acknowledge that wooden wall clocks can be contention pieces on their own, or can be purchased in a procedure that creates certain your wooden wall clock does not carry out from the remainder of your furnishings and home decor. Wooden wall clocks are a refined and timeless choice to reach for when you do not like to carry a possibility with what home decoration items you purchase for your residence.

Gift the best wooden wall clocks to your loved ones from eCraftIndia
At eCraftIndia, we bring to you a variety of clocks including many handcrafted in wood – these are designed to make your rooms look and feel unique while doing what they are supposed to do – tell time! Whether you are looking for something simple and classy, or you want a clock that adds a spark of color to your otherwise somber room, we have the things for you. As an aim to promote local artisans, we have several clocks, which have traditional colors and methods of painting used on them. From a clock that will remind you of a Diwali Diya arrangement to one that will remind you of a pooja thali, there is simply so much to choose from. Then there are the clocks that are reminiscent of the good old days modeled on traditional grandfather clocks, these are newer versions that will look classy in any space. these clocks are not only great for your home, but they also make great gifts for any occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, house warming, or festivals such as Diwali or New Year.

Home decor is an essential element of your residence background it can promote or devitalize the prevailing vibe of your residence while presenting occasional understanding into your character and desires and despises to any home visitors that you may have around. Wall clocks are a multi-purpose home decor article not solely do they support commanding the decor of a space, they assist you to maintain the path of time. If you are somebody who adores all items vintage, then we do have an astonishment for you! Scour our all-new wooden wall clocks assemblage. You do not need to be a skilled interior creator to understand what drives nicely with your home decor and character reach shop for wooden wall clocks online on eCraftIndia today.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of clocks available online at eCraftIndia?
There are several options available at eCraftIndia when it comes to wall clocks. Select the best according to your interior and also the one that suits your character and choice. Given below are the different types of wall clocks available at eCraftIndia:

  1. Papier-Mache Clocks
  2. Wooden Clocks
  3. Plastic Clocks
  4. Pendulum Clocks
  5. Premium Clocks
  6. Kids Clocks
  7. Iron Clocks
  8. Cuckoo Clocks
  9. Table Clocks

Which type of wall clock is good for home?
When it arrives to selecting a wall clock for your home, we at eCraftIndia, suggest that you go for a wall clock that matches your home interior as well as your character so it reflects your choice and says a lot about you & your interior. For the living room, our pendulum wall clock, wooden clocks, or premium clocks are the best as they come with different embellishments. For the bedroom, you can select from our iron clocks, cuckoo wall clocks as well as table clocks as they will suit them best. We also have wall clocks for kids' bedrooms which you can select from our kids clocks section.

Where can you attach a wooden wall clock?
There are several places in one's home where one can attach a wall clock. You should always select a wall clock according to your mood and the decor space of the room you wish to include the wall clock in. Given below are a few:

  1. Bedroom: In this room of the home, you must have a straightforward analog wooden wall clock that will not trouble you with the steady thumping of the moment's hand. Select something that is in a square or a rounded shape with major numbers and a backdrop that is nicely shone actually in the dark. This will assist you to see the time more efficiently when you stroll out of the bed in the darkness and it will furthermore directly ignite your way when you arrive back.
  2. Living room: The living room space requires a better formal-looking wall clock with an abundance of flairs. You must ideally select a round shape or an oval shape wall clock traditionally with some embellishment or painting near it so that it completes the general decor and various furnishings elements in the space.
  3. Kitchen: The kitchen must be a delightful element yet it must likewise be easy to read. An uncomplicated wooden wall clock that is not too massive would be perfect for this area.
  4. Dining room: If your living room and dining room are not connected in with the hall, then you must contemplate including a different timepiece for the dining room. This wooden wall clock too must be a formal-looking one that honors the time with a ding or the ticking of the moment's hand.
  5. Workspace: Your office or workstation must include a wall clock that stands straight in the facade of you, on the wall that you encounter. You must hold something straightforward here and preferably an analog wall clock so that you can effortlessly take a glance at the time while you function and divert those projects, during the decided deadline.
  6. Study room: Your study room must have a creative wall clock that helps you think more clearly as well as have you keep a note of the time and meet your deadlines. You can discover amazing designer wall clocks that make the wall decor look interesting too.

In which direction should a wall clock be in?
When it comes to dangling a wall clock, you can keep the Vastu points in mind that help you obtain good fortune. The attaching of a wall clock relies on what you like to do with it. To draw wealth, you can establish it on the East direction or North direction wall of your home. Further, you can swing it from the West direction wall when you find dangling from the Eastern/Northern wall doesn’t permit you to notice the time.

Can I buy wooden clocks online?
Yes, you can buy wall clocks online from eCraftIndia which is the most trusted online store. Buy a wooden wall clock or any other style but preferably, make certain that you understand which area you are buying the wall clock for. There are several additional styles of wall clocks known in the demand today and then, there are likewise several additional references for the different spaces and areas for which you would choose the articulated antique wall clock. So, stroll with us while we obtain you familiarized with every type and the sense that they each convey established on the space you would set them in.

Is a wooden wall clock a good gift option?
Yes, it is for sure! When it arrives at celebrations & festive season, wall clocks act as a great gifting option as they are the most useful when it comes to home space. eCraftIndia's collection of wall clocks is the best as we let you select from a broad variety of clocks that are made keeping the recent trends in mind as well as available in traditional forms. Our wall clocks are further available in pendulum wall clocks and antique wall clocks that give your home interior a unique look and bring in the archaic vibes but in a trendy way. And hence, considering all of these factors, our wall clocks stand as a significant gift option for friends as well as family.

What are the different types of wooden wall clocks at eCraftIndia?
The different types of wooden clocks at eCraftIndia are:

  1. Papier-mache wooden clocks
  2. Color wooden clocks
  3. Vertical wooden clock
  4. Octangle wooden wall clock
  5. Pendulum wooden wall clock
  6. Themed wooden clock

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