Key Holders

Decorative key holders found at eCraftIndia are one of the best that you can have your hands on. These key holders are available with different numbers of hooks and various add ons as well. Buy wall key holders online that will make your key holder space unique and also attach as a great wall decor item for your wall space with the various embellishments that they are accessible in.


A key carries a lot of enigmas. It allows hiding your treasures and other precious custody from the remainder of the globe. It unlocks entries to numerous items in energy like your residence, your motorcar, etc. All it requires from you is an amazing key holder that will hold it in position. Wall hangers are utilized for a combination of objectives. It can be utilized to keep overcoats and blazers in the winter season. Further, it can assist you reserve pots and cutters in your kitchen area, and if you are a vegetation lover, it can likewise assist you to hang plants in your garden. Additional types of hooks are unrestricted in the demand. Buy wooden key holders and key chains online at the most reasonable costs in India on eCraftIndia. Obtain a broad spectrum of iron, brass, wooden, and metallic key holders at great costs as well as the best quality. Discover an excellent coverage of wall-mounted key holders online at eCraftIndia. We present a wonderful assortment of innovative formats as well as forms. Locate a wooden key holder with us at reasonable costs.

So many times, people tend to misplace one thing in particular – keys! There are times when you enter the house and you leave the keys on the sofa or the dining table and before you know it, you have misplaced them! There is a sense in being organized and when you have the right tools for it, staying organized is extremely easy – a pretty looking keyholder is not only a tool to keep your keys in one place, it also means that can stay organized, without having to make too much of an effort. However, just a few nails on the walls will never be enough, because even the place where you hold your keys needs to be a style statement on its own!

Maintain your keys in the best shape with eCraftIndia’s key holders online
Presumably, everyone was encountering a condition where it is urgently required to escape the home, but it is completely incomprehensible to obtain the keys to the apartment at that moment. It is extremely distasteful and carries a lot of time. To stop such conditions, you ought to establish a key holder or key rack to hold the keys in the living room, hallway, as well as bedroom. Therefore, all the piles of keys will invariably be at hand, and you will not fail anything.

Apart from that, the wall key holder will not solely evolve as a useful complement to the space but will furthermore evolve as a valid embellishment. You can purchase a key holder online at eCraftIndia. At eCraftIndia, we carry a broad range of key holders that you can select from. That is where eCraftIndia comes in – we have the most stellar collection of handcrafted keyholders, which not only serve the purpose, but also become wall decor items to add a sense of charm, and at times, a sense of whimsy to your interiors.

Key hangers at eCraftIndia are the best to hold your keys in always
We have a huge range, including those made with metal and papier-mache. Whether you want a holder for just two to three sets of keys or you are a joint family with many more keys to handle, we have the options for you. Even if you live all alone or want a keyholder to hold your sole set of keys in your room, we have something for you. And when we said that our keyholders will work as home decor items, we were not joking – from Buddhas and Ganeshas to peacocks and elephants, we have it all.

Be it a wall key holder, stand cum key holder, swinging key chain holder, wooden key holder, key box, key holder rack, key holding cupboard, container-style key holder, join key holder, wall shelf cum key holder you can discover a massive assortment of key holders to fit your individual type and requirement. If you want a typical village house, we have it, or you want a posh-looking board with the word ‘home’ painted on it, we have that too! Our boards are made to not only add color and charm to your interiors, help you stay organized, but also to last long!

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of key holers available at eCraftIndia?
At eCraftIndia, you can discover amazing key holders that are available in a variety of types. They are:

  1. Wooden key holders
  2. Papier-mache key holders
  3. Decorative key holder
  4. Theme key holder
  5. Traditional key holder

What factors need to be considered while buying a key holder?
Several factors must be considered while buying a key holder. Given below are a few:

  1. Capacity: When you are buying a key holder, you ought to understand the definition. Various kinds of pins and hooks are utilized for various objectives. For instance, pins and hooks for the kitchen will be separate from the hangers you will swing coats. You must likewise have an opinion about how weighty the entity will be when you swing it. A little size hook functions most suitable for hanging kitchen things like knives and chopping boards. But, if you like to swing your trench overcoat and blazers, you ought to examine for a wall cloth hook with adequate holding ability. Thus, it is very essential to understand your primary objective of obtaining a wall holder. You must furthermore notice the altitude of the hook before you buy the pin.
  2. Design & pattern: You are likewise required to correspond to the structure and finish of the fabric hanger. If the holder is badly constructed, it can pull your costly garments. It is necessary to examine the holder's procedure and complete that will examine most useful even behind years. Holders and hooks created up of metals are timeless, and they might provide a high-end countenance to the wall. In complement to this, the holders and hooks constructed of metal will never be out of vogue. If you like realistic regard, you can likewise reach for wooden and plastic holders. The greatest problem with the timber hook is that it is not stable. On the different hand, the plastic holder may not attach attractiveness and aesthetics to the space.
  3. Durability: You do not buy a wall hook holder every additional day. Thus, it is positively necessary to buy something that can deliver you ultimate durability. When it arrives to durability, you ought to decide between wood, plastic, and metal building. Aluminum wall swinging tools is understood for delivering the most suitable grade and structure. These wall holders will furthermore survive extended. Wood and plastic wall holders are constructed of inferior grade, and they may not survive too prolonged. Attempt to examine the durability and structure of the holder as per your requirement and objective.
  4. Costing: You likewise ought to concentrate on the expense of the wall key holders. Create certain that the expense of the hanger must be as per the discount it presents. For illustration, you can not disburse a lot of cash on obtaining a cheap-looking plastic key holder. Try to examine for grade outcomes that are unrestricted within your funding. You must likewise take the internal design of the space when choosing the shade of the key holders.

What are the benefits of buying key holders from eCraftIndia?
Purchasing key holders online can be entertaining but difficult too. Choosing the ideal one for your residence that fits your home decor supplement from considerable techniques and procedures may be a daunting chore. eCraftIndia permits you to provide the excellent one with a modern impression. Check out the advantages of the key holder for the border you will obtain to appreciate while purchasing with eCraftIndia given below:

  1. Good quality: One of the most useful items is to obtain high-quality furnishings creations and home decor additions to complete your purchasing excellently. All the techniques of key holders are prepared from high-quality textiles for sustainability and durability.
  2. Extensive range: We offer a wide range of key holders that are suitable for every kind of home decor that you hold. Our extensive range of key holders consists of different types that are traditional as well as modern and with a variety of embellishments that makes the key holder unique and one of the best home wall decor item.
  3. Amazing offers: At eCraftIndia, you can appreciate different deals, discounts, and offers on key holders for walls from event to occasion and festive season to celebrations. Additionally, it likewise presents readily obtainable with free shipping in India. So, appreciate purchasing by bringing your favorite creations to your d