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Everyone wants their keys to be handy when they are in a rush to leave for work or another important rush. Keyholder plays an important role in such times. The key holder also comes in different forms and patterns. The keyholder is attached either beside the main door of the house or inside a cabinet.

At eCraftIndia, you will get Combo of Lord Ganesha and Laddu Gopal Key Holder, Combo of Camel Key Holder and Tissue Paper Holder, Combo of Pankhi Key Holder and Royal Throne for Mandir(Temple), Combo of Lord Ganesha with Mor Pankh Key Holder, and Pooja Thali, Musical Instruments Wrought Iron Key Holder, Long Shehnai Wrought Iron Key Holder, Buddha Head on Elephant Trunk Wrought Iron Key Holder, Buddha Head with Green Leaves Wrought Iron Key Holder, Iron Flower Design Key Holder, Wrought Iron Lord Ganesha Key Holder, Radha Krishna Wrought Iron Key Holder, Papier-Mache Shubh-Labh Key Holder, Papier-Mache Shahi Pankhi Key Holder, and many more categories are available at eCraftIndia. These Traditional Key Holders are accessible in many different colors such as yellow, blue, red, green, yellow, red and green, green and brown, yellow, orange, green and brown, and many more. The cleaning instructions are easy to do as one just have to wipe the dirt on it with a clean, dry, or wet cloth.

Beautify your home and present it to look attractive by attaching your keys to our Modern Key Holder. The keyholder has 5 hooks that are meant for your house, car, garage, and other keys. The key handles have been thoughtfully intended to hold your keys. This key holder can be attached at any spot in your house to hold keys tightened and can also be used as a wall decor item. It works as a fabulous gift, particularly about sacred observances and celebrations. Each Key Holder is diligently handcrafted by our experienced artisans from eCraftIndia practising different mythical procedures.