• Guru Purnima 2020: Significance, History and Celebration

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    Happy Guru Purnima 2020: Sunday, 05 July 2020

    Guru Purnima or Guru Poornima is also known as Vyasa Purnima denotes the birth anniversary of Ved Vyasa. It is a religious custom in Hindu culture committed to religious and educational teachers, who are grown or knowledgeable humans, available to bestow their experience, with very limited or no financial expectation, based on Karma Yoga. It is recognized as a festival in Nepal, India, and Bhutan by the Jains, Hindus, and Buddhists. This celebration is traditionally obeyed by Hindus, Jains, and Buddhists to worship their preferred holy gurus/guides and declare their appreciation. This festival of Guru Purnima is celebrated on the full moon day- Purnima in the Hindu month of Ashadha (June–July month in English calendar) as it is understood in the Hindu calendar of India. The celebration was encouraged by Mahatma Gandhi to pay eulogy to his refined guru Shrimad Rajchandra. Appreciation is a must for your teachers by shopping Guru Purnima gifts for teachers.

    Guru Purnima

    Traditionally, the festival of Guru Purnima is honoured by Buddhists in recognition of the lord Buddha who gave His first lecture on this day at Sarnath, Uttar Pradesh, India. In the yogic culture, this day is celebrated as the time when Lord Shiva fitted as the first Guru, as he began the synchromesh of yoga to the Saptarishis.


    A long time ago, four aged men were endeavouring answers. The first one was ill and he wanted to know how to get out of his grief. The second one wanted more growth and prosperity and wanted to understand wherewith to comprehend that. The third one wanted to know the purpose of survival. And the fourth one had all the awareness but still, he required something, and he did not recognize what that was.

    So these four people were roaming for solutions and they all arrived in one area where there was a Banyan tree. Under the Banyan tree, a young man was seated with a huge smile on his face, and swiftly all of them believed that this person could provide them with the answer. The very concept spread to all of them from inside that this person is going to answer their queries, and so all four of them rested there and they got their solutions. The young man who was resting under the Banyan tree with a grin did not say a word, yet all of them received what they required.

    This is the first narrative of Guru Purnima. That was a full moon day, and that is how the Guru Parampara (ancestors of the Guru order) commenced. All these four elderly people then matured as Gurus.


    eCraftIndia is the best place for Guru Poornima gift ideas when you cannot think of any gift for your teacher. Guru Poornima gifts have to be such that your Guru/Teacher cherishes it for a lifetime.

    Following are the gifts that one can give to your teachers:

    Handicraft Items:
    At eCraftIndia, you can find handicraft items such as wooden handicrafts, marble handicrafts, iron handicrafts, and many more. Buy handicraft items online and get the finest quality gifts for your Guru.

    Paintings: Buy paintings online from eCraftIndia for your teacher. Miniature paintings, Animal paintings, Floral paintings, and many more paintings are available. This can be a good gift if your guru has bought a new house or a new teaching place.

    Home decor items: Home decor items at eCraftIndia consist of home decoration items. It consists of a wall clock, wall decor, home accents, lamps and lighting, and many more.

    Idols and figurines: Ganesha idols, Buddha idols marks as a Goodluck gift always and would be a great gift option for your Guru too. Idols and figurines at eCraftIndia have a lot of other idol and figurine options to choose from and gift.

    Wall Decor: Wall decor at eCraftIndia has dreamcatcher, photo frame, religious wall hangings, contemporary wall hangings, and much more. This can be gifted according to the religion or the belief that your Guru follows.

    Home accents: Home accents at eCraftIndia consist of a decorative platter, photo frames, door hanging, pots and vases, jewellery box, dry fruit box, and many more.

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  • The Best Father's Day Gift Ideas 2020

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    Happy Father's Day 2020

    Father’s Day:

    Paternal bonds are also as important as our maternal bonds. Father's also play an important role in everyone's lives. Fathers' Day is a celebration of praising fathership and fatherly bonds, as well as the impact of fathers in the community. It is held on several days in many parts of the world all during the year, usually in March, May, and June.

    Father's day complements alike praising family members, such as Mother's Day, Siblings Day, and Grandparents' Day. And we all like to celebrate it by giving father's day gifts, don't we?

    Happy Father's Day

    Why is Father's day celebrated?

    Father's Day is celebrated globally to acknowledge the enrichment that fathers and father figures make to the lives of their babies. This day celebrates fathership and men parenting. Although it is celebrated on a mixture of dates globally, many nations recognize this day on the third Sunday in June. Father's day is celebrated globally to identify the unique role of the father or the male parent in a kid's life.

    Father's Day in India is a comparatively latest notion but it is observed in comparable ways as in the United Kingdom or the United States, although on a scantier measure. Fathers play an important role in a child’s life by standing by them through thick and thin and assist them to attain the most beneficial in their life. To commemorate this unique bond between the kids and their father, Father’s Day is marked every year.


    On Father’s Day, many people make an extraordinary exertion for their dads or dad figures. Some people visit their fathers, while others give greeting cards, vines, or other offerings, such as apparel or sports accessories, or extravagance food items. Father's Day is a comparatively contemporary fiesta, so several families have various beliefs. These can range from a mere phone call or letter cards to big gatherings praising all dad characters in an outspread family. Father figures can include dads, step-fathers, fathers-in-law, grandfathers, great-grandfathers, and also other male relations.

    Father's day celebration is believed to be started by an American woman who was fostered by her father following she mislaid her mother. Sonora Smart Dodd, born in Sebastian County, Arkansas in 1982, and her mother departed when she was solely 16. It was Dodd’s father, William Smart, who bought her up and her five brothers too after their mom expired.

    Sonora Dodd was fretted that there was never a day to honour her father who bought up the kids alone. So she desired the recognition to be carried on June 5, her father’s birthday. But it was following shifted to Sunday, June 19, 1910. This is how the Father's day concept came up and has been into effect since then.

    Photo Frame

    List of gifts that can be given to your Father:
    Buy father’s day gifts online

    Pen holder: Every father at work needs desk accessories that include a pen holder too. At eCraftIndia, find a pen holder of different types that even come with a business card holder and a table clock.

    Table Clocks: Table clocks are the most useful as everyone needs them. They can be kept on the side table in the bedroom or on the office desk to keep track of the time.

    Photo Frames: Photo frames are an ideal gift option as it can be gifted to anyone or everyone and it would contain the memories alive forever.

    Mugs: Personalized mugs with your father's name or photo imprinted on it would make a very good father's day gift. You can also get your father a set of mugs that he would like to have his coffee or tea in.

    Good luck gifts: Good luck gifts are the best gift options for your loved ones and close ones. Goodluck gifts consist of Om symbol, dreamcatcher, God idols, and many more.

    Table lamps: Table lamps are a utilization kind of gift. Everyone needs a table lamp when working late at night in their offices or even at home. At eCraftIndia, you will find all different types of table lamps that suit your office or home interior.

    Nameplate: Nameplate can be a good father's day gift if you have recently moved into your new home or brought a new office place. Nameplates at eCraftIndia are found in various types and colours.

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  • Different Types Of Handicrafts In India - Indian Handicrafts

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    Indian Handicrafts

    Handicrafts are ordinarily related to something handmade. Proficient artisans create assets from basic articles solely by their hands and no machine is included. Handicrafts are mainly made out of paper, wood, clay and many more commodities. India is known for its ethnicity.

    As far as art and culture are concerned, India highlights amongst the culturally bright country in the world. The country is wealthy enough to own some extremely skilled artisans. The popularity of Indian handicrafts has increased globally because of them. Numerous rural people still make their living from such artistic creations of art.

    Indian Handicraft

    Buying the right handicraft items online from the right place and gifting it to your relative, a colleague is a correct thing one can do. The wooden handicrafts add up to the kitchen & dining items.

    We here bring you a few different types of handicrafts that are found in India:

    Paper Handicrafts:
    Papercraft is famous among all the age groups. You must have done papercraft in school and you must be still making those cute origami hangings for your kids' room or also for that small corner of your home. Papercraft is mostly associated with Origami, Scrapbooking, Quilling, and Cardmaking.

    Clay Handicrafts or Pottery:
    Pottery is something that you all must have done while growing up and would have used the clay for making idols and houses out of clay. Pottery has 3 main categories that are earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain. Articles made out of ceramic clay are often used for making pots, savings box.

    Cane Handicrafts:
    Cane handicrafts are used almost on all occasions. Cane handicrafts include baskets, trays, and pieces of furniture. Vellore district in Tamil Nadu is renowned for cane handicrafts in India.

    Shell Handicrafts:
    Shell handicrafts can be built out of 3 types of shells that are a conch shell, tortoiseshell, and seashell. Shell handicraft has been in demand always. Assorted Kinds of articles like bangles, forks, decorative bowls, spoons, buttons, curtains, chandeliers, table mats, etc. are the outcomes of shell handicrafts. Places located near the sea are famous for Shell handicrafts.

    eCraftIndia Brass Horse Tableware Antique Showpiece

    Bone and Horn Handicrafts:

    Bone and horn handicrafts are popular for making the handicrafts out of birds and animal figures, which seem genuine and lively. And also, assets like pen stand, ornaments, cigarette cases, table lamps, pepper and salt sets, chess sets, laughing Buddha, and many other articles.

    Embroidery Handicrafts:
    Embroidery handicraft is the art of decorating fabric with needle and thread. It has been drilled for decades now. Embroidery thread now is manufactured in cotton, rayon, and original yarns and also in regular wool, linen, and silk. Embroidery handicraft has come a great way, both in style and use. It also marks to preserve its entanglement as its reputation remains to grow.

    Paintings are something that adds value to your house. It makes that one wall of your room looks more impressive. Paintings have different types too such as Oil painting, Canvas paintings, Wax painting, Enamel painting, Digital painting, etc.

    Wood Handicrafts:
    Wooden handicrafts consist of wooden utensils, toys, jewellery, lampshades, candle stands, vermillion boxes, jewellery boxes, bangle holders, etc that are made out of wood. Some of the wooden handicrafts are used daily in India.

    Here are the top 6 Indian states famous for manufacturing handicraft items:

    Kashmir for woollen handicrafts:
    Kashmir is famous globally for its shawls and for its prints and finest finish. Jamavar, Pashmina, Shahtoosh are the types of shawls that are famous in Kashmir.

    Rajasthan for jewellery, leather, gems, and paintings:
    Rajasthan is famous for handmade jewellery, textiles, gems, leather items, paintings, pottery, carpets, and furniture. Rajasthan is the largest handicraft manufacturer state in India.

    Saharanpur for Woodworks:
    Saharanpur is located in Uttar Pradesh, famous for its wooden handicrafts. They produce wooden handicrafts such as religious idols, furniture, cupboards, tables, trays, artefacts, and wood-carved mirrors. And several miniature wooden toys that include carved key chains, vases, and boxes.

    Gujarat for Textile handicrafts and fabrics:
    Gujarati designs are known for their heavy mirror works and heavy designs. Gujarat is also famous for its bandhani that is considered one of the finest fabrics in the world.

    Assam for Terracotta works:
    The Assamese artisans are renowned for crafting terracotta handicrafts with soil, mud, and clay and are highly focused to produce idols.

    South India for its carvings, sarees, embroidery work:
    Karnataka is notable for Wood Carvings, Stone and Ivory Carvings, and Sandalwood Handicrafts. Kerala is noted for lace garments, embroidery work. Tamil Nadu is identified for Kanjeevaram silk sarees, fine mats, objects made from palm leaves and many more things.

    These handicraft items can also be given as wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, Christmas gifts. These handicrafts make the best anniversary gifts for parents.

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  • Eid ul Fitr Gift Guide: Perfect Presents For Your Loved Ones

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    Eid Mubarak To All Happy Eid-ul-Fitr 2020

    Eid ul Fitr is also termed "Festival of Breaking the fast". Eid ul Fitr is a religious festival celebrated by the Muslims around the globe, that marks the end of the fasting Ramadan month. And Indian handicrafts have always been a good option for gifts when it comes to festival gifts.

    Eid Mubarak


    Eid ul-Fitr was introduced by the Islamic soothsayer Muhammad. According to specific beliefs, these festivities were inaugurated in Medina after the voyage of Prophet Muhammad from Mecca. Anas, a renowned comrade of the Prophet, reported that, when the Prophet came in Medina, he noticed people honouring two precise days in which they amused themselves with entertainment and gaiety. At this, the Prophet mentioned that the Almighty has set two days of celebration alternatively of these for you which are better than these: Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.

    It is considered that Prophet Muhammad got the initial discovery of the Holy Quran through the period of Ramadan. Eid ul Fitr then noted the conclusion of fasting from sunrise to sunset during Ramadan and the commencement of the Shawwal period. Eid ul Fitr is also honoured to pay honour to Allah for granting power and strength throughout the month-long fasting customs.

    How is Eid celebrated?

    1. When does it start?: Traditionally, Eid ul-Fitr commences at sunset on the nightfall of the initial sighting of the crescent moon. If the moon is not seen immediately after the 29th day of the prior lunar month (each because clouds obstruct its view or because the westernmost sky is yet too vivacious when the moon places), then the festival is observed the subsequent day. Eid ul-Fitr is observed for one to three days, depending on the nation. It is prohibited to fast on the Day of Eid, and a particular petition is chosen for this day.

    2. The Eid prayer: The Eid prayer is performed in assemblage in open spaces like fields, society centres, or mosques. No call to prayer is provided for this Eid prayer, and it consists of just two parts of prayer with a changeable number of Takbirs and other prayer factors depending on the category of Islam followed. The Eid prayer is accompanied by the doctrine and then a petition praying for Allah's clemency, forgiveness, calm, and invocations for all existing individuals across the globe. The doctrine also guides Muslims as to the production of customs of Eid, such as the Zakat. The doctrine of Eid carries place after the Eid prayer, unlike Friday prayer which occurs first ere prayer. Some imams believe that attending to the sermon at Eid is voluntary. After the prayers, Muslims revisit their families, associates, and colleagues or hold large collective celebrations in homes, society centres, or leased rooms.

    Countries where Eid is celebrated:

    Eid is generally celebrated around the globe by the Muslims. But the countries listed below have the maximum number of people celebrating:

    1. In the Middle East: Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey.
    2. In Africa: Egypt, Tunisia, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan.
    3. In South Asia: Afghanistan, India, Pakistan.
    4. In Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, and Thailand, Myanmar, the Philippines.
    5. In East Asia: China.
    6. In Europe: Greece and the United Kingdom.
    7. In North America: United States.

    List of gifts that can be exchanged on the day of Eid:

    A few gifts that can be given on the occasion of Eid are listed below. You can find them on eCraftIndia. These can be brought for yourself and can be gifted to others as well.

    Door hangings: Door hangings add to a different look to the house door. It can be hanged on the bedroom door or the passage door too. You can find these in different handcrafted and hand-painted designs. Traditional and crafted door hangings are amongst the best you can have. Door hangings are awesome home decoration items online that you can find at eCraftIndia.

    Mugs: Flaunt your style quotient to your guests with mugs that are handcrafted and hand-painted by our artisans. These mugs have precise designs. These are the best to use when you have guests coming over at home.

    Wall decor items: Wall decor items consists of Dreamcatcher, photo frames, diyas & lanterns, wall hangings, jharokhas, and many more. These wall decor items make it to be the best gifts one can give or even receive. Now those bare walls won't be bare anymore.

    Home accents: Home accents include items that are useful in a household. It consists of a Decorative platter, Utility box, Utility tray, Dry fruit box, and many more.
    Now, even you can buy gift items online sitting at home and at just one click.

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  • The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Mother

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    Happy Mother’s Day 2020

    Mother's are the ones because of whom we exist today. It is always observed that the 2nd Sunday of the month of May is celebrated as Mother's day worldwide. But don't you think Mother's should be celebrated every day of every month and every year? Mothers play an important role in everyone's life.

    Mother’s Day

    The new Mother's Day has been acclimatized into Indian society and is commemorated every year on the following Sunday of May month. Indians do not mark the occasion as a spiritual event but its triumph is often confined to urban areas where the moment has been extensively popularized.

    Why is Mother's day celebrated?

    Mother's Day is a remembrance day glorifying the mothers of our family, the mothership, maternal bonds, and the importance of mothers in our society. It is observed on multiple days in several sections of the globe, most generally in the month of March and May. It complements alike observances that honour family members, such as Father's Day, Siblings Day, Parents Day, and Grandparents Day.

    For many people, Mother's day is a day for countless people to bestow their gratitude and love towards mothers and mother figures global. It is a yearly celebration but is celebrated on diverse dates in the schedule, depending on the nation.

    Though Mother's Day is not a public holiday, it falls on Sunday, the 10th of May of this year. There is one connection in this precarious life that effortlessly procures above all other observed relationships on this Earth. That exceptional connection is none other than that of the mother, which is absolutely invaluable in courses of her infinite love, devotion, and affection towards her family. To recognize the proximity of all mothers throughout the globe, Mother's Day is observed over more than 46 nations of the globe. This is really a unique day for the mothers who are often underestimated in this male-dominated culture.


    The present recognition of Mother's Day originated in the year 1908 when Anna Jarvis established a monument for her mother, Ann Jarvis, a love activist who practiced to care for the injured warriors of the American Civil War. The function was held at the St Andrew's Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia, which even today holds the International Mother's Day Shrine. Anna Jarvis started the duty of accepting assistance for the commemoration of Mother's Day in the United States in 1905 following her mother passing away that identical year. The girl desired to acknowledge all the mothers of the globe who have done a lot for their family and community.

    Due to her constant attempts, most utmost of the US states by 1911 began proclaiming Mother's Day as a provincial celebration and West Virginia, the house state of Jarvis grew as the original land to announce the celebration for the season in the year 1910. Eventually, the following Sunday of May was formally appointed as Mother's Day in the USA and was listed as a national leave after Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the United States of America approved the announcement in the year 1914. In this way, modern Mother's Day evolved into survival in the USA and the very date is also chosen by countries like India, Pakistan, Italy, Bangladesh, Belgium, Singapore, and a lot of numerous additional nations.

    List of gifts that can be given to your Mother:

    Showpieces: Showpieces make it to be the best gifting option as it is something antique. Showpieces at eCraftIndia, consist of animal figurines, buddha idols, god idols, Ganesha idols, and many more.

    Wall hangings: Wall hangings enhances the look of your bare wall. Wall hangings at eCraftIndia consist of Decorative wall hangings that have bizarre and antique and contemporary wall hangings that are rarely found anywhere.

    Kitchen organizers: Kitchen organizers at eCraftIndia are the best to gift if your mom needs one to be changed. It consists of Chopping boards, holders, mugs, German silver products, steel products, and many more.

    Tableware & cutlery: Table cover that can be found in different shapes and materials, spoon set that has unique carvings on it.

    Serveware: Serving tray and tea kettles come under serveware at eCraftIndia. These are essential items that one needs to have in their kitchen.

    Storage items: This includes all the basic and necessary as it consists of spice storage, tissue paper box, salt and pepper storage, and many more.

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