• Why do we Need Photo Frames?

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    We picture everything that makes us happy. Be it people, things or scenes. These pictures give us a sense of contentment that we have such lovely people with us.

    Almost every fifth person nowadays has a professional or semi-professional camera. However, hardly any of them knows to use it to its fullest. The camera is there to give us the ability to click good quality pictures of our loved ones.

    We, humans, cherish photographs. But we do not photograph with the purpose of putting them in an album anymore. We like to put up pictures on the wall and have a good look at them once in a while and give ourselves a little throwback to the time when those pictures were clicked.

    Framing photograph should be a major thing and you should too fill your house with pictures of your loved ones. Ditch those paintings and buy photo frames.

    What pictures can be framed?

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    • You can put up photographs of your parents in a frame. This way, even if you live them, you will feel their presence every time, everywhere.
    • Picture your partner. Be it your wedding pictures, honeymoon photographs or any other special occasion or holiday. Looking back at your pictures will always remind you of how well time was spent.
    • Kids have a special place in our heart and should on the walls too. You can start from the time our kids are born to their school activities, graduation pictures and much more. This way, you can also create a timeline on the wall of their room.
    • Places you have been to also deserve some recognition. Some places leave a forever mark on our hearts. Be it our first trip or some beautiful scenario you had the chance to see, putting a photo frame of it will keep its memories intact.
    • Our furry buddies are no less than family members for us. For some, they are the only family. They surely deserve a special frame on the wall. It can be the first picture of they came to you or your garden trips, pets should have a frame for themselves.

    Anything and everything that makes us happy and has a place in our heart should have a place on the walls. After all, what is our life without the ones worth photographing?

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  • Why Should You Gift Your Brother this Rakhi

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    Raksha Bandhan is being celebrated since times unmemorable. All our remembered generations have been celebrating this pious festival. However, the celebration has changed over the years.

    This special bond is no longer about the sister tying a rakhi on her brother’s wrist in return of the promise to be protected always. Why is it a brother’s responsibility to protect a sister? Why isn’t she herself capable of doing it? Well, we think she is. And it’s not just us who think this way.

    With the change in the mind-set of people, the way festivals are celebrated has changed too. Sisters too wish to surprise and pamper their brothers with gifts and personalized rakhis.

    This beautiful gesture and thought have taken over the world. Everybody everywhere is following it and why not. For all the things your brother does for you deserves recognition and a little token of love.

    This is a perfect way of deepening the bond between you and your brother. Buying him a special, thoughtful gift will add sweetness to your love and care relationship.

    Buying something he likes and indulges into can turn out to be a delightful surprise for him. Gifts such as books, bookshelves, lamps, the watch he has been eyeing for a long time, his favorite cologne or maybe something handmade.

    This is the beauty of gifts, its value is never measured by the cost of it, but by the feelings and thought that went into it. Even a simple rakhi, when bought with love, can be among the most precious gifts for a brother.

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  • Beautifying Homes with Handicraft

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    There used to be a time when each house was painted with flowers, leaves and similar beautiful natural paintings. This can still be found in village homes. But the world took towards the ‘modern’ road, the love for such wall paintings went off-board.

    However, though people do not prefer to paint their walls in such a manner, inclination towards Indian culture and handicrafts has soared.

    Italian tiles, Arabic carpets have made a significant place in the new era homes, but there is still space for Indian handicrafts.

    Keeping in mind how zealously people celebrate Indian festivals such as Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, Ganesh Chaturthi, and Durga Puja, it can be said that people have not forgotten their roots.

    Most handicraft items are sold during such festive times. The exchange of gifts is a common gesture to show value towards the other person.

    Not just for gifting purpose, these festivals see an amazing amount of footfall in market areas. People love to decorate their houses and fill their lives with color.

    Beautiful clocks made of different materials, locally printed bed sheets, cushions and bed covers, a variety of platters for dry fruits are among the items most purchased.

    God idols and paintings with God and Goddess images are also on the most bought list. The reason for such sales of such items is the love people have towards handicrafts.

    However, some people prefer not to go to markets at such times due to the extra rush which leads to more traffic. Longer queues everywhere is also a drawback which makes people avoid going out.

    At such times, it is preferable to resort to online shopping. eCraftIndia is one such website which helps people get all decorative items sitting at home. They provide quality with assurance of the best.

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  • Choosing the Right Gift for Your Loved Ones

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    ‘It’s the thought that counts.’ We have heard this a lot many times before. In today’s world, it is even more relevant, as the world has moved to be a materialistic one.

    Gifting is pretty easy when choosing something for an outsider. There are hundreds of options available in such cases.

    However, it is more difficult to buy a gift for somebody we love. Be it our parents, siblings, grandparents or our partner, thinking of a perfect gift for them becomes a tedious task.

    We wish to give these people all the stars that are out there in the sky, and fill their life with happiness. But we get stuck when buying a gift for them.

    Here are a few tips that will hopefully help you in buying a gift:

    • Make a List:

    Make a list of all the things they love. Their passion, career, likes, everything that gives them happiness should be included. Now in front of each, write a thing that would live up each purpose.

    For instance, if the person is a bibliophile, you can buy them a handicraft bookshelf. This way you give them what they love with added details and colors.


    • Take a look at Past Gifts:

    I wouldn’t want to be gifted the same thing twice by the person. That would indicate they don’t remember anything about us.

    In case you’ve just had a vacation and have captured beautiful pictures there, it would be perfect to gift a picture frame with the picture inside it.

    • Brainstorm their Needs:

    There are always things a person will need. All you have to do is start being a good listener. Giving a person something they need is an amazing way of showing your love towards your loved ones.

    In case you feel that there are a few things needed, you can put together a basket of all such things. Maybe putting together a handicraft bed sheet along with similar style cushions and pillows will make an amazing gift for newly moved-in people.


    • Gift of health:

    Health and happiness are what we wish for them always. So what gift can be better than a dry fruit platter to keep them healthy and glowing.


    • Something that will Remind them of You:

    Gift them something that will always be in front of them. Maybe you could be a little teasing and gift them a clock if they are always late. That way, every time they’ll look at the clock, they’ll be reminded of you.

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  • Handicrafts of India

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    The history of handicrafts in India is as old as the country itself. Not just old, Indian handicrafts are also as diverse as the country.

    India is divided into 29 states spread to the north, south, east, west and central. Each of these states has a different tongue and even more distinct culture and heritage.

    Cultures and heritages come with unique language, clothes, jewelry, and patterns. All these summed together make up for the different handicrafts that we have today.

    The history behind each handicraft item is different and interesting. A very large population of our country is still dependent on making and selling of these handicraft items.

    At eCraftIndia, we work diligently to bring such artisans and weavers in contact with people who understand the importance of our heritage. We do so with the hope of bringing about a positive change in their lives.

    Our portal, eCraftIndia was made with the purpose of helping these people. So many of our countrymen have forgotten the true beauty and talent that lies in the hands of our artisan brothers.

    We have turned to western culture and products while having left behind the ones who we should be appreciating.

    In the past decade, more foreigners have shown interest in the Indian handicraft than Indians themselves. But with the help of eCraftIndia, we aspire to bring these handicraft products to each and every household.

    Our collection includes all products necessary for a house to look beautiful while at the same time, serving a useful purpose.

    Our products in the ‘décor’ category include handicraft items which will help you make your home look effortlessly beautiful. We bring to you products like God and Goddess idols, Buddha figurines, vases and pots, door hangings, clocks, lamps, lanterns, photo frames, all of which are handcrafted.

    What’s more, is that we also have handcrafted key holders and nameplates.

    Our ‘furnishing’ category will leave you in awe with the superb collection of handicraft bed sheets, pillows, comforters, cushions, and blankets.

    We have platters, utility boxes, jewelry boxes, and German silver products which make the best gifts ever.

    There is a number of bathroom accessories to choose from on our website.

    Our range of clocks and paintings is very famous. We have a different type of clocks and paintings suitable for each room, house, workspace, and kitchen.

    eCraftIndia has come up with a special category under which we provide gift products divided under various categories. We believe that each one us can be made happy with a handicraft item, each of which is made with love, care, and patience.


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