• A guide to buy the perfect paintings for your home online

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    How to choose paintings for your home online? Choosing a can be a question because we all want to flaunt our homes in a different way which will look lavishing every time someone glances at the walls. Here are some important points to take care while you buy paintings online.

    buy paintings online

    Choosing the exact style

    The knowledge gap in your mind about the styles of various painting patterns available to buy paintings online and simultaneously suiting best for the enhancement of your divine home decor theme. Choose what exactly you want to hang and show, on your walls. It can be a theme, spiritual style or a source of positivity and inspiration. It will help you acquire a unique style or pattern of painting you would like the most. Instead of becoming greatly affected by looking at other choices, one should make the right decision your personal choice to buy paintings online.

    buy painting online

    Choose the most fascinating place to hang your paintings

    Patiently look around at every place like walls and empty corners, staircase walls, table tops and bed heads of your rooms to decide where and which shape of the painting is going to look beautiful the most. To buy paintings online, you can select  stick to  or you can prefer the paintings that lean against the walls both of them give  and feel.

    Make sure of a flawless hanging space

    Before you make a decision to buy paintings online, make sure that the place you select is flawless and free cracks or any irregularities in the wall. You can opt for the wall color according to your choosing bright and light colors will do well.

    Make your budget limit

    Having a good idea about the styles and rates of the paintings at other online retailers should also be done as sometimes people often get struck with something less value to money or variety due to lack of price and variety comparison.  Before choosing paintings that are over your budget, choose a fixed size, according to the space you want to cover with your painting. According to the sizes provided in the details section of the painting, go through it very carefully to prevent any kind of mismatch between your expectations and delivery item. 

    Buy what reflects the your choice

    Buy what has affected you deeply, that is, how exactly you want your home to resemble to you and others rather than somebody said you that ‘it is nice’.  While you buy paintings online, you can also choose to light it up or decorating it in a room receiving plenty of natural light. There are also LED fitted paintings with some sound effects available to give your painting a lively feel. You can choose it to frame or decorate it in your room without frame too. Choose everything according to solely your choice.

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  • Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi by Exchanging Ganpati Murti Gifts

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    As the world is moving on to become more progressive, somehow, at the same time, we are becoming more religious too. In the past few years, the zest with which we celebrate festivals has multiplied.

    Also, religious differences tend to have gone down. We celebrate every festival with the same level of enthusiasm and splendour. The next festival we have lined up for the celebration in India in Ganesh Chaturthi.

    This festival is celebrated throughout the country with equal pomp and show. This day marks the birth of Lord Ganesh who is the elephant-headed son of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva.

    Lord Ganesh is the symbol of good fortune, prosperity, and wisdom. He is also worshipped for the attainment of these.

    There is much enthusiasm around this festival, and people bring Lord Ganesh’s idols to their homes and worship it. However, not many are able to do it since it takes a lot of care and dedication to carry out this task. Hence, some people resort to other ways of bringing Lord Ganesh to their house.

    Since the streets are flooded with people during festive times, people prefer to buy Ganesh murti online in India. We have curated a list of the best places where you will find the best products and Ganesh murti online in India.

     1) Lord Ganesha Writing Book

    Made of kadam wood, this multi-coloured Ganesha figurine comes along a wooden chowki. This beautiful idol of Lord Ganesha writing a book can be placed in your shrine or any corner of your house.

    Let Lord Ganesha write good fortune for you in his books.

    Lord Ganesha Writing Book

    The items beyond this point are for people who desperately wish to bring Lord Ganesha to their house but are unable to do it. The following things will bring Lord Ganesh’s blessings to your home.

    2) Lord Ganesha Laminated Golden Foil

    These frames are incredibly lightweight as they do not have a glass, which also makes them more durable. This laminated golden foil painting can be a perfect gift as the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi comes closer

    Lord Ganesha Laminated Golden Foil

    3) Lord Ganesha Showpiece with Chatri

    This adorable Lord Ganesha is one of the best Ganesh murti online in India. It is a perfect fit for car dashboard, office desk, computer table, and home temple as its size makes it ideal for every place.

    Lord Ganesha Showpiece with Chatri

    4) Brass Dancing Ganesha Hanging Diya

    We all wish for ourselves to be surrounded by the presence of God. This brass dancing Ganesha hanging diya is the perfect item to fulfil your wish to bring Lord Ganesha while adding life to your house. It also works as an impeccable piece of embellishment for the modern home.

    5) Decorative Lord Ganesha Showpiece

    This piece can make for the perfect gifting item. Brilliant material, beautiful colours, and amazingly stylish, this Lord Ganesha showpiece will add positivity to your house with style.

    Decorative Lord Ganesha Showpiece

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  • Why Everyone Needs a Jaipuri Razai in Their Life

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    It goes without saying that most people have a clear preference for the colder months of the year. The months of November, December, January, and February are loved by people who prefer to snuggle up in their cosy bed with a warm mug of coffee or tea and read themselves a book. The very thought of it makes people want to dive into the cosiness of their warm blankets.

    India is one country that enjoys warm and sunny summers and an equally cold and chilly winters. While there are mountain tops in this country that are covered with snow around the year, cities such as Mumbai hardly witness any winters. Thus, as you move from north of this country to south and east to west, you are bound to witness vivid climactic transformations.

    One state of India that is super-hot in summers and freezing cold in winters in Rajasthan. The history, culture, and traditions of this state are a little varied from that of its bordering and contemporaries.

    People of Rajasthan have always lived the nomadic life. They travelled from one place to another seeking work, food, and shelter. Since a lot of this state is covered with sand, the state turns into a living freezer at the night. Sand has this tendency of heating up fast, which is why the days are super-hot, and cooling rapidly making the nights super-cold.

    Thus, there arose the need for light carriables. Clothes were anyhow scarce and food was always sought after on the go. Thus, the only thing that was needed to go lighter was their protectors such as quilts and duvets. Thus, marked the emergence of the world renowned Jaipuri Razai or Quilts.

    The term Jaipuri Razai is made of two words ‘Jaipuri’ meaning ‘something that belongs to Jaipur and ‘Razai’ that means quilts in Hindi. These Jaipuri Razais are famous all over the world for their warmth and comfort.


    What makes these Jaipuri Razais different from normal Razais or quilts?

    This one question has at least once sprung into the minds of the people who intend to buy Jaipur Razai. For people who belong to Jaipur already know the answer to this question, it is mostly the outsiders who ask this question.

    Well, you do not have to go any further to know the answer.

    The difference between the two is minor, and yet it makes all the difference between the two.

    While normal Razais or quilts are filled with either duck feather, polyfill, cotton, polyester or a mix of cotton and polyfill. However, Jaipuri Razais are filled with fine cotton. Basically 1 kg of cotton is refined till the point it becomes light enough to weight only 100gms. This process is known as carding.


    What are the features of Jaipuri Razai?

    Jaipuri Razai, as we have already said, is loved by people from all over the world. Many Indian textile producers directly export their products to all major countries of the world. Many Indians who have their families living in other parts of the world send these Razais there.

    Here are some of the features of a Jaipuri Razai and will give you all the more reasons as to why everyone needs a Jaipuri Razai in their life.


    1. Hand Blocked Printed Razais:

    Hand blocking is one of the specialities of Jaipuri Razais. This is probably what makes them so different from all of its contemporaries. Superbly lightweight, ultimately soft, and to add onto these, hand blocked with mesmerising designs and colours.

    Hand blocking is a centuries old technique used in Rajasthan. Wooden blocks are cut out in multiple shapes and unique designs are carved onto them. Then these blocks are dipped in colour and pressed onto the cloth repeatedly.

     Jaipur razai

    1. Reversible:

    Why buy two when you can get a quilt that acts as two? Many Jaipuri Razais are reversible. Hence, when you turn the side around you will encounter a completely new pattern, design, and colour. Thus, benefits of two. So now when you get bored with seeing the same quilt or if it is not going with your bed cover, just flip it over.

    Also, since the stitching is dual sided, the durability increases.


    1. Vibrant Motifs:

    When you bring a Jaipuri Razai you don’t just buy a quilt, you bring in colours, designs, patterns, and hard work of so many artisans. The colours used by these artisans are mostly natural colours that have been extracted from flowers, leaves, and peels of fruits and vegetables.

    The patterns you see are the product of creativity of minds of these artisans who have been practicing the art of making Jaipuri Razais since decades.

    The designs and embroidery you find on these quilts are also unique. There are various kinds of prints that Rae famous and sought after when it comes to Jaipuri Razai. People are always searching for the best ones. The most sought after prints are:

    • Sanganeri print design – this print mostly has flower prints on a white or light background
    • Jaipur Mughal print / Mughlai print – as the name suggests, Mughal prints have been famous since the Mughal era and use distinctive hues and designs
    • Jaipuri print – Jaipuri prints are basically dominated by multicolour patterns with prints that are mostly centred on leaves and animals such as elephants, horses, and camels.


    1. Super soft and cosy:

    The one thing people from all over the world are so fond of Jaipuri Razai is because of its utter softness. Jaipuri quilts are super soft and cosy.

    The cloth used to make the outer cover of the quilt is soft, giving people a good night’s sleep.


    1. Ultra lightweight:

    Well, it is no surprise that being ultra-lightweight is one of Jaipuri Razai’s most sought after feature. As already mentioned, being lightweight is what a Jaipuri quilt different from other normal quilts.

    But these quilts are not juts lightweight, they are also super warm in spite of the shallowness of the weight. They are made to keep off the cold nights at bay even with the minimalistic weight.


    Wrapping Up

    Well is it pretty clear that everyone needs a Jaipuri Razai in their life for the sheer bliss of having a chance at enjoying winters without being burdened by the weight of the heavy quilts that suffocate you.

    To truly enjoy the cold weather, buying a Jaipuri Razai would prove to be the best idea.

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  • How to Choose Paintings According to Rooms

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    Art is a form of self-expression. We have evidences to prove the art has been used by people of all civilizations and centuries since the beginning of times. Be it the caves of the cavemen or ruins of The Indus Valley civilization, the oldest known civilization of the Indian subcontinent, art has been a recurring and prominent aspect.

    Art has been all prevalent, especially in the form of paintings. Over the course of centuries, whole of the world has witnessed a major shift. From religious upheavals to political transformations and scientific and technological advancements, the face of the world is no longer what it used to be.

    Everything that happens around or within us become a muse for those who use art as a means of escape. Even people who themselves do not paint resort to the medium of paintings to express themselves.

    Every place you go to, you will find paintings hung on the wall or kept in a corner, on a table or on the floor. Each paintings has a different story to tell. Each hue, each texture and stroke is a result of something extraordinary and invokes various different feelings.

    In fact there is no need to go any farther than your own house. We are sure that there must be at least one painting in your house, if not multiple.

    Well, the thing with paintings is that they add life to your room. The colours and the depiction are sometimes the best thing that could be used to further enhance your theme or idea surrounding the room. In fact, paintings can help you remind yourself better of your goals and dreams. They have the power to bring god luck, blessings, and love.

    The right kind of painting will help you uplift yourself by adding shades of happiness to life. With this post, you will be able to decide how to choose paintings according to rooms so as to derive its maximum impact on your life.


    1. Drawing Room

    Your home’s drawing room is the first place which you come in contact with when you enter your house. Similarly, anyone who comes to your house is first greeted by your drawing room and if the guest is a formal one, they tend to sit in there itself. Thus, drawing rooms hold a special position when it comes to rooms of a house.

    This place should showcase a painting that is extravagant and embedded with beautiful hues. Running horses are said to have a positive impact. They bring in luck, charm, happiness, and money. You can choose one from various shades and textures in which they are available these days.

    buy paintings Online

    2. Living Room

    As the name suggests, living room is that part of the house where you spend the most time of your waking hours. It is like a small family space which sees all the laughter and playing.

    When it comes to living room, a painting that depicts continuity should be preferred. After all, you want the love, happiness, and good times to stay in your home forever.

    Thus, a painting of a waterfall will prove to be the best. Waterfall is the perfect illustration of continuity, blooming new life, and giving a definite rotational characteristic.

    Living Room paintings

    3.Dining Room

    Surrounded by big buildings and traffic and pollution, this city life is taking a toll. Our lives are busy and we hardly ever get to live away from the hustle bustle of the city. Hectic schedules, office work, ever increasing traffic and pollution, and the continuous cycle has left has craving for the countryside where peace still prevails.

    Start your mornings with good and positive thoughts and the best way to do it is by hanging this beautiful scenery showcasing lush green trees and shrubs, a clear blue sky, mesmerising flowers, and ducks, a perfect balance of mother nature every morning.

    Dining Room Paintings


    Your first and last moments of your day are spent in your bedroom. This place is what you go to for solace. Your bedroom is the one place which can actually and truly depict your likes and thoughts, especially if you live in a joint family.

    Nature plays an important role in our life. Especially in today’s world, when we are so surrounded by technology that we hardly get to spend any time in nature’s lap.

    This painting with a couple of strands of flowers is subtle yet powerful. Not exactly prominent in shades, the painting has a cooling effect to it due to its minimalistic nature. However, when you look closely, you will see naturist shades lingering at the edges of the flowers, making a powerful statement.

    Bedroom Paintings


    Kitchen is said to be the central point of your home. When it comes to decorating a kitchen, most people only make use of fancy cabinets and latest backsplashes. But what most people forget are paintings.

    Unlike other parts of the house, you are very unlikely to come across a house that has a painting hung in the kitchen.

    Most people like to start their mornings with cup of freshly brewed coffee. If you too fall in the same category, then this painting of coffee beans and brewed coffee will be loved by you and your kitchen.

    Kitchen paintings

    6.Kids Room

    Kids are innocent little creatures who fill our lives with happiness. They have the sheer power to bring a smile to our face even after we have had the worst day possible.

    The one thing that kids are intrigued by are animals. Kids gets mesmerized by the sight of huge and small animals alike. Keeping this in mind, what could be better to hang in their room than a painting full of animals?

    This painting shows animals, not exactly in their natural state, but made to look child-like. This will give your kids a chance to enjoy the proximity without being scared.

    Kids room paintings

    7.Prayer Room

    While we are all taught about the omnipresent nature of God and also that he resides within us as well, there still are rooms in our house dedicated to God. Termed as prayer rooms, these rooms have a purpose of themselves to offer.

    Just like any other room of the house, it is also important to have paintings in your prayer room. Since the whole room is dedicated to offering prayers, walls can too be a part of it.

    Prayer room paintings

    8.Meditation Room

    Meditation helps us maintain a balance between our internal and external happenings. Yoga and meditation improves our mental wellbeing, enhance focus, increase concentration power, and works wonders for our spiritual and emotional turmoil. Since Lord Buddha is one related to mediation, what could be better than to have his painting hung in your meditation corner.

    Meditation Room paintings

    9.Study Room

    Study rooms hold a high position in every household. This room is where the knowledge flows through.

    Since Goddess Saraswati is known as the goddess of knowledge, it is advised to have a painting of her in the study room. It is said that her presence endows her blessings on the one who is trying to attain knowledge. Thus, promoting knowledge, prosperity, health, and wisdom.

    Study room paintings

    10. Music Room

    If you are devoted music artist who practices music at home and have a room where you sit and practice, then maybe setting the mood would be a good idea.

    Sometimes true inspiration comes when the setting is totally dedicated to what you are learning.

    Music Room

    11. Dance Room

    If you are a dancer yourself and practice, or you are a teacher and take dance lessons in your house, then a painting to match the whole vibe becomes essential.

    This set of three abstract paintings depicting dancing ladies is a perfect way to keep yourself focused on what you need to do.

    Dancing Room


    12. To-Be Mother’s Room

    While it is pretty obvious that to-be mothers do no sleep in a separate room, their regular room does need a little different painting than a normal bedroom. It is said that what you eat, speak, and watch, you child moulds according to it.

    Hence, what better a painting for your room could be than a painting of this cute little child while looks ready to be smitten by our kisses. Waking up every day to see the face of this cute baby will make yours just as cute and charming.

    Mother room paintings

    13.Newly Wed Couples Bed Room

    If you are a newlywed couple or you know a newlywed couple, than you should consider hanging a painting of swans in it.

    Swans are known as symbols of love and togetherness. Having them in your room will also shower you with blessings for a long and happy marriage together.

    New wed couple paintings

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  • Indian Handicraft - A Perfect Combination of Traditions, Beauty, and Hard Work

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    India has been always famous for its hand crafted items. Every state and Union Territory of our country is famous for some kind of handicraft. Some parts are even famous for more than one.

    Indian handicrafts depict a perfect combination of traditions, beauty & hard work. Over the years, these artisans have perfected the art of making handicrafts and have been passing that art down the generations.

    Each type of handicraft is backed by a whole era of culture and traditions, which one cannot simply know by looking at the art but have to go into an in-depth study to be even able to get a hint of it.

    In this article, we will see a brief on some of the most loved and widely appreciated kinds of handicrafts. Whether you are an Indian or a foreigner, everybody likes to collect these as souvenirs whenever they visit a different place.


     1) Wooden Handicrafts


    There probably isn’t any other material like wood. Almost everything can be made with wood as its raw material. Pieces made from wood also make excellent handicraft gift items.

    Wood is used to make various kinds of simply carved gift items, carved and painted pieces, or stone studded show pieces. Wood is used to make every thinkable handicraft gift item and show pieces.


    2) Marble


    Marble has been used to make handicrafts since centuries. Shrines, animal figurines, paintings, stationary, clocks, vases, and pots are some of the most common handicraft items that are crafted from marble.

    Today, with the advancement in technology and machinery, marble can be transformed into almost anything. Kishangarh in Rajasthan is the biggest marble market in the whole Asia.


    3) Brass


    Brass is an exceptionally sturdy, yellowish golden material which has been used to make handicrafts since times unknown. Brass is famous for its strength and durability, making it a perfect choice for any item that one wants to last long.

    Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh is known as Pital Nagri or the Brass City. God idols and animal figurines are the most famous handicraft gift items that this city has to offer.




    Meenakari is a Persian art that was brought by the Persians to Varanasi during the Mughal era in the early 17th century. Meenakari is the art of coloring the surface of metal by infusing bright colors for an added appeal.

    Today, jewelry, jewelry boxes, utensils, stationary holders, and paintings are some of the most widely sold meenakari handicraft gift items which are loved by Indians and foreigners alike.


    6) Jaipuri Prints


    Jaipur is the land of the royals and everything here droops it. Jaipur is famous for many things and one of them are the Jaipuri prints. Hand blocking has been practiced in Jaipur since centuries and continues till date.

    Cloth printed with such designs is used in the making of sarees, bed sheets, quilts, jackets, and kurtas.

    Just like our country’s tagline says – Incredible India – we truly are incredible. Every corner of this country has a hidden treasure of culture, traditions, and values that it wishes to carry forward to its future generations.

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