• Amazing Gifts for Your Amazing Sister

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    The bond shared between siblings is amazing and beautiful. A sibling is your forever best friend, which you didn’t actually get to choose, but somehow ended up getting the best one.

    We know you love you sister way than anyone could even imagine. She is your secret keeper and protects you from your parents’ scolding every single time. She is the one who covers your back when you get late and keeps the last piece of chocolate for you.

    To celebrate this love of sister, you don’t really need any occasion. There is no special time to tell your sister how much you love her or what she means to you. All you have to do is say those words and give her little tokens of appreciation every now and then. Trust us, she’ll love it.

    Here are some fun, frolic, and useful gifts for which you sister will love you more:



    Let’s start with something as beautiful as you sister – a handcrafted peacock wall clock. If your sister loves to have colorful and mesmerizing things around her, then she will surely love your gift.


    What could be a better gift than the gift of good luck? We all are aware of how Laughing Buddha is said to bring luck, happiness, and money in abundance with him. All these abundances get amplified when someone gets Laughing Buddha as a gift.


     It’s time to remind your sister of the power that she has inside her and what could be better than a metal wall hanging of Goddess Durga.



    If your sister is a hoarder and likes to have dozens of small things in front of her eyes, then you should gift her this hexagonal multi utility wall shelf. This way, she can load a few little quirky things on the wall as per her likes.



    One super useful gift you can gift your sister is this pink floral printed AC blanket. The texture I super soft, the hues are beautiful, the print is soothing to look at, and what’s better is that it is reversible.



    Are you looking for a gift that can perfectly describe the love-hate relationship you share with your sister? If yes, then look no more because we have the right kind of gift for you to give to your sister. This wall clock that depicts siblings pillow fighting and impeccable description for your feelings ‘you are the only enemy that I cannot live without.’



    Is your sister a fan of books and stationary too? We give you a chance to make your sister super happy by gifting her the pen stand of her dreams, or better, a pen stand she couldn’t even think existed.

    The behind the pen stand is impeccable and will truly give you the feeling of real books when seen from a distance.


    We all have hectic schedules and a living lives that are constantly on a run. Sometimes, all we need is a little bit of self-time to relax and calm our nerves.

    The sound of water is said to have therapeutic ability. It calms our running mind and puts it at peace for some time. The colour white brings peace and space adding to the easiness felt by the sound of running water.

    This premium decorative water fountain is a flawless combination of two things that help us relax and live a stress free life.


    We all are obsessed with our phones. These little devices have all our personal and professional information. Imagine a day without internet connection and I think the battery of our phone would last a few days.

    But with the amount of time we spend on our phones today, it doesn’t last long and we have to charge it often. Gift your sister this textured sheep mobile phone charging holder that will keep her phone safe from scratches while it is being charged.


    Our world is driven by music and if your sister is one of those people who grooves to the sound of music too often, then you should gift her this own shaped earphones organizer.

    It is everything your sister will fall in love with. Amazing bright shades, cute design, and lovely texture.


    A dream catcher has a lot of significance in some cultures, especially African. A dream catcher is said to have the power of capturing bad dreams and barring them from coming to us again.

    Multiple variations of dream catchers can be found now a days in the market. This one we are nudging you to gift to your sister has the tree of life.

    The meaning behind the tree of life can be found in the Bible, where it was the tree that gave eternal life. This means, when you gift this tree of life dream catcher to your sister, you want her to be free from bad dreams and have a healthy and long life.


    Having talked about auditory measures of therapy, let’s get onto aromatherapy that works through olfactory senses.

    Have you ever wondered how some resorts and hotels smell so good? We have demystified the answer. It is this aroma burner that relaxes your body and mind. Now, you can bring it home and help your sister relax and de-stress.


    Is your sister the kind of person who loves to light candles without any special occasion? If the answer to it is yes, then there is no better gift than this set of 2 golden monks’ tea light holder.

    The monks are super cute to look at. One is in a sitting position while the other seems to be more relaxed. This is surely going to put a smile on your sister’s face.

    Remember, there is not perfect time or date to show your loved ones how much you love them. All it takes is something that reminds you of them and you go and grab it to gift to your precious ones.

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  • Why are Handicrafts important as gifts for loved ones?

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    1. The first and foremost thing which places Handicrafts well above manufactured products is that you won't find it anywhere else in the whole wide world. The newer generations are full of artificial goods and this has increased drastically the value of Handicrafts as gifts and is in huge trends in current market.

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    1. You can customize what you want from handmade gift. Imagination is the key and it's near to impossible to obtain the exact figure of your eccentric masterpiece you've drawn inside your mind but with Handicrafts it's more than possible.


    1. Handicrafts are those unexpected gifts which will never ever go out of trend. Today's generation is well aware of all the technologically advanced stuff which makes them every easier to predict your next gift but with brain drawn imaginations, it's not very likely to guess what there in store for your loved ones.


    1. Cost of handmade crafts is lesser as compared to any fancy item gifted to your near and dear ones because the materials used in Handmade items are way cheaper than the regular items artificially made in the markets. Therefore in an era of astute financial breakdown, save money and live life king sized and even better.


    1. These are not something which can be used and thrown, but the recipient of these gifts will always cherish the moment you gave them the gift and it will always be preserved for a lifetime, making you an irreplaceable person even when you're away from them.

    That feeling of accomplishment when someone opens it and sees something very personal to the two of you will work wonders in keeping your relationship intact, be it your brother, your mom, your dad, your sister, your girlfriend or anybody you think deserves your gift so neat and tidy, a gift they will treasure all their life.

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  • Karwa Chauth

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    Since the onset of the month of Kartik, on the fourth day of the waning moon, Karwa Chauth is celebrated with exuberance and immense enthusiasm within all parts especially in North India. Women adorn themselves with ecstatic jewelleries and keep a day long fast from the morning till night for the well-being of their husbands.



    Karwa Chauth is especially celebrated in parts of Punjab with huge excitement and vigour as the women fast for the whole day for the only bread winner in the family where the men are considered as the all in one and the only one who brings prosperity in the family. However, from the onset of the Bollywood industry, we had seen admirable and resplendent movie scenes which have already taken this festival to a whole new level.



    Women beautify, adorn themselves dressing themselves to be one of the finest ever. The day begins with a special breakfast prepared by the mother-in-law called Sargi before the breaking of the dawn followed by a daylong fast, a special Puja and Paath performed by a group of married and soon to be married women. The fast is opened only after seeing the moon and some special ritual after which they take the first sip of water.



    Punjab has been an avid reason to the world for the exuberant spirit and grand lifestyle. It has been blessed with the best of natural resources that are complete with a fertile land, five rivers, mountains and enough greenery to make it one of the best places to live, Punjab represents opulence and prosperity in its best form. All in all, festivals of Punjab are one of the many reasons our country has achieved greater heights in the tourism industry where lakhs of foreigners hop up to India to celebrate with us the grand cultural heritage that India possesses while having an upper hand enhancing the long lived traditional attire put forward by our ancestors.

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  • Importance of Handicrafts in the life of Indian Artisans

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    Indian old age traditions are on the verge of extinction and one of the only ways it's kept in its ebullient form are the masterpieces built by Indian artisans. The skills which their bare hands possess are no less than a dream becoming reality.

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    They transfer a part of their cultural heritage which India beholds through centuries and an extravagant display of culture, philosophy, rich lifestyle and ancient era moulds the predominant history of India into it's original form.

     Since it's a well known fact that handicraft contains plenty of implicit data which grows every year, aboard with skills. The order and apprentice system has been widely used to transfer skills and data which the artisans make full of use of and create absolutely unique structures which represent the cultural epitome of a particular region.

     Not only are the artisans skilled in their performance of making antiques which are related to the heritage of a particular region but also they can articulate the modern fashion and trends in the modern society which as a result values in being a full fledged complete artist and also not lagging behind in view of various contemporary technologies which have evolved out in the modern era.

     One of the most important factors which helps artisans make their hold in the Indian society is that the work done by them totally relies on manual skills and also they can use recyclable products to make amusing structures which even the highest IQ person would fail to do. They help India become better and better not leaving behind even an inch of the heritage they possess in their priceless hands.

    Artisans have always been one of the most important and comprehensive well-organized back-line master of fascinating heritage and will always continue to prosper in the coming future. The only reason being a people's past always has the power to predict his upcoming future.

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  • Things You Can Do This Diwali to Decor Your Home

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    Since our childhood, the one festival that everybody celebrated with a lot of zest and happiness is Diwali. We all are well aware of the story behind how Diwali came to be celebrated as a festival and the significance that is associated with it. ‘The victory of good over evil’ is what keeps the world going even today.

    It is that time of the year when everybody is all set to buy new clothes, decorate their homes with diyas and lanterns, and go to their friends and relatives’ houses to exchange sweets, gifts, and love.

    1. Decorate your Entrance


    First and foremost, decorate your entrance. The entrance is what will greet your guests before you do and thus, it should be decorated beautifully and in an appealing way. You can make use of fairly lights that go all the way from the main gate to the entrance of your house. Or you can go a bit more traditional and opt for battery or earthen diyas.


    1. Rangoli


    The perfect way to add colors to your house is by making a rangoli. Intricately made patterns on the floor can add such a positive vibe to the house. You can choose to either make one on your own or get a pre-made rangoli pattern from the market and stick it on the floor.

    We, however, prefer handmade rangoli. There are thousands of designs available online and you can choose as per your rangoli making skills.

    These rangoli designs can be made anywhere, given steps do not spoil them. You can either position them at the entrance or inside your house.


    1. Door Hangings


    Talking about entrances, lighting it up is not the only way out. You can make use of door hangings to accentuate the beauty of your entrance. In fact, you can be creative and go for an amalgamation of fairy lights and door hangings.

     Door Hangings

    4.Wall hanging


    You can add some life to your walls by hanging a metal wall hanging. The trend of metal wall hangings seems to be unstoppable.

    These add a subtleness to your house in case you do not like to overwhelm your walls. Also, another perk of metal wall hangings is that they will look well, irrespective of the color scheme of your place.

    Wall hanging


    5.Premium Canvas Painting


    In contrast with metal wall hangings, you can choose to add colors to your wall. Canvas paintings have made a comeback and what a comeback it is.

    They are rocking the world of paintings and people are going crazy over them. Especially, the new trend wherein multiple canvases come together to form one picture.

    Premium Canvas Painting


    6.Smoke Backflow Cone Holder


    We all know the perfect way of impressing God and filling the atmosphere with positivity – incense sticks. The incense sticks no longer have to be lifeless or colorless.

    Bring a smoke backflow incense cone holder to your home and flow away in the blissful fragrance.

    Smoke Backflow Cone Holder


    7.Bright Furnishings


    No matter how much beauty you add to the walls, it will give an incomplete look and feel unless your furnishings are in sync with it.

    You can incorporate fancy cushion covers, change your dining mats, and your bed sheets.

     Bright Furnishings

    8.Fancy Pooja Thali


    All of us give special attention to our home temples when it comes to festivals. We decorate it with flower garlands, lights, and everything possible there is to do.

    You can also re-do the way you pooja thali looks like. Add a little meenakari to it and your festivities start.

     Fancy Pooja Thali

    9.Ganesh Diyas


    How is it even possible to wrap up a post on Diwali without the mention of fancy diyas? There are dozens of different styles of diyas in the market. You can either go for simple diyas, battery operated diyas, solar diyas, or fancy diyas.

    These little changes are enough to revamp your house to give it a full festive look.

     Ganesh Diyas

    10.Dry Fruit & Mouth Freshener Container


    Make your guests go awe with your dry fruit and mouth freshener containers. Diwali is one festival wherein we all go to people’s houses to wish and greet them happiness, luck, and love.

    Also, little servings and snacks become a part of it. Hence, invest in dry fruit and mouth freshener containers that will please your guests.

    Dry Fruit & Mouth Freshener Container


    Each of the product mentioned above will make excellent pieces to beautify your house as well as make the perfect gifts for Diwali that the receiver will love for its beauty and utilization purpose.

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