• Brass handicrafts - An Important Business Option

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    Brass handicrafts 

    The discovery of metal has proved to be a boon for mankind, especially about the usage of metals in our daily lives. According to archeologists and historians, humans have learned to make the use of metals more than 5 million years ago. Metals such as copper, zinc, iron and some of the alloys were used for making different articles such as weapons, containers, coins, pendants, and brass handicrafts. The discovery of brass and other metals has made lives easier and some impossible tasks possible. It can be seen from the historical records that ancient humans were also good at making fine arts like paintings, carvings, and handicrafts. The making of utility objects made of brass and the manufacturing of brass handicrafts has been practiced here from approx. 5 million years ago. India, being one of the largest brass makers globally, stands highest in the making of brass handicrafts worldwide. Therefore, making brass handicraft as a business option is never a bad deal. Taking your business of brass handicrafts to a height of flagship will solely depend on your business tactics of flourishing the brass handicraft industry via your ideas acting as the medium. 

    A trend-old time favorite 

    People worldwide are fond of observing and owning antiques of traditional times, they recognize the tradition of a particular place by the uniqueness they possess in their handicrafts. India has the largest market of brass handicrafts consisting of innumerable brass antiques, utility ware and other objects. Business options incorporating brass handicrafts can be inclusive of the decorative brass handicrafts or utility items. These items can be either made of brass fully or can be a designed pattern embellished on wood or other material objects. The Integration of brass made fine carvings and patterns on the wooden articles or doors/windows/utensils is the most trendy and forever dwelling choice of some people. Making homes resemble the culture and tradition is nowadays a fashion taking a rapid hike these days. People are tilted and fascinated more towards seeing things that are unique in their way. Therefore, shaping up your business of brass handicrafts in a correct way can lead you towards a greater height of success. 

    Perks of tracing feet in the brass handicrafts industry

    Other than just being profitable, the brass handicraft business provides a platform for rural artists and manufacturing people to unveil their talent that was just circumscribed in a small geographical place. In India, people from ancient times are practicing the manufacturing of brass handicrafts as a way of earning their daily wages in various states. Your brass handicraft business strategy should be inclusive of integrating the talent of various states of our country to present the complete variety of brass handicrafts made in India. 

    Varieties of brass handicrafts 

    The plethora of brass handicrafts items comes in the forms of various animal figurines, brass made bells of various sizes, chandeliers, utility wares, statues of gods and goddesses, birds, brass planters, vases, furniture embellished with brass, lanterns, wind chimes, utensils, crockery, decorative candle stands, wall sconces, key holders, photo frames, paperweights, official and royal looking pen stands, multiple varieties of Pooja items such as diyas, stands, idols, etc., bath sets and ashtrays. People are using all these since ages and are willing to upkeep their tradition with the tinge of old times antiques. 

    Different centers for brass handicrafts in India 

    Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Kashmir, etc. are the most prominent centers of small scale industries related to the manufacturing of different varieties of brass arts followed by the artists of various states and places. For e.g. Warangal district of Andhra Pradesh is world-famous for its art of brass handicrafts. In Uttar Pradesh, Varanasi and Mirzapur are the two oldest renowned centers for brass handicrafts. The brass handicrafts of Kashmir are famous all over the world. Other centers of brass handicrafts are Bihar, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana, Udipi, and Mangalore.

    The opportunities for taking brass handicraft business online 

    The models of the brass handicrafts are antique, revised traditional and trendy. Therefore, keeping in mind the higher demands of Indian brass handicrafts worldwide, coordinating digitally with the artists and sellers has made the brass handicraft business reach a different level of hike in the handicrafts industry. The freedom of selecting the highest offering buyer for the craftsmen has emerged out. Bringing people and their talent in front of the world not only in the form of their hand-crafted articles but also revealing their complete identity. Giving people a bright future in this industry and enhancing the overall revenue of the business entity which leads them.   

    The overview of Brass Handicrafts Industry

    Before the industrialization of brass handicrafts and other handicraft items, the handicraft industry was a potential of fiscal privilege for the country. The cottage or small scale industries have always played the role of contributing at a great level in the economy of a developed/developing country. According to the stats, 90% of the industrial products of the world are made in this small scale or cottage industries run by a number less than 100 workmen. The Indian handicrafts industry is known to be the largest employment makers and accounts for a highly momentous stake in the country’s trades. The Indian handicrafts industry inclusive of the brass handicrafts is comprised of more than seven millions of regional crafts-person as well as more than 60 thousand exporters ready to promote regional arts and workmanship in the national and international markets. The major opportunity in making Brass handicrafts - An Important Business Option is the successful and 100% linking of the split buyers and sellers with e-commerce- stated by an expert. 

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  • Effortless Form of Ganesha- Buy Ganesha Idol Online

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    We as Indians are strict believers and followers of Indian mythology, emphasizing gods and goddesses in our daily lives. It has turn out to be the most significant part of a Hindu person’s life. People consider it sacred and pure, and a form of belief in god in their tough times. Amongst many of the gods and goddesses described in Indian mythology, Lord Ganesha holds a special place of sanctity and good luck in people’s life. Before doing or initiating any good work, they consider the idol of Lord Ganesha as a symbol of prosperity and success. Therefore, gifting an idol of Ganesha is always considered to be a very good symbol of love and well-wishing. Buy Ganesha Idol from the online store of “”, where you will find a wide variety of Lord Ganesha idols suitable for gifting.


     Buy Ganesha Idol Online- Effortlessly!

    Gift idols of lord Ganesha individually as well as with goddess Lakshmi are always treasured greatly by the people when they receive it. Not only it spreads the aura of positivity and spirituality in the house, offices, and shops but it brings success, prosperity, and good health. In our country, people consider gifting the idol of Lord Ganesha on various occasions and ceremonies of initiation. Gifting the idol of Lord Ganesha is not just a matter of buying and gifting, there are various categories of Ganesha idols that play different roles according to Indian mythology. You can now buy Ganesha idol online for various categories of trunk orientation and material used for manufacturing because many mythological experts share the significance of material used and the importance of its trunk oriented left, right, and towards the chest. Before you buy the Ganesha idol online, it is important to know about the importance of each category of Lord Ganesha’s idol. This is the right place where you will come to know that for what purpose you should buy a particular category of Lord Ganesha’s idol. 

    Buy Ganesha idol online depending on what kind of ambiance you want to add it in, finding the right posture of lord Ganesha is a task which enhances the purpose of gifting the Lord Ganesha idol to your loved ones. Various postures such as sitting position, dancing position, reclining, etc. Other than choosing the right posture, the orientation of Ganesha’s trunk has importance for keeping it in houses, temples or other places.



    Significance of the trunk direction you should know before you buy Ganesha idol online 

    Based on trunk’s direction, there are three categories of Lord Ganesha’s idol, left sides, right-sided and tilted towards their chest. Each category of Ganesha’s idol has its significance which is necessary to know for us before we think to buy Ganesha Idol Online. 

    Left-sided trunk

    It is the most common style of Ganesha’s trunk position which is available in the market and can be seen in the houses. This is the most preferable and recommended Ganesha idol for gifting as this trunk direction with a sitting posture of lord Ganesha is considered to rest in the home and bring calmness, happiness along with eradication of Vaastu dosh too for the worshippers. 

    Right-sided trunk

    This form of Ganesha’s idol is well-worshipped in temples by priests majorly as it is said that this form of Ganesha carries tremendous energy which needs perfect and strict rituals for worshipping which can never be possible at homes. So, before you decide to buy Ganesha Idol Online, just be careful about the posture and trunk direction that it should be of left-sided and in sitting position. 

    Straight trunk idol

    This form of Ganesha idol has got its trunk as straight, curved from the bottom towards its chest. These are the idols with very special characteristics when compared to the generic form of Lord Ganesha. These kinds of idols are rarely found when you find it in the local market or Buy Ganesha Idol Online.  

    Now, it is not only about the trunk but also about the posture which should be considered before you think to Buy Ganesha Idol Online and gift your loved ones. Basically, there are three kinds of common Ganesha postures carved out in an idol- standing, sitting and dancing.

    Here we will provide you some points to be considered mandatory before you think to buy Ganesha Idol Online. 

    • Select any idol having left-sided trunk position either you buy it from a shop or you buy Ganesha Idol Online.
    • Left-sided trunks are most suitable for homes, shops as well as offices. 
    • Before you buy Ganesha idol online, always choose sitting position of lord Ganesha’s idol as sitting position is considered to remain in your house/workplace and bring success and prosperity. 
    • One should also keep in mind before choosing the right form of Ganesha idol while you buy Ganesha idol online for worshipping is, the idol which is to be worshipped at homes should not exceed its height more than 18 inches. 
    • Do not prefer dancing posture of Lord Ganesha for keeping it in houses or workplaces because these idols are found perfect for gifting it to artists, dancers, and creative people. So, when you opt to buy Ganesha idol online, this can be a good choice for someone who loves creativity and is an artist.
    • Dancing and other postures of Lord Ganesha’s idol such as reclining, resting, etc. can also be selected when you go to buy Ganesha idol online, as these postures look unique and creative when they are going to be used for décor purpose. 
    • Other creative idols made of lord Ganesha such as a baby Ganesha lying on a banyan tree leaf, Ganesha leaning on a pillow on one of its sides, modern art idol of Lord Ganesha, Natarajan Ganesh, Lord Ganesha playing any musical instrument such as Tabla, etc. are ample of creative Ganesha idol options that you will find while you buy Ganesha idol online. Choosing these options can be proved to be very cool and exciting but always remember that these creatively carved pieces of Lord Ganesha’s idol can be kept only for decoration purposes. These kinds of idols should not be kept in Pooja altars.
    • The most important thing which should be noticed whenever you either buy Ganesha idol online or from the local shops is that- be careful that the Ganesha idol you buy is not broken or scratched. Any kind of a damaged idol of gods and goddesses even purchased for worshipping or decoration, should not be broken or damaged even a little. It is believed that worshipping or keeping a broken idol can bring bad luck to your home. If you have any, you can leave it in a source of running water such as rivers or seas as people mainly do this as a symbol of respect and upcycling of the idols. 

    These are some important aspects that you should consider before you buy Ganesha idol online or from the local markets for bringing the correct form of energy into your loved one's life and making your gift prosper their lives. 

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  • Evolution and History of Indian Painting

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    Rome was not built in a day, and nor did the paintings we see today. Everything has a whole lot of evolution behind it and so do Indian paintings. There has been a tremendous shift in Indian paintings. From the themes of the paintings to the source of colour abstraction and the material on which these are painted, everything has gone through an evolution. buy paintings online India

    Though we are still under a rock when it comes to pinning to the exact point of the beginning of mankind, we do have a rough estimate thanks to the archaeological extractions. And the one thing that has been found prominent and persistent throughout the evolution and history of mankind till date are paintings.

    Without further ado, let us get onto the evolution and history of paintings along with nearing mankind.

    Indian Paintings Online


    1. Rock Art

    The oldest known existence of paintings is the rock art in caves. These cave arts have been around for more than 10,000 years and depicted the life of the cavemen. Bhimbetka cave paintings are an example.

    1. Murals

    Just as history repeats itself, murals seem to have made a comeback too. Murals are paintings made directly on the wall or ceiling rather than being hanged.

    Talking about the history of murals, we can see its traces as early as 2nd century BC and have continued till the 10th century AD. Over 20 locations all over India boast of this art form and are mainly rock-cut chambers and natural caves.

    Ajanta and Ellora caves, Ravan Chhaya Rock Shelter, Armamalai Cave, Sittanavasal Cave, and Bagh Cave are the clear depicters of the evolution and history of murals.

    Mainly religious themes of Jainism, Hinduism, and Buddhism have been depicted through these murals.


    1. Eastern Indian Painting

    The 10th century East India saw the development of miniature painting that depicted Buddhist divinities as well as scenes from the life and journey of Lord Buddha.

    These are called miniature paintings because they have been painted on palm tree leaves (around 2.25 – 3 inches) and their wooden base. Though the styles diminished from our country by the end of 12th century AD, we still have some valued possessions depicted this art from such as Kalachakra Tantra, Karandavyuha, Pancharaksa, and Astasahasrika Prajnaparamita.

    1. Western Indian Painting

    Similar to Eastern Indian Paintings, Western India also saw the rise of the Miniature paintings. These paintings are full of vivid colours which were manually derived from fruits, vegetables, indigo, conch shells, and precious and semi-precious metals. These paintings create an awe among its viewers because of their intricate brushwork.

    However, while miniature art disappeared from East India in the 12th century AD, it came to Western Himalayas around the 17th century AD.

    Most of these paintings are in sync with Indian manuscripts, Sanskrit and folk literature, and mythological scripts.

    Earlier painted on palm tree leaves called ‘Taadpatra’, they gradually shifted to paper. The most common features are side faced humans, big eyes, sharp nose, long hair, traditional outfits, Lord Krishna as blue and rest humans as white or brown, and depiction of nature.

    The most well-known painter of Western Indian Paintings is Vaachhak.


    1. Mughal Period

    Mughal period saw the rise of incredible painters, paintings, and painting styles. Mughal paintings have a unique blend of Persian, Islamic, and Indian styles. Between the 16th and 19th century, the Mughal Empire paved the way for painters and other fine artists to bloom.

    Influenced by Persian Miniature paintings, Mughal paintings inspired Deccan, Pahari, and Rajput styles of painting.

    Mughals wanted the world to remember them and thus took their artists to all the expeditions, hunts, missions, marriages, religious tours, and even Durban meetings.

    Mughal paintings came to an end with the reign of Aurangzeb, who has no liking for any sort of fine arts.

    1. Deccan, Jaunpur, and Malwa Schools of Painting

    16th century saw the rise of a few more styles of paintings such as manuscript illustration, Lodi Khuladar, as well as miniature style. Tariff-i-Hussain Shahi is the earliest surviving paintings found as manuscript illustrations.

    Similarly, the manuscript of Nujum-ul-Ulum has about 400 Indian miniature paintings depicted in it.

    1. Rajput Painting

    The 18th century saw the rise of another style of painting called Rajput Painting in the royal courts of Rajputana. Though each Rajput kingdom had a distinct style, some similar and consistent features can be found throughout. For instance, the depiction of Ramayana, Mahabharata, Lord Krishna’s life instances, humans, and extravagant landscapes.

    Though you will find the maximum paintings to be miniature, murals have also been found running through the palaces, Havelis, and inner chambers of the royalty.

    1. Mysore Painting

    Hindu mythology is the central theme of this South Indian form of painting – Mysore painting. Even now, people give Mysore paintings as gifts to one another during the festive time.

    1. Tanjore Painting

    The entire South Indian town of Tanjore in Tamil Nadu is said to be the native of Tanjore painting. Tanjore paintings have been in existence since the 9th century AD when Chola rulers dominated that part of the country.

    The themes are mainly related to Hindu mythology consisting of bright colours and special attention to details.

    1. Pahari Painting

    From Jammu to Almora and Garhwal, through Himachal Pradesh, Pahari Painting flourished from 17th century to 19th century AD.

    1. Madhubani Painting

    The Mithila region of Bihar practised and aced a painting style which they called Madhubani painting. The major themes were Hindu mythology along with scenes of social events such as marriages and scenes of the royal court.

    These paintings do not leave any black room on the canvas as everything is filled with flowers, leaves, animals, birds, and other intricate and geometric designs.


    1. Early Modern Indian Painting

    India finally saw the face of formal art schools – Government College of Fine Arts, Madras in 1850, Government College of Art & Craft, Calcutta in 1854, and Sir J.J. School of Art, Bombay in 1857.

    Raja Ravi Varma is considered to be the pioneer of modern Indian paintings due to his extensive use of easel painting and oil paints. Though he drew on Western traditions, his subjects were mostly Indian mythological such as Hindu deities as well as episodes from the Puranas and Epics.

    1. Bengal School of Art

    During the British Raj in India during the early 20th century, an influential style of art called Bengal School of art flourished. The main reason for the flaming of this art was to step against the academic arts promoted by the British art schools and Raja Ravi Varma.

    Bengal school of art was associated with Indian Nationalism.


    After Independence, India saw the rise of many art schools throughout the country. These art schools were well equipped with advanced tools and trending technology which gave Indians a chance to showcase their talent with the aid of the latest findings.

    As for contemporary art, abstract art is the new go-to for artists in India. However, the painting industry has so many varied names and styles, that it is almost impossible to point to one style Indians call their own.

    Today, we are living in a country where taking inspiration from the gone era is as important as coming up with new and latest ideas. 

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  • The Indian Handicraft Industry: A Revolutionary Trend

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    Before you decide to buy Indian handicrafts online, make sure that you are aware of this prestigious inheritance of tradition and culture. Apart from buying gifts based on modern techniques and machine built articles, buy Indian handicrafts online as a form of prosperity and remembrance of the culture. Our Indian handicrafts being one of the oldest traditions of the world have left the world behind when it comes to the popularity and elegance of the handcrafted antiques. The Indian handicraft goes back to the ancient and oldest Indus valley civilization, which comes just after the Mesopotamia in Egypt. The handicraft industry of India evolved during the medieval period and flourished in the country until the British came to India. Before then, every usable article or gift items were made by hand and there was the evolution of the cottage industry as a small scale industry. As there was an increased number of large scale industries and urbanization in machine industries, people have adopted the machine-made goods and preferred it the most. The machine-made goods can give them a large number of products with eye-catching attention which made a downfall of the cottage industries after the British arrived. Now, since we have got independence, we have a chance to flourish our tradition and culture once more and provide the hard-working artists and workmen a smile and relief of happiness.

     Nowadays, we get a variety of chances and options to buy Indian handicrafts online. The handmade items that were famous and were in demand that time seem to emerge out today. Items made of metal and wood, block printed and hand-printed clothes, hand-crafted embroidered shawls, and clothes, famous zari or zardozi work textiles from Surat (Gujarat), jewelry made of wax and metals, pots and paintings, products made of jute, marble or bronze idols, products made of different variety of leather and many more. People prefer to buy Indian handicrafts online the most in the place of pursuing roam and shop strategy. 

     Each variety of handmade products can be found online under the search term- buy Indian handicrafts online. The people of India have indulged in the better sunrise of the Indian handicrafts market once again after digitalization has evolved. At you will also find a variety of Indian handicraft markets to buy Indian handicrafts online. Talking about the category of Indian handicraft available online, nothing is left! This means, there’s nothing which we can’t get or buy in the category of Indian handicrafts whenever you think to buy Indian handicrafts online. India was and is the major producer and supplier of the Indian handicrafts overseas and inter-state boundaries. These handicraft industries were the major source of the economy of our country until the few past decades. 

     Today, people of our country are more concentrated on revitalizing the old tradition and cultural beauty of our country. They have started buying hand-made items at a great rate for living life which seems close to their tradition. To buy Indian handicrafts, nowadays apart from the local markets of the rural and urban areas, the online availability of Indian handicrafts is enhanced to a great extent. Today, in this digital era, e-commerce websites and the internet have emerged out to be the most promising distribution of Indian handicrafts worldwide. 

     If you ever think to buy Indian handicrafts online but aren’t getting enough time so that you can look at every possible variety available, preferring to buy Indian handicrafts online is the clever step. At, you get ample of options in handicrafts category section to explore. The Indian handicraft market is now no longer restricted to just street shops and rural places. Many people are fond of using and showcasing handicraft items and antiques in their homes but sometimes left with no time to shop satisfactorily. E-commerce websites selling Indian handicrafts online are taking up the Indian art to reach the house of many in just a single click.  

     Coming to the options when you opt to buy Indian handicrafts online, are not less than you think. Every corner of your house can be utilized with hand-made utility articles or handcrafted showcasing antiques that just gives a wow look. Similarly, bangles, ear-rings or neck-pieces are also available handmade. Apart from our own choice to buy Indian handicrafts online, people at a huge number, also prefer to buy Indian handicrafts online for presenting as a gift to their loved ones. The varieties of hand-made goods and utility articles that were in existence in ancient times are also available in the Indian handicrafts market online. Wooden or metal sculptures, toys, antiques, wall décor items, etc. are available directly from the people who made them at the online retailing websites. A trend of using the traditional pattern of utensils in the houses has also emerged out today, knowing about the beneficial aspects of copper utensils for health. These copper-plated utensils and other domestic items can also be included as a gift for your loved ones.

    Buy Indian handicrafts online, at with a great variety in traditional and regional art, you can opt to buy paintings of Mughal miniature and kangra form. The paintings which kings and emperors used to hang inside their monuments are still not losing their worth and bought worldwide to a great extent. Every antique is an artwork done from the passionate obsession with art-making and creativity. 

     There is a hike in the demand to buy Indian handicrafts online and in some other developed countries such as America, China, Germany, etc. People from far away countries prefer to buy Indian handicrafts online from various handicrafts retailing websites. Gifting your relatives and friends a token of your precious culture will definitely overwhelm them with a feeling of the originality of the existence of their tradition. You can prefer to buy Indian handicrafts online with the faith of getting authenticity in the hand-made articles with the touch of Indian traditional culture on a single click. 

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  • Top Ideas for choosing Unique Gift Items from the online store

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    The trend of buying gift items online

    Gift your loved ones the most admired gift in a few clicks by finding the perfect website for those special gifts. Nowadays, a vast option in numerous categories of gift items is available when you go searching for it on Google. But the thing is that how you are going to make your shopping for gift items online a value for money and satisfaction? Don’t worry; you are now no more stuck in a dilemma - what to buy and what not to? Fear of buying a thing that is available in the market for a cost less than what is available online. Now, how you are going to decide which gift is the one that you are going to buy? 


    Whenever you go for buying a gift from a gift shop, you are satisfied with the fact that the things which you can touch and feel are the ones which will satisfy you. These days, the perception has changed due to the advancement of many e-commerce websites. Due to an extreme level of competition in the market, there has been an improvement in the quality of gift items online available at different retailing websites. A competitive price is quoted on various online gift stores. Here we are providing some tips for you before buying gift items online so that the gift items you buy are unique & purchased at a fair price.

    Exploring the varieties of unique gift items online

    Choosing for the right gift items online according to your preference can be made easy if you know the age and the gender of the person for whom the gift is to be bought. If you look for buying gift items online, when your friend or relative has everything which he/she requires, opting for hand-made unique gift items, is a trendy and unique idea.

    Choosing a customized variety of gifts

    When we think of buying a gift for someone, we have a feeling of buying the best gift one can receive in his/her own life. Gifting someone thing which they require the most is no doubt a very great idea but when we can’t have an option in deciding the thing which someone requires the most, we can have one great idea. The idea is, buying customized gift items online. These customized gift items are the most admired and loved gifts by all. The customization can be done in the form of printing or writing a name/designation on any object as a gift item such as a pen, a nameplate for the house/office, a pen stand, and a diary customized with a person’s designation and name. This customization of name or photos can be made on a mug or a t-shirt.

    Handicraft gift items online

    In the era of machine-made goods, hand-made variety of goods hold a very good place in the hearts of the people. A handmade gift holds feelings as well as being a gift item for someone. In the category of handmade gift items available online, you have a variety of options to look at. Handmade unique gifts are available nowadays in wide variety such as spiritual items- Ganesha idols, laughing Buddha and many more. Handmade wall hangings and wind chimes are the best unique gift items for someone who loves making their homes speak a beautiful story.

    Antiques for home décor 

    Brass and metal made unique gift items for home/office décor are trending a lot these days. Wood made antique showpieces, various kinds of glass fountains, home nameplates, sun idol, gunmetal Ganesha idol and many more can be found searching for gift items online. There are toys made of wood in the form of a bullock cart, vintage car model, and much ancient sculpture designed with marble and wood. Home furnishing items such as wooden cabinets and wall pieces show a unique representation of your home. You can also gift brass metal made showpieces in the form of women or men depicting different scenarios. If you have a good budget, then gifting an oval-shaped swing chair is also a very great idea if the person loves leisure. Gifting the painting of modern and traditional arts is of great significance. 

    A multiple-choice of gift options 

    In a wide variety of mini gift items available online, you can find options where they will give you a basket full of customized or pre-prepared gift items required for anyone of any age group. A gift set combo is also available where you can add all the little things you want to add in your gifts list. Many e-commerce websites today offer a combination of flower bouquet, cake, chocolates, sweets or a greeting with some soft toys to be sent directly to your loved ones to make them feel special.

    There are no limitations in finding unique gift items online, all you need to take care is about the price research done by you for the same thing on at least three different websites and the quality of the material. If possible, you can also compare the same thing at local markets for having an accurate idea of what thing comes with what price tag?

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