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Lord Krishna wall paintings are said to bring positive energy into your home when kept in the living room or bedroom. Buy Krishna paintings online that are available in the best possible way at eCraftIndia and also in many features and depictions. Further, Krishna wall art can also be gifted to newly married couples or as a housewarming gift as well to your friends and family members.


From eating Makhan to pranking the Gopikas, Lord Krishna has always been everyone's favorite. He has been known for his epic tales and is also an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Krishna has very much significance when it comes to the Hindu religion. People also like to have his presence in the form of wall paintings online or idols or figurines. Krishna is also remembered for his love story with Radha who is eternally known to be beautiful. He is also known for his childhood tales that are filled with joy and pranks with Gopis and also for defeating the devils when he was just a kid. The wealthy combination of legends connected with Krishna’s life directed to plenty of expressions in wall paintings online and statues. The youth Krishna, also known as Balakrishna is displayed crawling on his hands and knees or jigging with entertainment, a ball of butter known as Makhan carried in his hands. The religious lover, the most typical replica is depicted playing the flute instrument, encircled by loving gopis. There are many wall paintings that you can find when it comes to Radha Krishna paintings as well.

At eCraftIndia, find amazing Lord Krishna paintings online
Known for being the 8th embodiment of Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna is a strong divinity in his state and there are connections to him consistent in the Holy Quran as well. If you adore the small toddler Krishna, pocketing butter from his mother Yashoda's kitchen, at eCraftIndia you will be able to select and buy Krishna paintings online from our large spectrum of paintings. Refine your image and your heart with paintings of Lord Krishna that are available at eCraftIndia. Convert your home interior with Lord Krishna's artwork as it symbolizes harmony, spirituality, and peace in its direct surroundings. Select your favorite Krishna paintings from our complete assemblage. These Lord Krishna paintings are handmade by proficient artists at the dwelling of eCraftIndia using various inherited techniques that make these portraits very unique and make them the best wall decor item for your walls.

Lord Krishna paintings at eCraftIndia are the best to find online
Clarify your fabrication and your heart with paintings of Lord Krishna. Convert your home with Lord Krishna's painting as it endows tranquility, divinity, and peace upon its direct surroundings. Choose your favored Lord Krishna paintings from our premier assemblage. At eCraftIndia, you can discover amazing Goddess, God Paintings that will be the best for your home or office or temple walls. Our paintings are intricately made using various inherited methods that make them stand out from other wall decor items. There are a variety of wall hanging items that you can adorn your walls with but paintings top them all. Paintings have this distinct feature that makes the subject come alive and makes you feel that they are real. And you can find such paintings on our online portal that are made in various lively colors.
Additionally, these paintings stand as a great gifting option around the festive season as well as during various celebrations. You can also send these paintings directly to the person whom you wish to with eCraftIndia's most reliable and best shipping facility. You can send these Lord Krishna paintings not only in India but also abroad. We are also sure that you will come back for more just because of the high-quality products that we offer and how fabulous our products would make your home decor look amazing and unique always.


What do Lord Krishna's paintings symbolize?
Lord Krishna's paintings symbolize Bliss. In nature, Lord Krishna is the sign of the leading magnificence and delight of life. He is a character for indulgence, attractiveness, and satisfaction. He guides us to live our yoga; conveying, to remain in association with deities. Lord Krishna, occasionally directed to as Govinda, is the representative of the sacred book, Bhagavad Gita which is one of the most significant books of knowledge provided to us by the yogic practice. Numerous say that this notoriously blue Hindu deity symbolizes the most important divinity and, as such, he is entirely affectionate and generous.

What are the 4 facets of Lord Krishna that we all must remember?
Given below are the 4 facets of Lord Krishna:

  1. He is a protector: Lord Krishna alerted us that a few things were heading to get considerably, vastly more destructive on the Earth planet because we would come into the era of the Kaliyug, the period of despair, or the years of corruption. Several individuals acknowledge that we are moving via the Kaliyug era currently.
  2. He is bliss: Lord Krishna is said to be blissful. He furthermore suggests we accomplish our dharma, our assigned task concerning employment. We should function tough, but not be connected to the result. We should present the effects of our work and the outcomes of our works up to the recognition of God. In this manner, Lord Krishna instructs us to bring our ego out of our measures, a considerably more simple and positive path to living life. In this course, we bring to life ananda, also known as bliss, in everything we accomplish. Lord Krishna introduces us that happiness is our real character, but we overlook that each day as we bring out the ordinary of the day-to-day tenancy.
  3. He is a teacher: Lord Krishna is the ultimate educator. It is necessary to restate that he instructs us to live our energies in yoga- not the material rehearsal, but yoga as in cooperation with God. We should get outside our senses and our ego to live in the joyful form of consciousness. Lord Krishna even delivers the most elevated of education that delivers an excellent representative for the globe. The Bhagavad Gita states that we ought to specify separate calm and communal serenity foremost and ultimate. To do this, we should remain related to God.
  4. He is loved and loved: In the land of India, Lord Krishna is observed each year on his birthday, which brings place during the monsoon season. It is known as Krishna Janmashtami. He is illustrated with stunning light blue skin, which represents his deity, and he is generally recreating or playing a smallish flute. Peacock feathers decorate his clothes, which is stated to be a sign of sovereignty. Numerous acknowledge that Lord Krishna’s flute recreates the mantra, Om, which is the highest mantra and conception of consciousness. You can discover the Om symbol as well which makes a great divine wall decor item. Different individuals enjoy thinking that Lord Krishna’s flute is a sign of the human heart, which must be foremost unclogged and then served with the whiff of Lord Krishna, with the whiff of God.

Which Lord Krishna painting is good for home?
The fascinating, religious, and electrifying incarnation of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha is the most suitable fit for your residence embellishment. The Radha Krishna paintings depict an infinite passion that lived between Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha.

In which direction should Krishna face?
Place lord Krishna's statue or painting in a Northeast direction and create certain that it is encountering East to West or West to East direction.

What are all things you need to consider before buying Lord Krishna's painting or figurine for your home?
Consider the following points before buying a Lord Krishna painting or idol for your home:

  1. Height: Firstly the height of the location where Lord Krishna's painting or idol will be positioned must be considered. If you are obtaining a massive painting then you should maintain in sense the place off the bottom and the space between the painting and the roof. You should get a more miniature painting that is at sight level when you position it. You should be capable to glance at it in the eye, without holding to glancing up or looking down.
  2. Never place the Krishna painting here: Make certain that it is never positioned in a lavatory or bathroom. Dodge rooms with connecting walls too.
  3. Direction: The Lord Krishan painting or idol is most efficacious when it is positioned in the Northeast direction of the home as noted above. East to West, or West to East is adequately for its facing but never North to South direction. It is fairly comparable to the Feng Shui traditions. These directions and a standing offer consideration for the Krishna painting and request a beneficial and favorable power discharge.
  4. Type of painting or statue: Just like Lord Buddha statues or paintings, the kind of painting of Lord Krishna likewise counts on your objective. If you had a kid or are holding one shortly then obtain family the child interpretation of Lord Krishna that is known as Bal Gopal. Whereas, if you require exemplary vibes then convey home a Lord Krishna with calf painting or idol. You can discover varieties of Lord Krishna paintings & idols exclusively at eCraftIndia.
  5. The direction of light: Reasonable light is a must for the painting of the statue. The primary light origin direction should beat the painting from the Southeastern direction. If you witness, in the temple/mandir, candles and oil lights are positioned in these directives only. The direction of light draws positivity and exemplary power into your residence. It furthermore conveys fortune and delight.

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