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Handmade items are the forte of eCraftIndia. And we cater to almost all the items that are handcrafted. And hence, we bring to you this section so all the handicraft items come under one roof and it becomes easier for you to select from. Handicrafts come in different variations and are suitable for diverse features of your residence. Starting with Wooden Handicrafts, these decoratives can be kept as a showpiece on your center table or even near the TV set and will add a spirit of completeness to your home. Marble handicrafts add to decoratives which are unique as well as heavy in weight but their carvings are the main to look for. The carvings are so minimal and rare that people buy it merely because of their patterns and representation. 

Who said that handicraft doesn't involve the conversion of paper mash into intricately gilded handicraft? Papier-mache handicrafts are the ones. They are so unprecedented in each way that you won't get to see the trims getting reiterated and the colours used are also said to be organic. This is what makes them stand out. Iron handicrafts are mostly seen kept on the table or in the balcony. It consists of candle holders, jhulas, tribal theme showpieces, wall decor, and many more. 
Want something bizarre yet antique in nature? Brass handicraft is the one. Hindu God statues, Antique music decoratives, Hanging bells, Brass figurines, etc are among the several of the most that you will find under this section. Polished brass handicrafts are the ones that we propose and people fancy the most utmost as they are bright and shiny and hence, they look more vigorous in vision. Metal handicrafts are the extended version of brass handicrafts at eCraftIndia, as it has more metal God figurines and metal wall hangings. German silver handicrafts consist of German silver Glass set and German silver pooja thali which come with a packing of velvet box so the shine doesn't wither away. Meenakari handicrafts are also one of the handicraft items that are unique as well as look elegant when kept in the display.