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Being a diverse country, India also has many different cultures and traditions to follow. And with various cultures come in several Gods. Many people also have a Puja Ghar where the idols & figurines of the holy spirits can be placed for people of your home to worship and start their day on a good note. Idols of Lord Lakshmi and Sai Baba figurines are the most usually exalted by people at residence as well as in synagogues. The injunction of a Holy Idol performs a significant purpose in sustaining the calm of one's home and assists in administering anything prolific. Having God Idols & Figurines at home proffers a more indulgent way to supplicate to the Gods.

At ecraftIndia, one can additionally find distinct kinds of god idols for your Puja room. These idols & figurines are accessible in varied corporealities like brass, gold plating, and wood. Remembering the unyielding nature of brass and different elements, these idols and figurines are enduring. For those looking for idiosyncratic figurines and peculiar styles, the range of our idols & figurines is ascertained to fascinate you.

At eCraftIndia, you will find Idols & Figurines of religious actualities. Idols & Figurines are considered to be direct contact with God for the people. People consider it auspicious to have Ganesha idols at the entrance of their residence as it brings good luck. Similarly, Buddha Idols are kept in a room where yoga is practiced and it also helps increase spirituality. Om symbol is noted as the essence of terminal existence and allies everything in the world. Krishna idols are mostly kept in the temple/mandir facing towards the east or west direction.

At eCraftIndia, you will find religious wall hangings and animal figurines too. The animal figurine can be used to decorate your house or that corner that you have left unused near the TV set.