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Looking for Lord Krishna playing flute idols or Lord Krishna eating Makhan idols or Radha Krishna standing under a tree idol? If yes, then you will discover a beautiful and unique Lord Krishna idol online at eCraftIndia that is pleasing to one’s eyes and are the best for everyone’s home decor. Our range of Radha Krishna idols online is aesthetically made that will for sure astonish your home decor or temple.


If you have been placing up a mandir/temple of your own to implore in, your contemporary home, or are preparing to buy untouched God idols so you can count a creative yet divine tinge to your home’s interiors, you need not look any additional. Lord Krishna is utilized to symbolize timeless standards such as justice in war, passion, tenderness, youth integrity, and tons of other matters that we should support. Whether you live an extremely righteous life or not, a Lord Krishna idol in your residence will remind you to support these standards in your residence as well. A Lord Krishna idol in your residence will count to your residence’s aesthetic looks as well. As Lord Krishna idols are being utilized for home decor manage to be beautifully engraved, with careful awareness of building sacred elements. Whether you are examining for a beautiful Lord Krishna idol playing the flute, or a Lord Krishna idol depicting an exact youthful Lord Krishna devouring Makhan, also known as butter, you are hooked to discover an idol that articulates to your heart, directly here on eCraftIndia.

Bring home Natkhat Bal Krishna in various avatars from eCraftIndia
Lord Krishna is one of the most excellent divinities in Hindu culture. Lord Krishna is worshiped as the sign of the god Vishnu. He is furthermore avowed as the noble of treat & compassion across the globe. Also, the Krishna statue is a description of sacred passion and affection. It constructs a pleasant environment by obtaining positive energy and entertainment into residences, destroying all adverse powers. As prescribed by the tales, Lord Krishna is one of the most attractive gods that drew everyone who sermonized him. So, positioning Lord Krishna Statue in the home fetches fortune, wealth & delight to the family constituents.

From stealing butter with his friends to hiding away clothes of damsels, while they were taking a bath; from letting loose cows while they were meant to be straying to playing the most intoxicating tunes on his flute – there is little that Krishna has not done! There are so many stories about this god that show us that somewhere, he was human too – his stories have regaled kids and left many adults in a sense of wonder! Krishna, coming from the Sanskrit word for dark or black, was always known to be mischievous, charming and a lover; however, he has also always been the all-knowing. Revered for being the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Krishna is a powerful deity in his own form and there are references to him even in the Holy Quran! Whether you love the little toddler Krishna, stealing butter from his mother’s kitchen or you like the flute wielding, charming Krishna, at eCraftIndia, you will be able to choose from a range of Idols and Figurines.

Bring in spirituality and love into your space with eCraftIndia’s Lord Krishna statues
Is a residence ever actually finished without a stunning temple/mandir in it? We, at eCraftIndia, do not believe so. If you are a devotee of the globe’s most senior faith, you are hooked to having a God idol or two that you glorify, adore, and pray to in your residence. Hindu gods are mythological nobles who express individual importance, which the devotees of Hinduism manage to support. One of the crores of Gods transpires to be Lord Krishna, who is one of the most prominent sculptures when it arrives in Hindu culture. Spiritual idols in a residence count a heavenly tinge to any dwelling. The existence of sculptures of God in a residence counts a sense of positivity, warmness, and protection. It is necessary to be on your spiritual route by praising God. So, if you are examining for other God idols such as Lord Ganesh Idol, and Lord Shiva Idol, eCraftIndia is the one you can blindly depend on.

Our entire range is handcrafted by talented artisans, who have had the skills and the knowledge of working with metals, ceramics and other materials, handed down to them from their forefathers. Each idol is crafted with love and devotion, ensuring perfection each time – when you see our little Krishna enjoying butter from the pot, you will see the mischief and innocence in those eyes. When Krishna is with his beloved Radha, you will see the love and serenity in his form and when you look at the flautist with his beloved cows, you will be able to sense the peace and calm. From the simple colourful standing Krishna to the elaborate hanging Diyas, there is so much to choose from at eCraftIndia. At eCraftIndia, our aim remains to keep the traditional arts and crafts alive and give them a chance to thrive!


Why Should You Buy Your Lord Krishna Idols on eCraftIndia?

Nowhere on the web will you discover a collection of Lord Krishna idols as myriad, attractive, and contrasted as you will discover on eCraftIndia. From exquisite Krishna idols that represent Lord Krishna’s guiltless youth, to Lord Krishna’s maturity with his divine partner, eCraftIndia has numerous idols to select from relying on your condition, whether it is a Bal Gopal having Makhan also known as white butter, to a grown-up Krishna recreating the flute under a tree with Radha.
You can likewise select from numerous additional sorts of fabrics made to prepare beautiful Lord Krishna idols, such as brass, metal, aluminum, polyresin, iron, and also silver, which is the most sacred of them all. Obtain your essentials for a gorgeous Lord Krishna idol in all dimensions and causes, totally easy, directly here at eCraftIndia's portal.

What does Lord Krishna's idol symbolize?

Lord Krishna is one of the most sermonized creators all roughly the globe. Individuals who sermonize him sense him as an adventure one could treasure always in their everyday lives. Lord Krishna's statue arrives in assorted types and mudras, carrying various embellishments. Every idol and its embellishments of them symbolizes a distinct meaning. Given below is the importance of a Krishna Idol:
  1. The Shankh describes the 5 vital components of the heavens, scilicet Earth, blaze, atmosphere, moisture & aether.
  2. The Sudarshan Chakra represents mentality & greatness in all globes of life.
  3. The flower Lotus also known as kamal is a sign of virtue & excellence.
  4. Murali also known as flute, is an instrument played by him that symbolizes heavenly theme.
  5. Mor Pankh symbolizes attractiveness & wisdom.

Where to place Lord Krishna idols?

ou can position Lord Krishna's sculpture in a North-East part and create certain that it is positioned East to West or West to East. Nonetheless, you must likewise believe the spaces nearby. Make certain that it is never positioned in a lavatory or bedroom. Dodge rooms with connecting partitions as well.

What are the kinds of Lord Krishna idols found at eCraftIndia?

There are several kinds of Lord Krishna idols that depict his nature or character at eCraftIndia. Given below are a few of them which you can select from for your home as well as office premises:

  1. Lord Krishna plays the flute
  2. Lord Krishna with Radha under a tree
  3. Lord Krishna with cow & calf statue
  4. Bal Gopal eating makhan
  5. Lord Krishna on a rath
  6. Lord Krishna on a bullock cart

What is Krishna Janmashtami?

Krishna Janmashtami is the optimistic day when Lord Krishna brought delivery on this Earth. The birthday of Lord Krishna is commemorated with tremendous passion and enthusiasm in India in August or September month. As per Hindu Calendar, this celebration is observed on the 8th day of the unclear fortnight which is known as Ashtami of Krishna Paksha. Lord Krishna is considered to be the most influential nature and the manifestation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Krishna's birth was carried home in Mathura for almost 5,200 years. And, that’s why the Mathura is known as Krishnabhumi.

Why is Krishna Janmashtami celebrated?

The festival of Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated to honor the birth of Lord Krishna and all of his tales. This extravaganza is observed all over the country of India by the Hindu culture bulk. The individuals named this celebration various names like Krishna Janmashtami, Shree Jayanti, Gokulashtami, and Shri Krishna Jayanti. The advent of Lord Krishna accepted a place to remove wickedness from the Earth and extended the note of passion and brotherhood. Lord Krishna was the 8th kid of the Devaki and Vasudev and he confirmed the sign to destroy King Kans. Nevertheless, King Kans attempted multiple spans to eradicate Bal Krishna when he was very little but each time his actions were futile.

How to celebrate the festival of Krishna Janmashtami?

Krishna Janmashtami is an extremely significant celebration for all Hindus and they likewise maintain closed on the very day. The followers smash their fast the subsequent day behind midnight. Furthermore, they glorify Lord Krishna by chanting vocals and aarti for Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna. A few shlokas of Lord Krishna are furthermore piped by the enthusiasts. The idol of Lord Krishna is embellished with new shimmering garments, mukut that is a crown, and different jewelry. Also, to observe this day numerous Hindu temples are adorned with lamps and blooms. Numerous divine sites achieve the dance, and theater of Lord Krishna's life. The academies commemorate this promising celebration by wrapping the little kids in Lord Krishna dresses and prom arrangements take spot.

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