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Krishna idols are found in almost all homes. Lord Krishna is revered as the eighth incarnation of the Lord Vishnu and more as the chief God in his personal power. He is the god of clemency, friendship, admiration and is one of the most prevalent and generally respected amongst the Indian deities. And what could be a greater gift or a more suitable choice to take home than the idol of a God who will liquidate all your hindrances in your life. These Krishna idols are of superior quality element and have been created magnificently. These idols have been handcrafted by experienced artisans from the dwelling of eCraftIndia using various traditional procedures.

At eCraftIndia, Krishna idols are made of synthetic fiber, Polyresin, wood, and metal. These idols come with easy cleaning instructions of just removing the dirt or dust with a wet cloth or dry cloth. Get these in different avatars like Wooden Lord Krishna, Lord Krishna Playing the Flute while sitting on Pulpit, Lord Krishna Playing the Flute while sitting on Lotus, Namastey symbol with Laxmi and Krishna, and many more. These wooden Krishna idols are minutely hand-carved by our proficient artisans at eCraftIndia. These Krishna idols can also be kept in your puja ghar so you can worship and endeavour prayers every day or even in the hall-way of your home. One can even gift Krishna idols from eCraftIndia to their relatives or friends on good occurrences or on the day of religious ceremonials.

Everyone represents Lord Krishna in several viewpoints: a god-child, a prankster, an ideal lover, a spiritual hero, and as the whole supreme presence. His icon shows those legends, and reveals him in various scenes of his life, such as a baby eating butter, a youthful boy playing the flute, an adolescent boy with his beloved Radha or enclosed by female followers, or a favourable charioteer giving direction to Arjuna.