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Radha krishna is known as the symbol of love and sacrifice, aren’t they? Bring love into your home with ecraftindia’s range of radha krishna idols that are available in a variety of types and embellishments that can also be found in our god idols & figurines collection. Further, when it comes to the puja ghar, beautiful radha krishna murti, statue that you can daily worship, do rituals, and offer prayers to.


We all understand the relation between Radha Krishna, right? They are known because of the love and sacrifice that they had in between each other. We all wish to have something that they had, right? But we surely can have depictions of them at our place right? And you can do so with eCraftIndia's range of Radha Krishna murti which is a perfect depiction of their relation and love. Without a stunning temple, can a house ever be completely complete? No, in our opinion. You must have one or more idols that you cherish, love, and honor in your home if you follow the world's oldest religion. Hindu gods are legendary lords that stand in for particular qualities that Hinduism adherents generally uphold.

One of the millions of Gods transpires to be Lord Krishna, who is one of the most prominent formations when it arrives in the Hindu culture. Spiritual idols in a residence attach a heavenly tinge to any home. The existence of figures of God in a residence attaches a sensation of positivity, warmness, and safety. It is necessary to revere your divine course by honoring God. So if you are examining different God idols such as Lord Ganesha Idols, and Lord Shiva Idols, eCraftIndia is the one you can depend on because we have a range of amazing idols & figurines that are made out of high-quality raw materials.

Wish to get a Radha Krishna idol for yourself? eCraftIndia is the best place
A significant Hindu god revered from many different angles is Krishna. It is acknowledged that Krishna is the Svayam Bhagavan—the total/absolute manifestation of Lord Vishnu—in his own right. One of the most adored and well-known Hindu deities is Krishna. Lord Krishna's "spiritual energy" is thought to be Radha. Whoever worships her alongside Lord Krishna paintings experiences success and joy.
The tale of Radha and Krishna is frequently imagined as a metaphorical anecdote about the self attempting to connect with God. There are a bunch of Indian themes and holy songs around the recognition of Radha’s unadulterated passion for Krishna and his for her. These Radha Krishna idols also make it a home decor item as well as a great gifting option when it comes to your friends and family.

Buy idols & figurines online from eCraftIndia for your home or office space
You have come to the right place if you've been planning to build your temple in your new house for prayer or if you want to buy new idols to give your home's interiors a creative yet reverent touch. Lord Krishna frequently serves as a symbol for timeless qualities that we should uphold, like love, affection, innocence as a child, and many other principles. A Lord Krishna statue in your home will serve as a reminder to follow these beliefs whether or not you lead a highly religious life.
At our online portal, you can find amazing Radha Krishna idols that will be the most ideal for you to have at your place as well as at your office entrance. Further, you can buy Radha Krishna idols online that will also stand as a great gifting option when it comes to your family and friends on various festivities and occasions. We offer a huge range of idols & figurines that are handcrafted using various inherited methods that makes every idol unique and colorful. We are sure that you are bound to return to our online portal for more.


What does Radha Krishna symbolize?
The female figure Radha and the male figure Krishna are sometimes seen as symbols of the human soul and God, respectively, in the Vaishnavism bhakti (devotional) movement.

Why do people worship Radha Krishna?
Since the beginning of time, Radha Krishna has appeared in poetry, play, and mythology. As a result, Radha is revered around the world to honor the bond of love and devotion, which is one of the ways to realize the Truth described in the Gita.

What is the importance of Radha Krishna idols?
Radha Krishna, a symbol of love, stands for the fusion of two souls. It refers to two personalities who are viewed collectively and not separately. From the beginning to the present, Radha Krishna's love story has had a huge impact. The rationale for why Radha Krishna's idol is frequently given as a gift at significant events like marriages or Grah Pravesh, etc. The presence of the statue in the house changes the atmosphere to one that is pleasant. Hindus had a strong belief that putting lovely statues of Radha Krishna in their houses would bring luck and good energy.

What is the moral of Radha Krishna?
Every narrative has a moral or an ending, and the love story of Radha and Krishna offers us many lessons about loyalty, selflessness, and accepting your relationship for who they are, flaws and all. Last but not least, it teaches us to always be patient and listen to our partners.
Is it good to keep Radha Krishna's idol at home?
The Radha Krishna brass statue is regarded as a strong, alluring, and inspiring sight. You might display a statue of Lord Krishna and Radha playing the flute at your home and place of business if stress and work-related issues are making you uncomfortable. More harmony and stability will result from it. You can also discover Radha Krishna paintings online at eCraftIndia.

Why buy Radha Krishna idols for home or office decor?
There are several reasons why one can or should have a Radha Krishna idol at home or the office and they are:

  1. As per Hindu culture, Radha is believed the whole embodiment of Goddess Mahalakshmi. It is considered that Lord Krishna enchants the globe, but Radha delights even him. Therefore, she is the ultimate goddess of all and jointly they are named Radha-Krishna.
  2. Radha Krishna Brass figurine is said to obtain gears of upbeat vibes and means to our residents. These figures are an excellent illustration of marvelous art. They are said to convey a lot of contentment into your abodes.
  3. Vastu Shashtra signifies that Puja ghar or Home Temple/Mandir should be placed in the northeast path. Therefore, it is secure to hold the Radha Krishna idol in this directive.

It is also believed that the Radha Krishna idols should not be kept brushing the walls.

Where should we keep the Radha Krishna idol at home?
The northeast corner of the house is the best location for the Radha Krishna idol. You should never face the statue north to south; instead, you should face it either east to west or west to east. This arrangement honors the Radha Krishna statue the greatest and maintains positive energy, much like the Feng Shui principles. Any deity's picture should be hung in this direction.

Can I keep the Radha Krishna idol in the bedroom?
Couples should place a portrait of Radha Krishna on the wall of their bedroom. The painting shows unadulterated love and can improve peace between two people who live together. Make sure the painting is hung facing the room's southwest corner. Radha Krishna paintings or images are suitable for the living room and bedrooms, according to Vastu. The northeast corner of your room is the ideal location to hang the artwork.

Can we Gift Radha Krishna Murti?
One of the best gifting suggestions, especially for followers of Hinduism, is a gift item or Radha Krishna murti that features Radha and Lord Krishna in some way such as playing the flute under the tree, sitting on the swing, etc.

What does gifting Radha Krishna mean?
According to legend, Radha and Krishna are the human forms of Laxmi and Vishnu. As a result, it is believed that this love story is sincere because it describes the love of a God and a Goddess. Gifts that express this kind of love are seen favorably.

Can we Gift Radha Krishna's idol in marriage?
Wedding presents sometimes include Radha Krishna idols. These Hindu spiritual items are popular wedding gifts for several reasons. It is also said that gifting Radha Krishna idols to the couple is said to bring love and prosperity into their lives. It is much preferred if these idols are kept in the bedroom as it is said to bring in good and lovely vibes into the space where the couple resides or rests.

Why should you buy Lord Krishna Idols online from eCraftIndia?
Depending on your needs, you can choose from a wide variety of gorgeous Radha Krishna showpieces at eCraftIndia, from those that show Lord Radha Krishna as a youngster playing the flute to those that show him as an adult enjoying life with his holy bride. You can select your magnificent Lord Radha Krishna idols from a variety of materials, including wrought iron, polyresin, white metal, brass, and even silver, which is unquestionably the most sacred of them. Get all of your needs for a stunning Lord Krishna idol, in any size or style, take care here on eCraftIndia.


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