Love Birds Showpieces

Can’t find a gift for that special couple or parents for their anniversary? Don’t worry as ecraftindia’s range of love birds showpieces online is the best for you. Our cute beautiful love birds art is handmade which makes it the best and the most unique home decor item as well. Select and buy from our range that consists of metal swan figurine, peacock couple with a feather, etc.


When you buy your house, you do so with a lot of love and concern – for others it might just be a roof and some walls, but to you, it’s a lot of hard work and dreams that have finally come true. What you buy is a house, it is you and your loved ones who make it a home – you put in your efforts to make every corner look pretty, you carefully choose all items for home decoration and keep changing the location, until you are satisfied that it looks perfect. No matter which part of the world you are travelling to, some part of you will always be paying attention to things that you can buy to make your home look prettier.

Why should you deck up your home:
There are several people who feel what is the real need to decorate a house – these are the type of people who like to think extremely practically and like to keep things functional. They are not too interested in the house looking pretty, as long it serves the purpose. However, a larger section of people like to indulge in shopping, especially for home decor items, because they want their home to be a reflection of who they are. The adventure lovers will look for tribal masks and those who are romantics at heart with be on the lookout for beautiful love birds that can keep the romantic ambience at all times.
There are many reasons why you should take the time and effort to decorate your home. the simplest reason is that if you do not do anything to decorate, it will simply look like a house and not a home. A home needs to exude a certain amount of warmth and should feel comfortable – when you come home after a long day at work, your home should feel inviting and you should want to return to it. It doesn’t matter whether you pick items that are expensive or picked up at a local fair, they should be resonant of your personality.
Yet another reason why you should decorate your home is because your home is a representation of who you are, to the rest of the world. So, when you are entertaining guests, they should feel welcome and your home should look presentable too. It is important that you choose home décor with care – it should look elegant and charming. Rather than spending a lot of money on something that looks odd, it would make more sense to pick something that will work with the overall theme of your home. If you have chosen a slightly elegant and modern option, then an old-time radio will look out of place. However, if you have a traditional décor, then you should shop at eCraftIndia, where you will have access to some of the prettiest looking décor options.
How should each room be decorated:
Interior décor is an intensely personal choice; your home or your space should be a reflection of you and although there are no fixed parameters to what should go where, there are some unspoken rules that are generally followed.

  • The living spaces, such as the living room, need to be kept elegant and should have a quiet sophistication about them. While you can keep personal items such as family photos and heirlooms, it is important to keep this space neutral. You can consider something like a brass diya for a traditional look or perhaps white love birds for a modern theme.
  • The dining area is another part of the house where you entertain guests, and while the food and the crockery might be important, the rest of the décor is also important. Here, you can bring a lot more personal effects – photos of the family, crafts that your children might have made or even family spice boxes. Or, you could choose decorative trays and plates too, because these would make sense for a dining room.
  • Moving onto the bedrooms – these are your private spaces, which is why you need to decorate them only for your likes and dislikes. Because its your private space, you can deck it up whatever catches your fancy – from photos of loved ones, to romantic gestures from your significant other. And since this is where you will want to keep the romance alive, a statue of love birds kissing would be a really good idea.
  • The bathrooms and kitchens are often left neglected, because most people think of these two rooms are only being functional spaces. However, these two spaces are also integral parts of the house and need to be given attention. Whether you want to pick pretty looking candles for the bathroom or interesting wall décor that would work perfectly for the kitchen, you should be able to find it aplenty at eCraftIndia.
  • In case you have open spaces like balconies or patios, then too you should take the effort to deck them up – ideally, you should setup a space where you can enjoy the views and the peace and quiet. You can put up some chairs or if there is not enough space, you could put some throw pillows, where you can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee. Some décor pieces like colourful love birds or hanging lamps could add colour and charm to the exteriors!

Why should you bring home love birds from eCraftIndia
While there are plenty of options to decorate your home, there are some that work better than others and birds and animal figurines as well as paintings happen to be a good choice. By bringing home bird statues or paintings, you can bring home a lot of colour and flair – most of the bird imagery tends to be extremely colourful and vibrant, which means that it will add the same vibrancy and exuberance to your interiors too. Studies have shown that colourful birds, like the love birds can also provide you with a sense of calm and when you place a statue or painting of these birds, you can feel one with nature, even though you might be inside your house.
Although there are plenty of birds in the animal kingdom, there is something about love birds – their vibrant feathers and the fact that they are extremely chirpy and pleasing in real life make them perfect. This is one of the reasons why you will be able to see plenty of pretty looking love bird figurine options at eCraftIndia. What is really nice about these figurines is that they can be placed anywhere in the house – whether you place them on the shoe rack at the entrance of your home or beside the television; they are bound to look great. You can consider placing them on the centre table or place them on their own on a side table, allowing them to become the centre of all attention. Alternately, you can use them to break the monotony on a book shelf. These also make for really pretty decoration pieces for bedrooms or galleries that connect rooms, especially since larger ones can be placed on the floor too.
Why these bird figurines make for suitable gifts:
Choosing a gift is often tougher than picking something for your own house, because you can pick what you like for your own home, but when you are picking for someone else, you need to either have an idea of what they might actually like and want, or something that is so unique that it will capture the attention of anyone. You will also have to keep in mind, the occasion for which you are choosing – if it is for a birthday, then you need to pick something that the recipient will be able to use. However, for a housewarming, you will want to pick something that is useful for the house; something everyone will be able to utilise or enjoy. If you are looking to pick a gift for newlyweds or for an anniversary, then you will want to pick something like romantic love birds, which will instil the love that is shared by a pair of mated birds and at eCraftIndia, you will be able to find choices for literally every occasion and requirement.


Are love birds a good option for gifting?
Yes, cute love birds figurines are a really good gift and you can give them for all kinds of occasions including birthdays, wedding anniversaries and house warming.
Can you find love birds statues in multiple colours?
If you are shopping at eCraftIndia, then you will have several choices, including multiple shapes, sizes and colours. You will also be able to pick from metal ones with intricate detailing.
What are the general materials that are used to make these handicrafts?
Although these figurines can be made using a variety of materials, the most popular options include metal, marble and brass. At eCraftIndia, you will have several options to pick and choose from, including those made with pure silver.
Are these offered in multiple sizes or a standard size?
Should you shop at eCraftIndia, you will be able to browse through a huge variety of love bird home decor items, and these are offered in several sizes, made with multiple types of materials and also in sets of two and more. You can pick and choose based on your specific requirement.

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