Pendulum Clocks

Want those vintage grandfather clocks feel at home? If yes, then eCraftIndia’s range of pendulum wall clocks is the best for you to select from. Our wooden pendulum wall clock is designed so beautifully that you would love glancing at it always. These clocks are further available in a variety of types and embellishments for you to select from for your home wall space decor.


How many of us have spent hours in front of the giant grandfather clock in our family homes, just watching the pendulum go from one side to the other? How many of us have enjoyed a sense of peace listening to the tick-tock sound and the gong every hour? How many of us have spent time waiting for the cuckoo to come out of the clock and chirp away? If your answer to any of these questions is a yes, then you will love our range of pendulum clocks. Handcrafted using high-quality material, including wood and metal, the movement in these clocks is built to last. These are the types of clocks that you can proudly display in any space – whether it's your home or your office, these wall clocks will look great! A pendulum wall clock for residence invests an extravagant antique theme of traditional home decor sets in your living room. Each wall clock introduces a refined and compensation impression through its antique layout. eCraftIndia conveys to you the most extravagant array of wall clocks for the living room, bedroom as well as the kitchen. A pendulum wall clock positions as a compensation home furnishing crew in your living room which enhances the ambiance of your space just by standing there on devoid walls.

The planet is evolving digital, so you will discover the possibility of a wall clock when you go purchasing wall clocks for your residence. Digital wall clocks are smart and efficient and are perfect for corporate offices as they deliver more suitable visibility. Nevertheless, there are a few kinds of wall clocks that are perfect for residences such as a satisfying photo frame digital wall clock where you can upload your favored videos so that it can serve as both a photo frame and a wall clock. Wall clocks are perfect for the kitchen area as they are comfortable to hold and uncluttered. The cited are an occasional sort of wall clocks that you can discover online. Your purchasing preference relies on the wall clock cost, your funding, and your aesthetic sanity.

A wall clock is an utmost addition that shows an excellent indication to a plain wall, and you can readily supersede them for a photograph or wall mirror. Whether you are examining a traditional and vintage manner clock such as a pendulum wall clock or something stylish and refined, eCraftIndia has it all. With the development of online demand, you can directly benefit from thousands of wall clocks opportunities. You can buy a wall clock online and aid in numerous ways, including unlimited choices, worth for funds, the comfort of time, compelling offers, and discounts. So, select from a complete spectrum of choices and obtain prepared to upgrade your home decoration with a pretty yet refined clock. Keep time and remain on top of your competition at your job and residence with our range of wall clocks. In the headquarters, time is of importance, and additions such as wall clocks can count both practical and creative value. Contemporary designer wall clocks arrive in a combination of forms, colors, and embellishments that serve contemporary vibes.

When you come to eCraftIndia, you will be able to find an incredible range of clocks, designed to match almost every preference. Let’s say you are looking for something perfect for your simply looking living room – you can choose from the Cola Brown vertical or the Wooden Brown Octagon Shape clocks. In case you are looking for something a little more glamourous, we would suggest you look at the Decorative Retro Pendulum clock or the Decorative Analog Round clocks. And then there are some clocks in our range that are absolute stunners – these are the types of clocks that will become statement pieces in your home decor plan or actual conversation starters. What is great about these stylish clocks is that not only will they work well for your interior spaces, but they also make for really wonderful gifts – be they a birthday, an anniversary, or a housewarming. You could even gift a clock like the Red Heart Pendulum clock as a Valentine’s Day gift! So, go forth and discover the excellent pendulum wall clock for your residence and collect it today from eCraftIndia.


What is a pendulum clock?
A pendulum clock is a wall clock that utilizes a pendulum, that is swinging poundage, as its timekeeping feature. The benefit of a pendulum for timekeeping is that it pivots back and forth in a particular time gap conditional on its length, and rebels pivot at other speeds. Mostly, a pendulum clock is known as an antique clock which was earlier also known as a grandfather clock. Such clocks are usually kept in the living room, beside the fireplace, or near the living room furniture. Such clocks were known to be very famous and preferred when it came to the living room as well as the study room. Presently, this pendulum clock holds a big place in the form of wall clocks as well as a great home decor piece that can also be gifted at various events to friends & family.

Who invented the pendulum clock?
The first pendulum clock was invented by a 17th-century Dutch astronomer Christiaan Huygens. He evolved the 1st to convey the sensation of connected instability in 2 pendulum clocks, which he had created in his bedroom while recuperating from an ailment in the year 1665. Mr. Huygens was born in the year 1629 in the Hague, Netherlands, to a rich and meaningful family. His father, named Constantijn, was a delegate with multiple reasonable contacts in governance, science, and academic hoops. Mr. Huygens was selected as the Royal Society of London in the year 1670 and was a founding associate of the French Academy of Sciences in the year 1666. He sported behind the affiliated organization in England. But when his healthiness began falling in the year 1670, he recommended that any unpublished documents be presented to the Royal Society in London. He did handle composing a treatise, named Cosmotheoros, one of the most premature publicized conferences on the chance of extraterrestrials. It was printed posthumously in the year 1698. Mr. Huygens passed away at his home in the Hague on July 8th, 1695.

Can you buy wall clocks online?
Yes, you can. There are several portals but at eCraftIndia, you can discover fabulous collections of wall clocks. For a home office embellished with stylish decor, research the most suitable wall clock procedures made with multifarious textiles and techniques. If you are willing on purchasing wall clocks online, India’s favorite and the most trusted decor store eCraftIndia is the location to be.

What are the different kinds of wall clocks available at eCraftIndia?
The type of wall clock that you need must be decided according to the home or office interior that you hold. At eCraftIndia, you can discover the following wall clocks online:

  1. Papier-Mache Wall Clocks
  2. Wooden Wall Clocks
  3. Plastic Clocks
  4. Pendulum Clocks
  5. Premium Wall Clocks
  6. Kids Clocks
  7. Iron Wall Clocks
  8. Cuckoo Wall Clocks
  9. Table Clocks

Are antique pendulum wall clocks good?
The antique and definitive pendulum wall clock display with timeless strategies is certainly here to remain. Carrying out the pieces in a tasteful way, these pendulum wall clocks placed the set privilege for your home decor with their existence. With detailed embellished designs and refined detailing, individually the wall clocks & wall timepieces are worth corresponding with the internals of the home. Yes, antique pendulum clocks are good, as they remind us of those grandfather clocks that we used to have in earlier times. These clocks hold a special dedicated part in the living room, sometimes near the fireplace if you have one. Whether it is around promoting the aura of your residence or holding you rational with providing the correct time in your everyday life outcomes, here is the answer to everything- eCraftIndia!

Where should a wall clock be placed in a room?
It is suggested that you attach the wall clock at or beyond eye level. You may like to regard the space and visibility of numerals and arrows in the darkness to specify the time. The placement of a wall clock relies on what you like to accomplish with it. To draw assets, you can place them on the East or North direction wall or side of your home's living room. You can further attach it from the West side wall when you encounter placing it from the Eastern/Northern side wall do not permit you to notice the time.

Is a pendulum wall clock a good gift option?
Pendulum wall clocks can be an extremely useful gifting choice when you like to share something nicely considered. The combination and choices make it more comfortable to pick something that will be well appreciated by the individual accepting the gift. Therefore, they perform as excellent gifts for immediate friends and families. Apart from pendulum clocks, you can discover several other types of wall clocks online at eCraftIndia that not only makes a great gift but also an amazing home wall decor item.

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