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Everyone wishes and wants to start their day by worshipping God. And to do so, one can buy temple for home online that are accessible in various types and are made from top quality wood. Now, make your everyday prayers meaningful with eCraftIndia’s range of wooden temple that will be a great fit for your home as well as office & will also make your prayers divine.


Temple/Mandir is the most essential home decor item that one keeps in their kitchen or the puja Ghar. A temple/mandir is a structure kept for spiritual or religious ceremonies and liveliness such as devotions and tributes. The term temple/mandir is usually utilized for such structures relating to all religions where an extra particular word such as chapel, mosque, the church is not commonly applied in English. God's idols are meant to be kept in the temple/mandir and are meant to be worshipped on daily basis. Making your everyday prayers more joyful and religious with our temple/Mandir is a perfect demonstration of artistry.

Wooden Temple/Mandir is the important furnishings department. As per the Hindu traditions, any promising job requires the benefits of God previous to its commencement. Individuals acknowledge idols, which is revering to the material things viewed as an incarnation of the lord. The presence of a home temple or Pooja Mandir online is a must in the home and it is the most suitable religious path to glorify the omnipotent. Gods have unlimited power and strength, which they present us to jig along fearlessly in our lives. Check out eCraftIndia's exquisite range of pooja temple/mandir for home online, which is obtainable from, classic to contemporary configurations.

Make your daily prayers auspicious with eCraftIndia’s range of temple/mandir
Temple/Mandir is an essential component of all holy individuals and an essential element of Indian Hindu residences. It is deemed promising to have a pooja temple/mandir at residence. It is accepted that if deities have a position in our lives, they must have a dwelling in our homes too. The religious idols must have a reasonable home for them where they can live. One must likewise have a fixed room where one can contemplate or glorify under the dignity of gods. Thus each Indian Hindu home, be it little or large, has a residence for a temple/mandir. Form a place to glorify at home and set your sacred idols with a temple/mandir for home from eCraftIndia. Get a wooden temple for home available in elaborate arrangements that showcase the magnificence of our civilization and custom. Discover creations encouraged by antique temple architectures fabulously showing classic angles, jharokha designs, and sculpted barriers that carry onward an original Indian vibe and a spiritual sense. Shop from eCraftIndia and buy temples/mandirs in numerous forms, shades, dimensions, and structures.

Get the best temple/mandir online from eCraftIndia today
These temples/mandirs are produced in various sizes, colors, shapes, and with a variety of carvings. You will find temples in small and big sizes, these are also available in different types. You can also find temples with additional shelves, that will help you keep your prayer essentials. Our temple/mandir also comes with a storage option just for you to store your religious books and other prayer necessities there. All our temples/mandirs are made out of good quality wood and the designs are so intricate that everyone who sees it will adore them for sure. You can also find god idols & figurines on our online portal that you wish to keep in your mandir/temple and enhance your puja space.

At eCraftIndia, you can find temples/mandirs, in different types and sizes. These temples/mandirs also come in different patterns and various kinds that would suit your home decor. The structure and purpose of synagogues are therefore very changeable, though they are usually viewed by followers to be for any reason the home of individual or more divinities. Buy temple/mandir online from eCraftIndia which comes in various forms. Every temple/mandir that you find on our online portal is intricately handcrafted using various ancient techniques by the proficient artisans at the dwelling of eCraftIndia.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy a temple/mandir for home?
Hindu Shastras state that building a pooja mandir wooden temple inside the home removes any sort of wicked forces from speculation and makes the atmosphere suitable. So, if one does not need it at residence, establish it. The pooja temple/mandir procedures obtainable online in India, are numerous, these daytimes. From classic pieces to the rich modern profiles, the attractiveness of these wooden temples for home or mandirs for home is fascinating and can convey peace to your residence. With an unlimited numeral of options, obtaining the one honoring your interiors is an effortless choice. Doing everyday prayers most religiously is possible when one has a temple/mandir at home. You can further also celebrate festivals and glorify the deities which makes it even more auspicious.

What are the benefits of buying a temple/mandir for home?
Wood is nature's creation and nature, existing as the residence of the deities and saints, is believed to have more increased recovery ability. Certainly, it is long-lasting, which suggests it will survive extended. Whenever you seat in the facade of your wooden temple or devotion crews, you will handle the benefits thundering about you. With a beautiful countenance, the home temple will create certain that it eases your core too. Asunder from the compensation wooden mandir and artistic creation, they are helpful in numerous other methods as well. Since they are etched out of excellent wood, they deliver a real impression with the meaning of grace. The high-quality wood endures long and is a charge for the single for the years to arrive. With creative behavior, a contemporary wooden temple team for residence or an invocation department supports various compartments to adjust every pooja stuff in a reasonable position. The solid wood pooja mandir living a little furnishings crew does not occupy a lot of room and drops down in a small, peaceful location of the residence.

How to place a mandir in your home?
Temple/Mandir recreates an important position in the Vastu of the residence and can impact the atmosphere of the entire home. For favorable power to rush via your complete residence and to control the unfavorable points at gulf. It is vital to set the temple/mandir perfectly as per the directions of Vastu compliance. When positioning your mandir observe the given below rules for auspiciousness and fortune to float right into your residence. They are:

  1. Place the mandir in the Northeast direction: If you are scheduling your residence be certain to choose the correct direction to set your temple/mandir. NorthEast is the most promising and excellent location for a mandir, and that is where you must attempt to set it as setting the temple/mandir in an immoral direction, is regarded as inauspicious according to Vastu compliance. If the NorthEast direction is inaccessible, you can reach for the North and East direction, but bypass the South direction completely as it is a big negative in Vastu Shastra.
  2. Buy a mandir with 2 shutters: A temple/mandir must have 2 doors or shutters and they must extend in the North or East direction. When you purchase a temple/mandir, be certain to purchase one that has 2 shutters. If you are putting your temple/mandir in a different pooja room you can bypass a temple/mandir with doors and purchase one without shutters, however, you are putting your temple/mandir at a location that is observable from a considerable portion of the home particularly the living room area where visitors regular, you may like to opt for a temple/mandir with entrances. Further, you can likewise place a lovely pair of curtains on your pooja temple/mandir.
  3. Select the correct lighting: For a divine and religious site such as a temple/mandir, you must incorporate lights that donate to preserving a friendly, relaxing atmosphere. The area should not be departed filmy, but nicely illuminated with the correct type of lighting. You must likewise select lights to go according to the color of the temple/mandir and adjacent space. If the wooden temple/mandir you own or are purchasing is dark-hued, it may need more light thus select a more brilliant light. You can reach for white light or actual yellow light. You must bypass dazzling colors such as blue or red and go for yellow lights in gentle delicate hue and brilliance to create a peaceful atmosphere in your residence temple/mandir.

Where to not place a temple/mandir at home?
There are several directions that one must refrain from putting the God idols in temple/mandir at home as they are not appropriate according to the Vastu Shastra compliance. They are:

  1. Do not position your temple/mandir in the south approach, as it is deemed inauspicious according to Vaatu Shastra compliance.
  2. Do not set your temple/mandir around the bathroom, around a shoe rack, or beneath the staircase, or basement as it is regarded as unpleasant.

Why shop a home temple/mandir from eCraftIndia?
eCraftIndia is a one-stop store for all your Home decoration requirements where you will discover everything from furnishings to wall decor items in a massive assortment. We maintain a committed religious home decor province where you will discover everything you want to make a spiritual area in your residence. If you are purchasing a temple/mandir for your home then you should review out eCraftIndia's temple/mandir accumulation in MDF wood. Discover amazingly handcrafted wooden temples, individually more attractive than the difference in our carefully selected assemblage. Examine the complete assemblage of pooja mandirs on eCraftIndia and discover the one for your residence.

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