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Metal handicraft items are most of the time found at everyone’s home in the form of home decor pieces as well as gift items. At eCraftIndia, you can discover metal handicrafts that are accessible in various product items in the metal handicrafts section that are all truly a piece of art. These also can be given as gift items on various festivities as well as celebrations.


The metal used is a darkened combination of zinc and copper veneered with thin films of real silver. They are famous for their elegant film metal artworks. Metal handicrafts are usually found in the form of showpieces or wall hangings or figurines. Metal handicrafts at eCraftIndia also provide the same but with a different modern touch with its different forms and styles of the handicraft. Now with us, you won't feel legitimate while buying handicrafts for your home. These even come in different elegant colors so that it suits your home interior and your expectations. This also helps us the best gifting option for occasions such as House warming gifts, Anniversary gifts, and many more.

The specialty of metalwork has been understood by Indians for nearly 4000 years currently. The awesome sight of the dancing youthful woman from eCraftIndia retains a declaration of these facts. This indicates the increased status of craftsmanship achieved by skilled professionals. Conventional handicrafts of India derived from one of the most senior mortal sophistication of the globe. India is dwelling on a remarkable combination of classic handicrafts. Typically, Indian professionals have been employing various metals like the iron, copper, cold cast, silver, and a mixture of like bronze, white metal and so along to complete something, for instance, vases, plates, silverware, photo frames, God statues, interesting figurines, and creatures.

Select the most appropriate metal handicraft online from eCraftIndia
Our recommendations consider you with a considerable number of articles. These metal handicrafts are further created with additional styles of decorations like meenakari, pearl, or stonework which create these articles scrutinize amazingly creative. Any craftwork enthusiast will discover these metal handicraft items lucrative for the unmistakable sense that they have been minutely sculptured and created. We promote the Indian artisanship drive to examine more stunning with the help of our faithful employees. We have comprehensively reviewed the items while creating them. Our online store has achieved various laurels in the areas of display, reserve, swap, and export of metal handicrafts.

We strive at creating items of increased caliber. These metal handicraft items are excellent for presentation at your office or in your bedroom. A primary metal composition shown in the minor intersection of your space can re-characterize the existence of that location. People who enjoy performing in a straightforward and very invigorated environment can utilize the proximity of our metal handicrafts in their headquarters. Even on the subject of occasions and experiences, these items can serve as attractive pieces of production. The metal handicrafts that we create are created by employing increased and most suitable quality metals and vanguard invention which provides their good grade, soft texture, excellent shape, and increased breakdown opposition. These items can be utilized as home decoration articles.

Metals are generally related to hardness, sturdiness, and reliable items. The usage of metals conveys to sense of construction, extensive enterprises, and a feeling of hard opposition. But metals are shapeable, which implies they can be shaped, pushed, or beaten without hurting or breaking. This grade of metals makes it a craftsman’s pleasure. And therefore Indian metal handicrafts are famous all over the globe. Completely rebellious to their sturdy appearance, metal handicraft in India seep a variety of fashion, artists, as well as, reliability. The metal handicrafts of India have lived an inherent feature of the Indian craftsman and statues they have furthermore suited their objective in functional and functional uses. On one hand, metals have been extensively utilized to complete mythical sculptures and divinities, whereas, on the different, metal vases, photo frames, wall clocks, key holders, etc are likewise extremely familiar in our civilizations. There are extensive varieties of how metals are tolerated and what they eventually depend on to be.

Metal handicrafts online at eCraftIndia are the best gifting option
The craftwork of metalwork has been rehearsed in India since archaic times. The craft of extracting, melting & working metals was created thousands of ages ago. This handicraft is an essential element of Indian civilization. Indian metal handicraft is extremely well-known and believed the most useful around the globe. The standard forms of sand casting & yielded wax techniques are utilized in this domain. The artist molds sheets of metal into extraordinary entities of craftwork. If you bring a more intimate peek at the assemblage of metal handicraft articles, you would glimpse that each creation has an incredible finishing which causes it deserving of your home areas and your dynamism. Beginning from the array of silverware, you would have the choice of selecting pooja items for your temple/mandir, key holders, and so considerably additional. You would be capable to do Lord Ganesha idols online shopping to decorate your holy areas.

The assemblage of metal handicrafts has been known since the finding of this collection's primary material, that is, metal. The metal handicraft items have adorned the globe creating from infrastructures to the small home areas. The metal craftsman creates usage of multiple materials and instruments to impress, emboss, or etch out amazing techniques and formations. The metal handicraft items online at eCraftIndia are the ideal choices for you and your description of an excellent residence. When you study the assemblage of metal handicrafts, you will be capable to discover bronze metal arts and brass decorative items that decorate your room to the most suitable. Sponsoring to you a wonderfully crafted element effigy of metal Indian handicrafts. Take home or gift this inestimable epitome of dedication & unique artwork which is certainly exceptional. Keep it in your puja room or gift it to your colleagues and relatives. These metal handicrafts have been diligently handcrafted by skilled artisans from the residence of eCraftIndia using various classical procedures.


What is a metal handicraft?
The metal handicraft articles have displayed the globe created from infrastructures to the tiny home areas. The metal craftsman completes the use of multiple textiles and instruments to impress, emboss, or engrave out amazing techniques and formations. Metal handicrafts at eCraftIndia are very unique and are the best when it comes to gifting options for various celebrations and parties.

What are metal arts?
Any artwork that is handcrafted from the ores of the globe, incorporating bronze, gold, tin, lead, silver, and iron is described as a metal craft. It is likewise expected to witness metal art assembled from different metal alloys, such as aluminum. Metal handicrafts can be either morally cosmetic or practical and valuable.

What is a metal craft in India?
Kamrupi metal handicraft is rehearsed in Kamrup, in the state of Assam. Constructed from brass and bell metal the articles created by this metal handicraft are pots, bowls, plates, cymbals, and more additional. The metal handicraft furthermore utilizes copper, silver, and gold to assemble entities. All these metal handicrafts at eCraftIndia are made by the skilled artists at the house of eCraftIndia using various inherited techniques that make each article unique.

What are the various types of handicraft items available at eCraftIndia?
Handicrafts being the forte of eCraftIndia, numerous variety of handicraft items are available in various forms. Handicraft items are available in different forms and each Indian state has its well-known handicraft item that has a unique way of creating art pieces. Given below are the types of handcrafted pieces available on our online portal:

  1. Wooden Handicrafts
  2. Marble Handicrafts
  3. Iron Handicrafts
  4. Brass Handicrafts
  5. Metal Handicrafts
  6. Papier-Mache Handicrafts
  7. German Silver Handicrafts
  8. Meenakari Handicrafts

What are the types of metal handicrafts at eCraftIndia?
Metal handicrafts have always been loved and used as the best home decor items and gift options. The types of metal handicrafts available online at eCraftIndia are:

  1. Metal wall hangings
  2. Candle stand
  3. Dryfruit tray
  4. Metal Buddha head statue

Why purchase metal handicrafts online from eCraftIndia?
Metal handicrafts are a unique yet scintillating type of embellishments to embellish your home. A few excellent metal handicraft pieces created by eCraftIndia incorporate a mouth freshener container, pooja thali, metal tapestry, pen stand, tea light candle holder, animals figurines, statues in metal, and so on. By utilizing the amazing mastery of our creative creators, we are committed to delivering a fascinating and extremely impressive array of cosmetic white metal handicrafts. Our delivered metal handicraft is constructed of high-quality crude textile and by utilizing the most delinquent instruments as reached to the stage demand criteria. Further, our metal handicrafts are obtainable in different formats and dimensions to serve various customers' needs, which can be used as embellishing items to enhance the stylistic design of residences, corporate areas, lodgings, and eateries.

What are the different kinds of handicraft items that you can get?
Handicraft is a term with a broad meaning. It incorporates a lot of creations made in various ways, utilizing various materials and of a stunning collection of techniques. Nevertheless, there are a few handicrafts that are awesome, as distant as their favor is involved. These handicrafts are from a few well know parts of the craftwork and art world. They have been treasured and pursued subsequently by craftwork enthusiasts for decades and centuries. They are:

  1. Patchwork
  2. Quilting
  3. Embroidery work
  4. Candle making
  5. Pottery
  6. Weaving
  7. Sewing
  8. Wooden works, etc.

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