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Horses are said to be auspicious to have on the wall as they are a sign of stability, loyalty, and power. Paintings of 7 horses or running horse painting are the most preferred as they symbolize speed and growth in life. You can also bring the same energy into your home or office with eCraftIndia’s range of horses paintings. You can buy horses paintings online gift them to your loved one.


Running Horses painting symbolizes the power, acceleration, and recognition connected with the majestic creature. Horses are oftentimes linked to success, fortune, good luck, and prosperity. Horses are farmstead creatures that have extremely powerful upper bodies. Other species have additional components that differ by province, species, and food requirement. They are occasionally utilized for transport, although this tendency has scattered in current times. They make wonderful friends with different ranch creatures and humans. Our horse paintings of this creature can pivot any living room into an ornamental farm setting.
Farm animals with exceptionally robust upper bodies include horses. Breeds differ in a variety of ways depending on the geography, species, and cuisine. Although this practice has diminished over the past few decades, they are occasionally utilized for transportation. They make great pets for both people and other farm animals. Any living space can be transformed into a colorful farm setting by one of our wall paintings online of this animal.

Horse paintings are auspicious when it comes to home decor as well as gifting purposes
Paintings improve a home's interior design. The Vastu Shastra states that certain artworks draw good energy when hung in the right position. According to the ancient Vastu principles, images or paintings of horses have immense value. Horses, especially galloping horses, stand for power, achievement, harmony, and advancement. Therefore, hanging 7 horses running painting or a similar piece in one's home or place of business is a great method to draw good fortune into one's life.
Wall decor items at eCraftIndia are largely found in different types and in the same way, you can also discover horse paintings that are accessible in a variety of different artworks. eCraftIndia presents you with a broad spectrum of curated paintings organized by the most promising artists. We likewise give you a combination of horse paintings that could enhance your home interior. Be it ink or watercolor animal paintings, you can discover a combination of paintings at our online portal.

Looking for amazing horse paintings? Buy horse paintings online from eCraftIndia today
The horse is revered in Feng Shui as an auspicious animal that symbolizes strength, loyalty, expansion, and speed. Horses are symbolic of the fire element, which is tied to renown, inspiration, and passion, and are also connected to yang energy. Keep an artwork of a horse in your living room to draw good vibes. Additionally, galloping horses are significant, which is why the rushing horse painting is a common home decoration item.
Whatever your place is, we strive to provide your paintings at your doorsteps via our incredibly reliable shipping facility. Additionally, you can get your paintings shipped not only in India but out of India as well. According to Feng shui, you should position horses’ animal paintings in your main room, examination room, workroom, or any other saleable assumption. It is likewise thought to be necessary that the approach of activity of the horses in the portrait should be towards the interior of the home and not outdoors. Nevertheless, if you are not precisely tracking things according to Feng Shui, you are unrestricted to position horses’ paintings in any spot of the home as per your interior fondness. We assure you that you are going to love the paintings that we have to offer as they are unique in every form.


What does a horse painting symbolize?
The strength, speed, and glory associated with the majestic animal are shown in paintings of horses. Success, money, good fortune, and prosperity are frequently associated with horses. That is why these paintings of animals have been a well-liked form of art for interior design for so long.

Is horse painting lucky?
Horse statues or paintings in feng shui are symbols of power and achievement. Painting seven horses at your office is said to bring you job promotion, business success, and financial stability in your life, whilst placing a lucky seven running horses painting in your home is said to bring about financial stability in your life.

What is the importance of 7 running horse paintings?
The Vastu Shastra considers horses to be one of the more auspicious animals. They stand for steadiness, bravery, strength, power, and allegiance. It is thought that hanging 7 horse wall art will improve many elements of one's life. Running horses are a metaphor for life's progress and speed. The number seven is often said to be lucky. According to Vastu Shastra, placing a painting of seven horses in the proper direction of your home can thereby encourage one's efforts and provide favorable results. The auspicious painting dispels negative energies, making it the ideal choice for interior design and for luring positivity into one's life and career.

Why should you have the painting of galloping horses in your home?
While the importance of a picture of galloping horses in a home has already been explored, the following are some more justifications for why you must have it as your wall decor item in your home:
  1. The image of a running horse represents speed. Wherever you want to see progress in the activity, hang it on the wall that faces east at your home, business, or lodge.
  2. The horse was a common form of transportation in ancient times, and the planet Venus is also a symbol of horses, thus its placement in astrology is also significant.
  3. A seven-pony artwork in your home, according to Vastu Shastra, ensures your financial reliability.
  4. Horses are a representation of speed, bravery, and tenacity in Feng Shui as well.
  5. A lovely sculpture of eight running horses is also intended to invite success and wealth into the home.
  6. Eight running ponies represent eight desires in life, including those related to a career, a marriage, health, children, personal growth, notoriety, education, and happiness.
Should we keep running horse pictures at home?
It is also said that having a wall hanging painting of a horse in your home means you'll be financially secure. A running horse is a symbol of strength and achievement. A horse is a symbol of strength, speed, and courage in Vastu. You must remember that the horse in the illustration must be moving forward while running, though.

Is 7 horse painting good for home?
According to Vastu Shastra, hanging the seven horses painting in the home is lucky. By orienting it correctly, you can attract wealth and maintain the home's energy balance. A racing seven-horse picture is a representation of harmony, success, and advancement, according to Vastu Shastra.

Where can I keep horse painting at home?
Horse paintings when placed correctly are said to bring in good vibes according to Feng shui. Hence, places where you can place or hang a horse's painting. Paintings of horses should be hung in living rooms, offices, and other commercial spaces, according to Vastu Shastra. It is also seen to be crucial that the horses in the artwork are moving toward the inside of the house rather than away from it. However, if you are not strictly adhering to Vastu Shastra, you are allowed to hang figurative paintings of horses wherever you like in the home.
According to Vastu shastra, having horse paintings in the living room with the horse position coming into the home is said to be very auspicious. These can be found in a variety of canvas painting sizes that suit your living room wall. The South is one of a home's seven ideal directions for painting, according to Vastu Shastra. Because success and reputation are associated with the south, it is preferable to hang the seven horses picture on the wall there. Give it a location that follows the Vastu Shastra's suggested direction, and stay away from hanging it next to a window or the front door.

What types of Horses paintings can be found at eCraftIndia?
Several types of horse animal paintings can be found on our online portal that makes a great home decor item as well as a great gift when it comes to numerous events or celebrations. Given below are a few types as well as places where you can attach a horse painting:
  1. Running horses with Gods: You can find running horses that come with various Gods in the paintings. You can discover Lord Buddha along with running horses that make an entire painting.
  2. 7 running horses: 7 running horses are the best when it comes to having horse paintings at home. These can be found in many types and representations in eCraftIndia's horse painting section that is specially curated just for you.

Why should you buy horse paintings from eCraftIndia?
You can choose from a variety of carefully picked pieces of art created by the top artists at We also give you access to several paintings of horses that could enhance your interior design. You may find a wide range of Horse wall art on eCraftIndia, including animal paintings done in ink or watercolor. No matter where you are, we strive to send your artwork right to your front door using incredibly ethical logistics. For this reason, each of our paintings is carefully wrapped in a tube and delivered across India without incident.

7 Running Horses Paintings
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