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Jewellery boxes were formerly known as "jewel chests." During the eons, jewellery boxes have been created and crafted by experienced technicians. The first jewel cases were made out of alloy or wood, and polished with gold, silver, copper, and ivory. Silver-plated jewellery boxes are recognized as archaic jewellery boxes and are very limited. Now, jewellery boxes are more than minor points to stash jewellery. The jewellery box has been identified as a sumptuous piece of accessory used by females with their sets of jewellery.

At eCraftIndia, you can find a jewellery box of different types such as Combo of Camel Statue and Marble Jewellery Box, Decorative Round Crystal Jewellery Box, Decorative Heart Shape Crystal Jewellery Box, Kundan studded Royal Jewellery Box, Kundan Jewellery Box, Splendid Multiutility Papier-Mache Wooden Jewellery Box, Royal Jewellery Box with Marble Painting of Shehnai, Marble Multicolored Jewellery Box, Marble Plate Golden Synthetic Wood Framed Velvet Jewellery Box, Wooden Jewellery Box in Elephant Shape, and many more options. The cleaning directory is easy for anyone to do as one just have to clean the dirt with a clean cotton cloth. These boxes are available in different vibrant colours and are also given a modern touch for you all so it looks elegant and chic when kept on the dressing table of your bedroom.
Jewellery box is a vital element of a female's make up case. Jewellery box at eCraftIndia grants to you a pretty crate for women to keep their Jewelry and other precious valuables which makes them appear superior. This jewelry box is made of Wooden and Papier-Mache and has the gorgeous handpainted on the top. Next time when you make a Jewelry gift to your close people, keep the Jewelry in this Jewelry box. Practised for preserving Jewelry and valuables this can be acknowledged as a pretty, classic gift for all occurrences. This jewellery box is handcrafted by skilled artisans at eCraftIndia using numerous ancestral ways.