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Lord Shiva is known as a symbol of energy and is capable of bringing spirituality into your home. You can bring home the divine holy Shiv Parivar idol from eCraftIndia today that is handcrafted in the most novel way. You can discover amazing Lord Shiva idols online in different avatars and can decorate your home space beautifully with these idols and figurines that we offer.


Om Namah Shivaya – Shiva the protector, the preserver, and the destroyer; there is a reason why he is called the god of gods! If you are planning to bring the all-powerful god into your home, it is important that you know everything important related to him. At eCraftIndia, you will be able to find several types of Shiva idols, but before you pick the one you think looks the best, learn more about him and the correct way of keeping him at home.

Why you should consider bringing a Lord Shiva murti into your home:
Shiva, apart from being one of the most popular deities in the Hindu world, is considered to be the one who is responsible for maintaining the cycle of existence, because he starts it all and he ends it too. Given that he is believed to be the very first yogi – the Adiyogi, there is a deep-rooted connection to yoga as well as meditation too. His formless omnipresent existence lends him the stature of being an eternal soul of the entire universe. There are several avatars of Shiva – in his milder depictions, he is Bholenath, the ascetic who lives in the Himalayas; in his dancing form, he is Natraj and in his most angry form, he is the destroyer of worlds. It is believed that when you bring home a Mahadev statue and pray to him, you could attain moksha or eternal salvation.
Whether you should buy a statue or a Shivalinga from eCraftIndia:
That is a choice that you need to make – you could always buy both, because a shrine to Shiva would be considered incomplete, without his sacred symbol. It is said that the lingam stone is the literal manifestation of Lord Shiva and in this one form, it shows his omnipresence and how he is all-powerful, even in the most basic form. There are a lot of people who believe that you can only keep one form of Shiva in your pooja room – so if you keep a lingam, you can’t keep an idol. But there is no real truth to this because if you are keeping a lingam, you can always choose to keep an idol that shows him in his meditating state or even Natraj. However, whether you are choosing a linga or a Lord Shiva idol, you need to make sure that you pick the right place and pay attention to all the rules that need to be followed.
What all needs to be kept in mind while placing a Shiva statue:
Although Lord Shiva is not a difficult god to appease, there are some rules that you will have to follow when you are planning to bring him home. Bringing Shiva into your home is an invitation for protection from all harm and the removal of all obstacles from your life. In addition to that, it is said that he can protect your home and your family from all the negative elements that tend to be around you.

  • Your first step needs to be to figure out where in the home you want to place the statue – it is important that you use a room that has the right energy and for this, you can ask a vastu expert.
  • Ideally, a Lord Shiva statue wherein he is meditating or one where he is dancing are the most appropriate for a home. These are images that are full of life and offer a gentle divinity to the home.
  • In case you have children at home, you can look for a Shiv parivar murti or image as these will ensure a positive and divine ambience to the home.
  • Once the space and the type of idol you are planning to buy has been finalised, you need to ensure that the space where you are planning to keep the idol has been cleaned thoroughly.
  • The most suitable location for a Shiva idol would be the northeast corner of the home – this space is also known as the Ishan corner. You could consider the entrance of your home or a corner of your bedroom for the placement as well. However, you should never place the statue directly below a clothesline, because this is considered inauspicious.
  • While most people might not consider this while buying a statue for their home, but it is imperative that you consider the size of the idol. if you are looking to pick the statue only for a single room, then you can buy a small one, but if you are looking for the statue to bring good luck to your entire home, then you need to pick a slightly larger one.
  • Another important aspect that you need to keep in mind while placing the statue is that it needs to be in a space where it can have a certain amount of ‘privacy’. This means that it should not be a place of immense traffic and moreover, you need to ensure that there are no distractions in the terms of large furniture or other objects such as television.
  • Once all this is done, you need to make sure that the space where you have placed the Shiv idol is always kept clean. Daily pooja might not be needed, but once in a week is imperative to bring in good luck. You can choose to sit in front of the idol and mediate daily or even practise your yoga.

What are the right ways to worship Lord Shiva:

  • Not much is needed in terms of offerings for Shiva – vibhuti, incense, a lamp, water, some raw rice, and flowers is all that is needed.
  • Although an akhand diya (a lamp that burns continuously, day in and day out) is considered auspicious, it might not be the safest thing to do – this is why, you can burn it once in the morning, after a bath.
  • The simplest way to offer daily prayers is to light the lamp, an incense stick and recite ‘om namah shivaya” a few times.
  • On Mondays, it is customary to offer either milk or sweets made with milk to the deity.
  • It is also considered auspicious to pray to Lord Ganesha, before offering prayers to Lord Shiva, as he is the remover of all obstacles.

What are the best types of Shiv murti for home
Although, when you come to eCraftIndia, you will be able to find several types of god idols, including several of Lord Shiva, there are some that are considered better for a home than others. The most popular ones include:

  • The meditating idol – This is perhaps one of the most popular and one of the most commonly seen versions, wherein Lord Shiva is seen seated in padmasana, with his eyes closed, deep in meditation. This idol is a good choice for those who want to create a space for meditation or for practising yoga.
  • Smiling Shiva – If you are able to find a statue that shows Lord Shiva in a smiling avatar, it would be a really good choice, because it will bring joy and happiness into the home.
  • Shiva and Parvati – A Shiv Parvati statue is meant to bring great joy into the house – it is believed that if a newly married couple place such a statue in their home, it will help assure a happy and successful married life.
  • Shiva and Nandi – Nandi is the vehicle of Lord Shiva, and any image that shows both of them together is meant to bring happiness and prosperity into the house. This image is considered to be extremely auspicious, because Nandi is also a powerful entity in the Hindu domain.
  • Lord Shiva with his family – Perhaps one of the best options to keep at home is a Shiv Parvati Ganesha Idol– the entire family at home means that your family will also continue to be one and there will be peace and happiness.


What kind of statue would be a good choice to give as a wedding gift?
If you are looking for a unique wedding gift, then a beautiful Shiv Parvati idol would make for a really good gift. Shiva and Parvati together are considered an ideal and divine couple – having them in the house is sure to bring positive blessings for a good marriage.
Do we need to do any special pooja every day?
Lord Shiva is overall a hassle-free deity, which means that you need not do much on a daily basis. You can clean the area daily and light a lamp. Chanting om namah shivaya a few times as well would be good. You can do a special pooja on Mondays, by offering either milk or milk-based sweets.
Do Shiva paintings also need to be set up the same way as idols?
You can treat the paintings of Lord Shiva in the same way as you would an idol; however, an image or painting can be treated more as a decorative piece, than a religious idol.
Are Bholenath and Mahadev also Shiva?
Yes, these are all names by which Lord Shiva is referred to – Bholenath is Lord Shiva in his ascetic yogi form, while Mahadev is him in his all-powerful avatar.

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