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Water fountains are usually seen at a building entrance or a wedding or an entrance of a resort. But in contemporary times, Modern indoor water fountains have been in vogue. Indoor fountains have been a part of the home accent item for years now and people want to add it to their home decor. Fountains come with the option of lighting which again adds a lot to your decor. These water fountains would also add a glam character to your home during the festivities.

At eCraftIndia, you can find decorative fountains such as Decorative Crystal Top Water Fountain, Lighting Water Fountain, Lord Buddha Water Fountain, Lighting Lord Buddha Water Fountain, Bowl Steps Water Fountain, Lord Ganesha Water Fountain, Rust Texture Lord BuddhaWater Fountain, Face of Buddha Water Fountain, Enlightening Lord Buddha Water Fountain, Lord Buddha With Crystal Ball Water Fountain, Metallic Textured Lord Ganesha Water Fountain, Bonsai Water Fountain, Bonsai With Crystal Ball Water Fountain, Hut Water Fountain, Scenic Water Fountain, Hut and Trees Water Fountain, Village Huts Water Fountain, Beautiful Bonsai Water Fountain, Hut And Trees Water Fountain, Bonsai And Crystal Ball Water Fountain, Spiritual Face of Lord Buddha Water Fountain, Great Lord Ganesha Water Fountain, Golden Lord Buddha Water Fountain, and many more to select and buy from.

Add unique style and interest to your home accents with our gorgeous decorative water fountains from the house of eCraftIndia. Resourceful cuffs of handcrafted jobs on these water fountains add brilliance to your home or office entrances. Our lighting water fountains run on electricity and are made out of poly stone. Our fountains are a unique piece of art to emphasize the significance of your interiors. Buy fountains online that have been diligently handmade by our experienced craftsmen of eCraftIndia using various procured ways. Crafted from high-quality materials, this fountain is designed to last long spun and is easy to clean and manage. Gift your treasured ones our water fountains to make their carnivals exceptional.