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Animals, Birds & fishes paintings are the most unique and creative for everyone to have at home. These paintings are the best for your kid’s room as they might help them to learn more about themselves. You can buy animals, birds & fishes paintings online from eCraftIndia that are also auspicious according to Vastu to have at home or also in the office. These are made by famous skilled artists.


Animals, Birds & Fishes paintings are extremely prevalent. Whether it is our pets or wilderness, we honor them in manners that we never did earlier. On social media, we can witness our favored animals and birds every day. We can pursue live feeds of the perches of periodic birds. Why not celebrate the varmints you love traditionally and permanently with a gorgeous painting from our assemblage at eCraftIndia? You can Buy animals, birds, fishes paintings online that will make all of these features come alive.

All our paintings online are bright-colored painting that offers proportion between animals of various parts. Birds who glide in the sky and fishes who on the different sides live in water, ready to drop their distinctions come near to live flank by flank exiting a note if individuals attempt they too can take a degree towards each other and live in peace. All our paintings are available in a variety of canvas sizes and you can select based on your wall size and space. Additionally, you can also select the color on the foundation of your home interior. These paintings are also a great gift option around festivals as well as celebrations for your family & friends that are going to make heads turn.

These paintings are bright-colored painting that represents a proportion of animals of various domain. Birds who glide in the sky and fishes who on the different sides live in water, keen to lower their differences came near to live flank by flank exiting a note if people stretch they too can bring a stage towards each other and stay in peace. Smeared on long-lasting canvas, this artwork comes with a beautiful structure that embellishes your wall even better. You can further also locate Horses Paintings online at our portal.

Attach paintings on your wall space according to the Vastu Shastra & Feng shui compliance
Vastu Shastra does not only recreate an essential role in aligning the right vibes with the guidance your furnishing items and entries are positioned but likewise assists in coaching about the items we should support and not uphold in our home to preserve the favorable discharge of vitality. Numerous individuals want to adorn their homes with photos and paintings of diverse items. Not just nature, individuals cherish adorning their residences with illustrations of different animals and birds. Nevertheless, this practice may not ever result in your usefulness.

According to the Vastu shastra, there are several animals and birds whose paintings should not be illustrated in the home. It is stated that images of a few animals, birds & fishes should not be maintained in the home. Furthermore, pictures of animals like serpents and vipers, or any of those shaped creatures should not be adorned in the home. It is acknowledged that there is invariably the result of negativity at residence all the moment when these images are illustrated. Separated from this, it is exemplary to not count a few animals as well as outlandish animal photos in the home.

In Chinese civilization, the sign of fish is attributed with 2 qualities- sooner is the part of wellspring because of the capacity of fish to fast propagate in big abundances. The 2nd one is the point that the Chinese word for fish, yu is enunciated the exact way as mass. So, the picture of fish is one of the most prevalent and powerful feng shui remedies to entice the power of fortune. Now, which fish is a more useful feng shui remedy for drawing prosperity and fortune? Koi fish and Gold fish are known to be the most useful according to the feng shui.

At eCraftIndia, discover your favorite animal, bird, and fish painting online
Wildlife has been a seed of motivation for numerous artists throughout the world. The amazing assortment of colors, complexity, and design of animal hides has resulted in the invention of some impressive paintings. From intricate snakeskin structures, patterned tiger lines, explicit cow patches, or dalmatian dots, have been shown as craft in diverse renowned portraits. Animal painting ideas have allowed us to examine the amazing relationship between craft and different states of vitality for eons now.
Most painters look for inspiration when they like to complete bird paintings or pictures. Some of the world's famous birds are discovered as bird paintings for the complete globe to esteem their dignity and magnificence. Bird paintings convey you nearer to qualities as birds are nature's incredible critters. From smashing red, blue, green, and yellow, birds are embellished with flashy colors, which is indeed fascinating. A few of the birds paintings are so lifelike, that you discern that the birds are active on form and prepared for a getaway anytime.

Discover unique animals, birds, fishes Paintings Online at eCraftIndia
These fish paintings display fish in their untouched habitat as metaphorical critters. The painting furthermore illustrates fish in their function as mythology tales. Suppose a painting for your kid's room inspires peace or stability. Our fishes paintings exhibition can embellish the borders of any space you desire to flee to. The fisher or lady in your life would respect one of these paintings as a gift, too as these are uniquely handmade using various inherited techniques.

At eCraftIndia, you can find amazing paintings that are unique and the best in every form. These paintings also stand as a great gifting option when it comes to family or friends. These make a great home decor item as well for your home or office premises. These are made out of the best quality materials making them last long and resemble new always.


Is horse painting good for home?
Photos or paintings of horses have tremendous importance, as per the archaic tenets of Vastu Shastra. Horses, predominantly running horses, symbolize power, victory, stability, and improvement. Therefore, counting a 7 horse painting or equivalent ones, in the home or headquarters, is an immaculate manner to draw favorable significance into one's life. You can discover 7 running horse paintings online at eCraftIndia available in various canvas sizes as well as types that are the most suited wall decor items.

Animals are one of the most incredible creatures on this planet and no distrust, we value holding pets that consume us in an atmosphere of passion and devotion. Pets support forms a pleasant atmosphere in the home. As per Vastu Shastra, that is the esoteric science of Indian heritage that pounds a harmony between mortal life and nature. Various animals maintained as pets have different impacts on the home and its inhabitants.

Is the Koi fish painting lucky?
Koi Fish Wall Decor is said to be the best for Prosperity. Adorning your home with a few optimistic and expressive paintings can draw successful quantity and profitable assets into your energy, as stated by Feng Shui regulations. Koi fish is one of the most promising creatures in both Chinese as well as Japanese civilizations.

Fishes are understood to convey fortune, wealth, and reasonable fitness to the inhabitants of the home. One should position the fish tank in the North-East or East-South approach because this direction is told to hold out wrong ghouls and is furthermore the most suitable, good place to maintain a fish tank. This is furthermore expressed to relieve anxiety and depression amongst the residents in the home. If one desires to maintain a turtle tank, then it should be maintained in the North direction.

Which bird is lucky for the home in India?
According to Vastu Shastra, parrots are believed to be blessed as they obtain adequate soundness and passion between the residents of the home. Parrots paintings should invariably be maintained in the North direction of the space. Love birds wall paintings are furthermore blessed and must be maintained in their cage in the North-West, North-East, or East direction of your space.

What are the different types of animals, birds, fishes paintings available at eCraftIndia?
At eCraftIndia, you can discover the following that comes in a variety of different types and colors that can be selected based on your wall decor as well as a preference:
  1. Deer Paintings
  2. Camel Paintings
  3. Horses Paintings
  4. Elephant Paintings
  5. Swan Paintings
  6. Parrot Paintings
  7. Peacock Paintings
  8. Butterfly Paintings
Why buy Animals, Birds & Fishes Paintings online from eCraftIndia?
At eCraftIndia, you will get to see a variety of paintings that are going to catch your eye. All our paintings are handpainted by original artists that have incorporated various methods just so they can present the best portraits to you as your wall decor item. Select from our collection of paintings that consist of Goddess God paintings, Landscape paintings, and many more that you can choose for your home as well as gift it to your friends and family loved ones for various celebrations. We assure you that all our products are of high quality and are the best. We affirm to deliver them to your doorstep in the easiest as well as the best manner possible and hence, you are bound to return to our online portal for more!

Animal Paintings, Birds Paintings, Fishes Paintings
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