Swan Figurines

Loving swans couple figurines are such a treat to the eyes, aren’t they? Select from ecraftindia’s range of swan showpieces that are one of the best when it comes to home decor as well as gifting options when it comes to friends and family on various events or festivals. These swan sculptures, statues are just not a great home decor item but are also known to bring in good vibes and love into your space.


A pair of swan figurines are deemed as a token of love, so it is the most suitable to place a statue of pair of swans in the dormitory. A pair of swans is perceived as a symbol of love, so the figurine of a pair of two swans performing love collectively is suitable to put in. According to Vastu Shastra, if it is normal to disagree in your home, that is, you often quarrel with your woman or your companion about something or different, then two swans on the north wall of the chamber of your home will do wonders for you.
Aside from two swans photos, you can additionally put a photograph of a couple, but if the idols & figurines are seen alternatively in the photo, it would be even more salutary. This will serve more. This will produce definite force in your home and by making this, the coordination between you and your companion will be more trustworthy and the argument of the home will be eliminated. Also, your wedded life will be settled peacefully.
A wonderful work of metal art is our Most Beautiful Pair Of Swans By Handicrafts Paradise. As they unite as a pair, this couple conveys a message about love and relationships. They impart the idea of partnership to us. Handicrafts Paradise Designed This Partnership As A Beautiful Metal Artifact. It is an everlasting artifact that can also be kept in the water thanks to the high-quality metal. Swans Stand for Love, Grace, Union, Purity, Beauty, Dreams, Balance, Elegance, Partnership, and Transformation. White Swans Are Symbolic Of Purification And Cleansing, And They Shine Beautifully In Every Way. Because it is made of metal, this creation is everlasting, just like the bond and love between the swans. It continues to swim in the creative current.

Swan figurines at eCraftIndia are the best to buy for your home or office
A lovely couple of loving swans figurine experiencing each other's companionship and seated on a glass stamped with the Chinese characteristics in various fonts for Good Fortune. Everyone understands that swans mate for a lifetime. They are, hence, besides Mandarin Ducks, a popular representation of the power of affection and lifelong commitment in relations and comradeship. They symbolize matrimonial faithfulness and an alliance that is fortunate and pleasant. Put them in your living room or chamber to draw healthy relationships and great prosperity fate. The swan showpiece carries an aggregation of figurative definitions: Grace, Love, Glamour, Purity, Elegance, Change, Calm, Tranquility, Patience, and Stability.
The Swan pair showpiece emphasize heavily in many societies across the world. In Greek culture, the swan has sensual implications. Zeus altered as a swan to attract Leda, Queen of Sparta. Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, had a chariot pulled by swans. In Celtic tradition, the Swan is connected with gods of healing streams and the sun and had learned the components of liquid, land, and wind. They were also shape-shifters that can take mortal figures. In Hindu belief, swans are glorified because they describe the absolute unity and the vitality of Brahma.

Get swan figurines that can be the best good luck gift as well
Brass swan figurines at eCraftIndia can be found in a variety of forms and sizes. Our idols & figurines are the most unique showpieces that one can find online. This swan couple decorative statue can be a great gift for the newlyweds and also as an anniversary gift for all the loving couples in your life. Our swan sculptures are handcrafted using various inherited methods by the skilled artisans at the dwelling of eCraftIndia. All our articles and figurines are made out of top-quality materials which makes the figurine last long always. The colors used in the making are so lively that they will always grab the eye of your visitors or guests. We at eCraftIndia hope that the swan figurine will bring love and peace in everyone's life that holds it in their home.
The height difference between the male and female swans is caused by the male's longer, more slender neck. The Swan teaches us the value of long-lasting relationships since she is adept at keeping her word. Keep it in your bedroom and have faith that you will find lasting love. It Is The Ideal Present For Lovers. As a result, this harmonious artifact is essential for your house and makes a thoughtful gift for loved ones. As it is handmade, there may be slight variations. eCraftIndia is a one-stop store for furnishings and home decor that sells goods both domestically and internationally.


What is special about swans?
The Swan is renowned for its beauty, elegance, and grace around the world. Swans are a kind of duck that can swim and fly with amazing speed and agility. Additionally, this bird is extremely intelligent, dedicated to its partner, and fiercely protective of its young.

Are swans good luck?
An auspicious swan. In Scotland's Highlands and Islands, swans were regarded as lucky birds and perhaps even as spell-casting pious women. Anyone who hurts or harasses a swan will have bad luck. Nice luck to those who cared in the case of one good woman.

Are swans a good omen?
A swan instructs you to be silent, graceful, and exquisite with its elegant beauty and grace. It's also possible to interpret seeing a swan as a sign that you'll soon find your true love and get into a loving, dependable relationship.

Is a swan a bird of love?
They stand for enduring love and have been celebrated in literature, music, and film. Swans are known to be lifelong partners who remain true to one another until the other passes away.

What is the symbol of the swan?
Swans, which represent chastity, craftsmanship, and beauty (in part due to their white plumage), are prevalent in many European fairy tales. Swans, which mate for life, are additionally tied to fidelity, marital loyalty, and monogamy.

What are the characteristics of a swan?
Swans have necks that are long and curved. Swans have webbed feet and sleek bodies. A swan's body contains roughly 25,000 feathers. Swans come in 7 different species.

Are swans showpieces good luck for the house?
Swans are one of the symbols of love and romance in Feng Shui. The Swans should always be paired together because they represent unity. Place a pair of Swans in the South-West corner of your bedroom for married couples who need to improve or reenergize their LOVE life.

Can we give swan figurines as gift?
Yes, you can. Swan figurines make a great house warming as well as wedding or anniversary gift for your favorite couple.

Where should I put a swan figurine in the house?
Vastu Shastra states that two swans on the north wall of your home's bedroom are a must if you frequently argue with your wife or husband or have arguments with other family members. Include a picture of a couple.

What are the swans usually associated with?
Because of their long-lasting, ostensibly monogamous marriages, swans are frequently used as a symbol of love or faithfulness. You can also watch Lohengrin and Parsifal, two of Wagner's well-known swan-related operas. Because of their long-lasting, ostensibly monogamous marriages, swans are frequently used as a symbol of love or faithfulness.

What deity is associated with swans?
Artemis and Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love who rode in a swan-drawn chariot, are two Greek Goddesses who are associated with swans. Swans are connected to the pagan goddess Brighid in Celtic mythology, who is honored at Imbolc, on 2nd February.

Why do swans symbolize love?
Swans represent a variety of lovely qualities, including grace, beauty, love, loyalty, and trust. They instill in you the values of self-love, acceptance of your shortcomings, and fidelity to the people you care about. It represents a soul mate and a relationship.

Why do swans make hearts?
After being apart for weeks, a reunited swan couple forms the shape of a heart with their heads. The healing female headed right for its companion when she was let back into the water by animal rescue personnel, illuminating the depth of feelings the birds have for one another.

Why swan is loyal?
Swans create monogamous pair connections that can sometimes last a lifetime and endure for many years. Their historic devotion to their partners has led to the practice worldwide adoption of the image of two swans swimming together with their necks intertwined in the form of a heart as a symbol of love.

How do swans show affection to humans?
The head dip is more lively when used to greet someone waving a bag of swan pellets. Following this is a lifting of the bill, which is frequently accompanied by one or more loud snorts, a protracted rattling in the throat, and some rather theatrical wing flapping.

Why do swans stand on one leg?
Veins are warmed by the arteries. The bird's feet are closer to external temperature and so lose less heat than they would if they were at body temperature since the veins also cool the arteries. Additionally, a bird lowers heat loss through its unfeathered limbs by 50% by standing on one leg.
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