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Feng shui items are generally placed according to the vastu of the home, aren't they? At ecraftindia, you can discover amazing feng shui items for good luck such as a laughing buddha statue, brass tortoise, flying horses, etc. Feng shui symbols and signs need to be placed in the correct direction to get complete use of them. Further, you can also gift our feng shui products to friends & family at various celebrations.


Feng shui literally means wind water or something that is fluid and it is a term that is often used in reference with the energies that are constantly in motion, all around us. It is not completely different from vastushastra that is practised in India – it is a method of channelising the energies to bring harmony, peace and good fortune into any space or the life of any person. In the past few years, Fengshui has crossed the seas and has become accepted all over the world. What was once practised only in China is now being accepted and appreciated in several parts of the country, including India. At eCraftIndia, you will be able to find some of the prettiest items for home decoration, including those related to fengshui. You can buy these for your home or as gifts to those you love.
Here's why you need a little Feng Shui in your home too:
There are those who feel that vastu and fengshui are only pastimes, but people who believe in it or choose to try it out, often find that it does bring fortune and a sense of calm at home. This 4000-year-old system has methods by which the flow of energy in any area can be understood and channelised. There are certain objects that are considered extremely auspicious in this system; this could include animals like frogs, tortoises, ducks, flowers like the lotus and the lucky bamboo and of course the Buddha. These are all feng shui items for good luck and can be purchased for your own home as well as for gifting.
The Chinese bamboo or the lucky bamboo is considered one of the best indoor plants for luck and is a popular choice for several homes. It is a plant that needs little to on care, just a little water regularly. If you are not looking for a plant, then you could look for any of the animals that are considered lucky in this system. Should you pick a tortoise, you will be able to find several options at eCraftIndia – you will be able to pick one that works perfectly for your home. These days, it is easy to find these tortoises that are made using silver, brass, ceramic and even crystal. Same goes for the ducks and the three-legged frogs. It is said that the frog is a money frog – placing it in your home or even your workplace can bring good fortune and wealth.

Easy ways to bring fengshui into your home:
Perhaps one of the easiest ways to bring some fengshui into your home is by bringing home 6 rod wind chimes, because they are supposed to bring good luck into the home. It is important that you place the wind chime at a place, where there is air circulation, otherwise it will not move. It is believed that the gentle sounds of the wind chimes are meant to ward off any negative energies that might be trying to enter your home or space. For people who like decorative items that are slightly more delicate and refined, then the lotus is the perfect choice – you will be able to find lotus flowers made with crystal or glass. These are extremely delicate to look at, but are sure to add charm to any interiors, while bringing in luck and prosperity. There are also those who believe that keeping these lotuses in the house can invite love and romance – so this would be a really great gift for newly weds or to those celebrating their wedding anniversary!

Bring home Buddha, bring home blessings too:
The feng shui Buddha or more commonly known as the laughing Buddha is perhaps one of the most famous décor items in the world and you will see some version of it anywhere you go. If you come to eCraftIndia, you will find a huge collection of some of the classiest and unique laughing Buddha statues. Whether you want something made in ceramic or something in brass, you will be able to find it all here. There are large ones that can occupy a lot of space and small idols for car dashboard too. These statues are a great addition to your home or even your office and make for really good gifts.


Are fountains associated with fengshui?
Yes, water fountain and indoor feng shui go hand in hand. It is believed that moving water signifies movement in life, unlike stagnant water, which symbolises death. Having a fountain inside the house is supposed to bring health and a sense of calm into the house.
How many stalks should a lucky bamboo have?
It is said that the number of stalks in a lucky bamboo have significances – 3 attracts happiness while 5 will bring in wealth. While 7 stalks bring in good health, 21 stalks are supposed to be the most powerful blessing, making it the ideal gift.
Do only laughing Buddha statues work?
You can choose either a laughing Buddha statue or feng shui paintings of laughing Buddha – both are meant to invite good luck, good fortune and prosperity into your home.
Do you need to keep the tortoise in water?
When you buy a fengshui tortoise at eCraftIndia, you will see that it comes with a bowl or a plate – it is believed that the tortoise needs to be kept in water. If you this, you can bring home peace and harmony as well as money and longevity.

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