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Indian handicrafts online are the most loved and appreciated all around the globe. Handicraft items at eCraftIndia consist of a variety of options that you can select from that can be a great home decor item, gifting option. You can further buy handicraft items online that are the best you can have your hands on. These handicraft items are made using different antique methods that make them stand out.


There are plenty of things about India that we as Indians can be proud about – we are one of the most powerful nations in the world, we have a landscape that varies every hundred kilometres, from beaches to mountains to deserts, we have everything. And then there is a cultural variety and heritage of our country that each and every one of us can take pride in – from the stunning temples to the forts that have stood the test of time, there is so much to marvel at. It would be almost unfair if we do not talk about the talent of our artisans and craftsmen – the extent of handicrafts that emerge from each part of our country is nothing short of astounding. From weaving stories with thread on silk to sculpting intricate facial features into metal – there is little that our artisans can’t do and while several such art forms are now dying a slow death, there are some who are trying to keep the arts alive and eCraftIndia happens to be one of them!

Embellish your space with eCraftIndia’s amazing range of handmade handicrafts
Joy is handmade. Handicrafts can convey a smile to anyone's facade and exit them teary-eyed. Create your relatives and buddies to bounce with delight by purchasing handicrafts that will be a wonderful pass of passion from your side. Whether it is a celebration or an occasion, handicrafts will be excellent for all experiences. eCraftIndia has designed an array of handcrafted items that you can summon for your fam jam. If you are examining for gifts for a mother, father, brother, or friend, then you are in the correct position. Our handcrafted offerings are created with love and accuracy and are particularly noteworthy. Our assemblage is a combination of scented candles, wall decor items, wall hangings, key holders, and many more. If you are scrutinizing for a gift, our dream catcher certainly is an excellent option that will count refinement and extend a friendly atmosphere in the home. We have a gorgeous handcrafted collection of handmade items for you to buy online. All our items are the best quality products that are designed using the best-inherited techniques making them last longer and look fabulous always.

eCraftIndia’s handicrafts are the best gift options around the festive season
At eCraftIndia, we constantly strive to keep the arts and crafts of India alive, which is why we offer to you, one of the widest ranges of Indian handicrafts. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for, as long as it's an Indian handicraft, there is a strong chance that you will find it here. We have idols and figurines of not just gods and goddesses, but also those inspired by the tribes of the country, there are wall hangings to adorn your bare walls and showpieces to decorate your rooms and tables. Whether you want something to bring good luck into your home or you want to bring some colour, we have plenty for you to choose from. Browse through our assemblage and buy handicrafts online. The preference for Indian handicrafts is especially prevalent in nationwide as well as international demand.

Handicraft items are likewise excellent as gifts to be presented to people not living in India as they define the Indian civilization and legacy. Our very own creative group of architects and artisans are employed in building the handicrafts and are instructed in preparing contemporary wall art utility outcomes in the standard and artistic way with the benefit of their talents and skills and all sorts of handmade articles and gift articles are delivered by eCraftIndia at reasonable prices that you can purchase online. And then there are those handicraft pieces that are rooted in tradition but have that sense of whimsy that make them perfect addition to even a modern decor theme. From colours, designs, sizes, and choices – our handicraft collection is sure to entice you!

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

What are handicraft items?

Handicraft items are artifacts that are made using inherited techniques that make them stand out. In every state of India, you will discover a special handicraft that is unique from one another in every form. Handmade items are the forte of eCraftIndia. And we cater to nearly all the objects that are handmade. And thus, we convey to you this coalition so all the handicraft items come beneath one ceiling and it becomes more comfortable for you to choose from. Handicrafts come in different variations and are suitable for the diverse features of your residence.

What is the meaning of Handicraft?

An activity that involves the procedure of making ornamental household or different entities by hand is known as a handicraft. In India, every state has its handicraft item that they master which makes India the best when it comes to buying handicraft items. These handicrafts are available in a variety of colors as well as embellishments that make them a great gifting option too around various celebrations & festivities.

What are the advantages of handmade products?

A few benefits of handcrafted creations are:
1. Handicrafts are created of eco-friendly material. No chemical is used. Its innovation doesn't contaminate the air.
2. Maintain the skills of our craftspeople.
3. Expand the economy and sustains our craftspeople.
4. Handcrafted consistently maintain its pleasure, created with love.
5. Maintain civilization, customs, and skills.
6. Apiece handcrafted creations with the same techniques are likewise outstanding.
7. Generally, handcrafted items last elongate than machine-made articles.
8. It is always in vogue.

Which state in India is famous for handicraft items?

The country of India is a motherland of various civilizations, customs, and races and at eCraftIndia, we deliver customized creations to our consumers and deliver precisely as per your requirement and provide quality assistance by presenting designer creations. You can consider our assemblage of handicrafts in our portal and choose the perfect technique that will reach the preference of the recipient that you will ship handicrafts gift items online. The top 5 states renowned for handicraft items are:

  1. Rajasthan
  2. Kashmir
  3. Tamil Nadu
  4. Gujarat
  5. Assam

What are the different types of handicrafts?

  1. Papier-mache handicrafts: Who said that handicraft doesn't involve the conversion of paper mash into intricately gilded handicrafts? Papier-mache handicrafts are the ones. They are so unprecedented in each way that you won't get to see the trims getting reiterated and the colors used are also said to be organic. This is what makes them stand out.
  2. Metal handicrafts: Metal handicrafts are the extended version of brass handicrafts at eCraftIndia, as it has more metal God figurines and metal wall hangings. German silver handicrafts consist of a German silver Glass set and German silver pooja thali which come with a packing velvet box so the shine doesn't wither away.
  3. Iron handicrafts: Iron handicrafts are mostly seen kept on the table or the balcony. It consists of tea light candle holders, tribal art composition showpieces, wall decor, and much more.
  4. Marble handicrafts: Marble handicrafts add to decoratives that are unique as well as heavy in weight but their carvings are the main ones to look for. The carvings are so minimal and rare that people buy them merely because of their patterns and representation.
  5. Brass handicrafts:Want something bizarre yet antique? Brass handicraft is the one. Hindu God statues, Antique music decoratives, Hanging bells, Brass figurines, etc are among the several of the most that you will find under this section. Polished brass handicrafts are the ones that we propose and people fancy the most utmost as they are bright and shiny and hence, they look more vigorous in vision.
  6. Meenakari handicrafts: Meenakari handicrafts are also one the handicraft items that are unique as well as look elegant when kept on display.
  7. Wooden handicrafts: Wooden Handicrafts, these decoratives can be kept as a showpiece on your center table or even near the TV set and will add a spirit of completeness to your home.

Can handicraft items be a great gifting option?

Yes, they are. Handicraft items are so uniquely made and look that they make a great gifting option that will eventually make you stand out. All the handicraft items at eCraftIndia are exquisitely made using the inherited techniques passed on through generations that make the handicraft special in every way. And ultimately makes your gifting season the best and most memorable for all. You can select from our solely created array of handicrafts obtainable at our website. There are a considerable number of innovations in handicrafts that have been created with incredible talent and complexity.

What does handicraft usually consist of?

Handicrafts are unique in every way we know but do you know what all it includes? There are thousands, if not tonnes, of additional types of handicraft items that consist of the following for you to choose from:

  1. Wooden handicrafts
  2. Metal creation crafts
  3. Papier Mache Handicrafts
  4. Felt crafts
  5. Paper handicrafts
  6. Ceramics
  7. Glass handicrafts
  8. Jewelry
  9. Fabrics
  10. Leather creation
  11. Sculpture crafts

Which are the must-buy handicraft items of India?

As we all know India is a land of handicrafts where you can discover the best handmade items that help you enhance your home decor as well as are the best gifting items too. Given below are a few must-buy handicraft items:

  1. Carpet weaving
  2. Shell handicrafts
  3. Pashmina shawls
  4. Wooden handicrafts
  5. Pottery
  6. Brass handicrafts
  7. Leather articles
  8. Jute handicrafts
  9. Phulkari embroidery
  10. Bamboo handicrafts
  11. Zardosi work

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